Restaurant Loans

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Restaurant Loans
Restaurant loans can push you to the top of the food chain, so to speak. Camino Financial offers a range of lending products so you can access capital from $10,000 to $50,000 to grow your food business. Apply now!

What Is A Restaurant Loan?

You're in the business of feeding people and creating memorable dining experiences. Making that happen takes money. You can use Camino Financial's restaurant business loans to match momentary or continuous business expenses. You can also use them to invest in your company’s growth or strengthen your cash flow. Quick restaurant funding can keep you competitive in the food-service industry while providing needed capital to fund ongoing and future projects. Whatever you need money for, restaurant loans open doors to profitable opportunities.

Who Can Benefit From Restaurant Loans?

Restaurant loans are an attractive financing option to take ideas from the planning stage to reality.

Fine Dining Or Casual Restaurants

Restaurant owners can use capital to pay rent, buy furniture, change the dining layout, or purchase kitchen equipment.

Also to make decor improvements, add dining space, or hire more staff.


Fast-food establishments and specialized eatery franchises can use restaurant business loans to help with expenses.

Examples are startup franchise fees and ongoing monthly costs such as royalties and advertising.

Bars And Taverns

When people visit bars and taverns, they intend to stay and socialize with family members and friends.

You may need extra money to purchase televisions, pool tables, or even create a dance floor.


Use the capital to keep close tabs on inventory before an event.

In addition, restaurant funding can help cover expenses such as advertising, insurance, and restaurant equipment purchases.

Cafes And Bakeries

You may need financing to rent space, advertise your location, or buy more supplies.

To get repeat customers, you need outdoor seating or a more attractive menu.


Pay staff, allocate costs for food and prep and buy or rent a licensed commercial kitchen.

You may also need extra money for liability insurance, a delivery truck, and food packaging.

Food Trucks

You have many expenses, like the truck itself, advertising, the required inventory, a website, and a point of sale system to accept payments and track sales.


Depending on your foot traffic, you may need to use restaurant loans to cover food costs and typical overhead expenses like rent, utilities, and salaries.

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Camino Financial’s Restaurant Business Loans and Requirements

Camino Financial’s minimal business loan requirements are nearly unheard of in the restaurant lending industry. Here are the different financing options we offer at Camino Financial.

Business Loans

Amount $10,000 to $50,000
Type of payment Monthly
Repayment terms 24 months
Type of rate Fixed
Interest rates 32% to 45%
  • monthly revenue of $2,500 (or $30,000 per year)
  • have an active and registered business for at least 12 months
  • you need an SSN

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How To Invest Restaurant Loan Proceeds

Having commercial funding is an exciting prospect for business owners that allows them to make strategic investments. Here are some ideas on how to use a loan:

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Invest In Your Business Location

Use your newly acquired financing to open a second location or relocate somewhere else.

You could also renovate or redecorate the place.

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Improve Your Cash Flow

When your liquid assets are on the rise, you can settle an existing debt to reduce the amount of capital going out.

You can also make investments to have more money coming in.

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Partner With New Vendors

New vendors can help you lower your costs. This is essential to the success of launching a new product or service.

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Purchase, Repair, Or Upgrade Equipment

Owning restaurant equipment that endures day-in and day-out use and simplifies food preparation helps run a restaurant efficiently.

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Buy Inventory

Keeping enough supplies, like dry goods, spices, beverages, linens, uniforms, etc., is essential to meeting customer demand.

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Hire Staff

You need part-time and full-time managers, chefs, cooks, waiters, hosts, and other personnel.

Restaurant loans provide instant access to funds needed to hire great staff members.

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Meet Seasonal Needs

Not all restaurants have high-foot traffic all year long.

Some need capital to strengthen their cash flow during low seasons or hire additional staff during the high season.

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Invest In Marketing

Advertising will bring in more people.

Investing your small business loan towards marketing means you can offer customer loyalty programs, start a food blog, or have ads online.

Get Restaurant Financing: Step-By-Step Instructions

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1. Fill Out An Application

We want to know you and learn more about your financial needs. So we’ll ask for basic personal and financial information, your desired loan amount, and other information to help us prequalify you.

2. Send Requested Documentation

We want to ensure that the loan we offer you matches your needs and budget. Therefore, as you progress through the loan application process, we may ask for additional information and business documents. 

3. Review And Accept The Final Terms

Once we approve the loan, we’ll send you a digital copy of the contract. Before signing the document, you can review the final terms to make sure you're OK with them.

4. Receive The Loan Proceeds

We deposit your loan proceeds into your checking account within 2 days after you apply. 
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Why Choose Camino Financial?

We're one of the best online lenders in the market because we are a CDFI, which means one of our goals is to generate economic growth in underserved communities. In short, we say YES when others say no. Our state-of-the-art loan process simplifies how we do business so we can offer our clients top-notch service and fast funding. With us, borrowers receive tangible benefits when applying with us:
  • Competitive business loan interest rates
  • You can complete our paperless online application anytime, anywhere.
  • After 12 timely payments, we can offer you a loan renewal.

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How to get a business loan for your restaurant


How to qualify for a restaurant loan?

Determine your restaurant's loan eligibility based on the restaurant lender’s requirements. For example, how long you've been in business, your annual revenue, credit score, and overall profitability.

How to get a loan for a restaurant?

If you need a loan for opening a restaurant, first, compare the terms and benefits of several lenders. Once you choose one, apply. They will review your business's operating history, credit history, and financial statements to determine your restaurant's profit or loss. If you receive approval, the lender will transfer your funds to your bank account.

How can I get a loan to buy a restaurant?

Here are some of the many options restaurant owners have to get cash:
  • online restaurant business loan
  • withdraw money from retirement and personal savings accounts
  • a business line of credit
  • a loan backed by the Small Business Administration
  • business credit card
  • merchant cash advance
  • a short-term loan from family and friends

Is it easy or hard to get a loan for a restaurant?

It depends on the lender and your creditworthiness. Some lenders consider restaurant business loans as a  risky investment. As a result, they may charge higher rates and fees to compensate for high-risk loans. Other lenders specialize in the restaurant industry and will have less stringent requirements.

*Terms and requirements subject to change without notice.


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