• Business Loans

    Camino Financial offers business loans to suit a variety of company sizes and needs. Whether you're looking for a loan to expand your growing businesses or cover unexpected expenses, we have a suitable financing option. Our business loans come with competitive interest rates and repayment terms, and we offer a streamlined online application process with quick processing and approval times.
  • How to apply for a Business Loan

    To apply for a business loan, click the "Apply for a Loan" button below and fill out the application form with your contact details, business duration, loan amount, purpose, state of residence, and annual gross revenue.

    After assessing your application, we will determine the optimal loan amount, interest rates, and repayment terms. Connect your bank account with PLAID for cash flow verification.

    A representative from Camino Financial will guide you through the process to ensure a swift transfer of funds, simplifying and expediting your loan acquisition for uninterrupted business growth.

  • Applying for business financing and our funding process

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  • Loan terms, amounts, origination fees, and restrictions

    The maximum loan amount is $50,000, with an origination fee of 6.99%. We do not charge early payment penalties, and the time from application to funding is 7 to 12 days. We restrict the use of our loans from any business acquisitions, management buyouts, investing in cryptocurrency, or personal use of any kind.

    Making Your Monthly Payments

    We schedule the monthly business loan payments through our automated payment system based on PLAID technology.

  • Compare financing options

    AmountInterest ratesLoan Payback PeriodMinimum Score1Min. Time in BusinessMin. Annual IncomeCollateral needed?
    Camino Financial$10,000 - $50,00032% - 45%24 months67012 months$ 30,000NO
    Other Business Term Loans3$10,000 - $30,0007% - 99%3 - 36 months6802 years$ 200,000YES
    Line of Credit3$10,000 - $1M7% - 90%Varies6301 year$ 180,000YES
    Merchant Cash Advance3Up to $500,00040% - 400%3 - 12 monthsN/A1 year$50,000NO
    Invoice Financing3Up to 90% of the invoice value15% - 70%Varies5001 year$ 130,000YES
  • Frequently asked questions

    After you complete our business loan application, we’ll evaluate if you pre-qualify. If you do, and if you like the loan terms we’ll offer, you just need to allow us to review your bank account’s cash flow. Then, with all this information, we’ll make final approval. Finally, and after the contract is signed, we’ll transfer your loan.

    We have a minimum credit score requirement of 670. That said, at Camino Financial, we understand businesses and that your credit history does not necessarily reflect your actual creditworthiness. That’s why we use both traditional credit evaluation tools and our CaminoScore technology. This allows us to decide if we can approve your loan and calculate the loan rates.

    No! Our small business lending process doesn’t require collateral. That way, you can grow your business without putting your assets at risk.

    With Camino Financial, you can get small business funding up to $50,000!

  • 1If PLAID can not pull your bank transaction data, we offer the option for you to collect and send bank statements 2Other loan options are reviewed on a quarterly basis 3Camino Financial does not extend small business loans to businesses operating within these industries: Transportation, Warehousing, Real estate, Financial investing or processing, Cannabis, Adult, Car Dealerships

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  • Mission-driven company

    Camino Financial is a nationally certified Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) with oversight by the U.S. Department of Treasury. By partnering with other mission-aligned organizations, Camino Financial is able to pool and distribute low-cost funding and educational resources to underbanked minority-owned businesses. Camino Financial is headquartered in Los Angeles, California with supporting offices in Mexico City, Mexico.

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