Landscaping Small Business Loans

Camino Financial11 Jan 2024
Landscaping Small Business Loans
Our landscaping small business loans can give you the funds you need to invest in your business and make it grow. After all, gardening, landscaping, and lawn care businesses need access to capital to become profitable and survive slow seasons. Our loans range from $10,000 to $50,000 to help you achieve your business goals. Apply now!

What Are Small Business Loans For Landscaping Companies?

Business loans are financial products that, if approved, give entrepreneurs capital they can use to invest in their businesses. Long before a landscaper starts a project, they need cash to make plans, buy machinery and supplies, invest in marketing, and hire crew members. But most landscapers can't finance most of these expenses on their own. That's where commercial loans come into the picture. External financing can help you build and grow your landscaping business if invested well. That way, you'll be able to accept more jobs and improve your revenue.

Camino Financial Business Loans For Small Landscaping Company

Our business loans for landscapers are exactly what you're looking for. We have very friendly loan requirements.

Business Loans

Amount $10,000 to $50,000
Type of payment Monthly
Repayment terms 24 months
Type of rate Fixed
Interest rate 32% to 45%
  • monthly revenue of or $2,500 (or $30,000 per year)
  • have an active and registered business for at least 12 months
  • you need an SSN

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How Can Landscaping Business Loans Help You?

Here are ways many landscaping business owners invest their loan proceeds.

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Equipment Financing

Equipment can break down or need replacing.

Loans for equipment financing allow you to preserve existing working capital to pay everyday expenses.

You can also use the funding to purchase and repair all the machinery you need.

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Hire And Train New Employees

It's hard to hire talent if one does not have enough capital because costs can quickly accumulate.

Landscaping loans help you expand your business one employee at a time.

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Cover Insurance Costs

The cost for a general liability landscaping insurance policy varies based on how long you've been in business and perceived risk.

Plus, a landscaping company with an increased risk will often pay more.

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Invest In Social Media, Marketing, And Technology

Tech helps businesses follow up on sales leads, communicate with consumers, and help market their products and services.

Without landscaping business loans, it's harder to gain new customers and inform existing clients what your business offers.

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Purchase Raw Materials And Supplies

Since no landscaping project is the same, planning and saving on costs can be challenging.

One client may want a water feature while someone else asks for a retaining wall.

With financing for landscaping, you can even buy luxury materials that'll meet any customer's expectations.

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Manage Your Cash Flow

Landscaping business loans help seasonal businesses continue to pay fixed costs even during slow periods.

Also, they could help you consolidate your debts during the period when there's reduced income.

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How To Finance Landscaping Business

Our online process is easy from start to finish. Follow these simple steps if you want to apply for one of our landscaping business loans:
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1. Fill Out The Application

You just have to pull up our application, fill out the blanks with important business and personal information, and submit it. It takes less than 10 minutes.

2. Submit Additional Documentation

Once we link to your bank account, we can review your financial information. Depending on the loan you need, we may ask you to provide copies of business documents or your photo ID.

3. Review And Accept The Final Loan Terms

Once we approve the landscaping business loans you applied for, we'll send the loan agreement electronically. You just have to sign it.

4. Receive The Loan Proceeds

Now, you just sit back and wait for the transfer. Once you receive it, you can immediately start investing in your gardening and landscaping business.

Why Camino Financial?

We are one of the best online lenders because we understand small businesses. We know what you need and when you need it.  That's why we tailored all of our products and processes to match your needs.  Plus, our landscaping business loans have advantages that other lenders don't offer.
  • No collateral required
  • No prepayment penalties
  • No hidden fees
  • Paperless online application that's 100% secure
  • Personal assistance in Spanish or English
  • Applying doesn't hurt your credit score
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Can you finance a landscaping business?

Yes, it is possible to get the capital you need for your gardening and landscaping business. There are many lenders out there that can offer you the cash you need, but Camino Financial might be the best option. Our landscaping loan funding application has minimal requirements, and we offer fixed interest rates

Is it easy for landscapers to get financing?

Traditional lenders and credit unions see the landscaping industry as riskier because most of these businesses are seasonal. But fortunately, there is landscape financing available. Lenders often offer a personal or home equity loan to fund your landscaping project. At Camino Financial, we have more lenient requirements than applicants can meet. With us, it's easier to get the landscaping loans that you need.

What is a landscape loan?

As with any type of business, it takes money to operate and profit. Landscaping loans are a financial product that offers applicants the cash they need. This enables landscape professionals to concentrate on a specific area that needs an infusion of money.

What is the easiest company to get a loan from?

It's the company with the requirements you qualify for. Most lenders require a specific credit score, proof of steady income, a particular number of years in business, or a favorable debt to income ratio. Camino Financial has minimal requirements and an easy application process.

Can you finance landscaping supplies and raw materials?

Yes, you can use loans for your landscaping projects to buy plants, shrubs, topsoil, gravel, pavers, mulch, and other supplies you need to run your business. When starting a landscaping or a lawn care business, finding the right financial help to get your company off the ground is essential. We'd recommend choosing lawn care business loans because it's less an inexpensive way to obtain secure capital. But also, you'll find a merchant cash advance or business line of credit available to start or fund these businesses.

*Terms and requirements subject to change without notice.


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