Interest Rate Hike 2022: The New Average Business Loan Rates In August

Camino Financial01 Nov 2023
Interest Rate Hike 2022: The New Average Business Loan Rates In August
You've probably noticed the interest rate hike this 2022. There have been 4 rate increases so far. This has caused some concerns among consumers and businesses about the potential impact on their finances. The goal of the Federal Reserve's raise of its benchmark interest rate is to cool inflationary pressures and prevent the economy from overheating. However, higher rates also increase borrowing costs, leading to slower economic growth. Here's what you need to know about these increases and how they may affect business lending.

All the Interest Rate Hikes in 2022

The Federal Reserve is the central bank of the United States and is responsible for setting monetary policies. Interest rates are one of the critical tools that they use to influence the economy. In this case, they're using them to help in their goal of controlling inflation.
#DidYouKnow The interest rate is the amount of interest that banks charge on loans. 
When the Federal Reserve raises interests, it becomes more expensive for businesses to borrow money, leading to slower economic growth. The Federal Reserve has increased this several times in 2022, with rates currently at 2.25%.
  1. March 2022. 0.25 percentage point.
  2. May 2022. half a percentage point (0.50).
  3. June 15, 2022. 0.75%, the largest interest rate hike since 1994.
  4. July 27, 2022. 0.75 percentage point. This is the second consecutive 0.75% increase.

Why Have Interest Rates Increased in 2022?

US interest rates increase when the central bank determines that they need to balance out the inflation rate within the country.  This action by Fed policymakers helps fight inflation in different ways: 
  1. First, higher rates tend to slow down customer spending because everything is more expensive. Theoretically, this can help slow down the economy and prevent prices from rising too quickly. In other words, if people buy less, inflation decreases.
  2. Secondly, higher interests tend to cool off housing markets and other areas where prices have been rising too quickly, which can help prevent a dangerous bubble from forming.
While the interest rate did not increase during much of the pandemic, it has begun to increase as things get back to normal. During the pandemic, the Federal government chose to hold the interest rates to allow for inflation and changes required to balance out the situation. This allowed for better rates for those needing loans during the pandemic. But now inflation is affecting businesses and consumers too much; that's why the Fed is taking action.

Business Loan Interest Rates: August 2022

The borrowing costs of loans depend on the specific type of financial product you choose.
  • Bank Loan: 3% to 13%
  • Invoice factoring: 13% to 79%
  • Line of credit: 10% to 99%
  • Merchant cash advance: 40% to 350%
  • Online loans: 7% to 100%
  • SBA loans: 
    • 504:  2.81% to 4%
    • 7 (a): 7.75% to 11.25%
    • EIDL: 2.75% to 3.75%
    • Express: 10% to 12%
    • Microloan: 8% to 13%
#CaminoTip Finding the right business loan for your small business is what we are all about.

What Other Factors Impact Business Loan Rates?

Other factors also impact how much you pay for a loan.  By evaluating these aspects, you will be able to ensure that your business is in an excellent position to get the capital you need at the best possible rates.  The factors are internal and external.

External factors

  • Your specific sector or subsector. If your industry is an economically depressed sector or you have a seasonal business, it'll be harder to get a loan. And, if you do get it, you may receive a higher interest rate because the loan is a higher risk.
  • The geographic situation of your specific area. If your area is facing worker shortages or political or environmental issues, you may end up with a higher rate.
  • The infrastructure of the area you’re in. This includes things like what the city area looks like. If well kept, it’s more likely that you will get a loan and a better interest rate because your business will have a better chance of success.

Internal factors

  • Business profitability. A lender will want to know that you’re profitable because that means you can repay the loan. This makes you less of a risk, and you will have a better chance of a successful loan application and a lower rate.
  • Type of business. There are certain industries to which lenders don’t lend or offer very high-interest rates. If that’s the case, try shopping around for lenders specializing in your industry.
  • How long you've been in business. If you've been in business for only a few months, you’re not going to have a great interest rate because lenders see you as risky. However, if you have been in business for a long time, you’ll get a better rate.
  • Your current debts. If you have a lot of outstanding loans, you’re less likely to get a reasonable interest rate. That’s because you are a high-risk lender because it’s more difficult for you to pay off all of your debt.
  • Reputation. You’ll need to consider your business reputation in the community, including with your creditors and customers.
  • Other factors. You’ll want to consider your business credit rating, where you’re applying, and what that institution usually expects from its applicants.

How to Get Low Business Loan Rates?

It's important to always try to get the lowest rates possible, especially during an economic downturn or if you want to prepare for a recession.
  1. If you’re looking to get a low business loan rate, the best thing you can do is keep your debt-to-income ratio down. This allows you to get better business loan interest rates because you are less of a risk. 
  2. Stay on top of things. You want to ensure that you are staying on top of your accounts and paying all your loans and debts on time. This will help you keep a good score and ensure you get approval.
  3. Do your research. There are plenty of financial institutions that will offer loans for businesses. Regarding the interest rate hike in 2022, you want to be sure you’re doing your research to find the lenders that offer the lowest rates.
  4. Be sure that you’re getting the right type of loan. You want to be sure that you’re getting the most favorable terms, which will mean speaking with the institution.
  5. Read the fine print. Also, look at other terms like the repayment period and how much you will need to pay each month.
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How many interest rate hikes will there be in 2022?

There could be up to three more interest rate hikes overall in 2022 year. The policymaking Federal Open Market Committee has 3 remaining meetings in 2022. In all previous meetings this year, they have hiked rates. The last one was on July 27, 2022. So they will probably raise interest rates in these remaining meetings.

How much will interest rates rise in 2022?

FOMC projects that, by the end of this year, the rise will stand at 3.4% (as of today, it stands at 2.25%).

When is the next interest rate hike in 2022?

There is another Federal Open Market Committee meeting in September, and it is possible that another interest rate hike could happen at that time.

Will interest rates increase or decrease in 2023?

Rates for 2023 are uncertain. Some Fed officials predict a rise of 3.8% during 2023.

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