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We designed our microloan program for business owners that need small amounts of money to help grow their companies. By getting a microloan, you'll have the necessary resources to make your business thrive.

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How to apply for a microloan

Tell us about your business

Fill out our simple online application in less than 10 minutes. It will ask some basic questions to give us a quick financial snapshot of your business without affecting your credit score. Then we provide you with a pre-qualification credit decision.

Link your business account to our platform

Once pre-qualified, we will ask for you to link your business's bank account to our platform. As experienced and responsible microlenders for small businesses, we make sure to use industry-leading encryption tools and follow protocols to keep your financial data safe and private.

Talk to a loan specialist

We will contact you to answer any questions you may have. Then, In order to determine which product best matches your needs, we'll ask for proof of business ownership and a photo ID.

Accept the final terms

Receive the final loan terms by email for your review. Simply sign the online contract electronically, and you're on your way to getting the money you need.

Receive your microloan funds fast

By having linked our platform with your business's bank account, we will then proceed to deposit the loan funds into your bank account within days. It’s just that easy!

A microloan program like no other

We're a microlending company. Our approach, straightforward. Bare-bone requirements and transparent details. Borrowers are well informed so they can make a sound decision to ensure a strong future.

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Loans designed for entrepreneurs and small business owners

Looking for a minimum amount of money to maximize the strength of your company? A microloan is the right solution. Plus, go from filing out an application to funds in your account in a matter of days!

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Our minimum requirements to fund your business

Small business microloan applicants must have operated for at least 9 months and earned at least $30,000 in annual gross sales. Unlike most lenders, we accept Social Security Number and ITIN's as proof of identity.

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Simple and easy, automated payments

We've simplified the process to pay your loans so that you can continue to run your business without interruption. Camino Financial offers automated online payments, so you have one less thing to worry about! In addition to all of our benefits, Camino Financial never charges hidden fees or prepayment penalties.

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Camino Financial's microloans terms

As a microlender, our effective approach to funding keeps the process simple and safe. Rest assured, the terms will never change during the life of the loan.

$5,100 to $35,000

Microloan amounts


Type of payment

24 to 36 Months

Repayment terms


Type of rate


Origination fee

No prepayment penalty


What Is The Cost of a Camino Financial Microloan?

Our microloan programs offer amounts ranging from $5,100 to $35,000 with an interest rate based on your business profile.

The loan terms and figures shown in calculation results are example figures and subject to final lender approval.

Our microloan rates

Choose to repay the loan in 24 to 36 months with a monthly payment amount that fits your budget.

How do microloans work?

Small business owners get quick access to minimal amounts of money. Camino Financial’s microloan program is the perfect short-term financial solution. Borrowers make term payments, including the principal plus interest and lender fees.

How do I qualify for a microloan?

If you’ve been in business for 9+ months, generate $30,000 in annual income and have a current bank account, you’re eligible. Click on the microloan application and submit your information to see if you pre-qualify.

Top-Rated Customer Support

Travis Mecure

Travis Mecure

Los Angeles

Yvette and Marisol made my business loan experience absolutely pain-free! They were both professional, knowledgable and kind.

Anthony Williams

Anthony Williams

Los Angeles

This was the best loan application experience ever. First of all, the representative customer service was A1. I love Camino Financial.

Greta Perry

Greta Perry

Los Angeles

My experience was smooth sailing with Daniel and Efraim. Camino financial was the only company that gave me a great deal.

Nancy Mack

Nancy Mack

Los Angeles

Mary Aviola was very knowledgeable and helpful with her guidance. She answer many questions that I had to help me find the best solution.

How Can I Best Use A MicroLoan To Grow My Business?

Microloans are a great financial tool for any small business. Here are some examples on how to invest the capital:

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Microloans give you money to spend in a business area with the greatest need or infusion of cash

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Purchase additional inventory for holiday sales.

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Microlending can help you start a marketing campaign

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Purchase up-to-date software or develop a new product or service.

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Purchase equipment or supplies to win bigger projects.

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Working capital for for short-term cash needs

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Small firms can expand their operations

Frequently Asked Questions About Microloans

  • What is a microloan?

    Micro-lending offers relatively small amounts of capital. It’s the perfect solution for business owners that don’t need much financing or they simply cannot qualify for traditional lending.

  • How to get a microloan with bad credit?

    Borrowers with no credit or low credit scores can access microloans. Although they may have higher APRs.
    To get a micro loan with bad credit, compare several micro lenders to determine your likelihood to qualify. Then you fill out an application and wait for a loan decision.

  • How do microloans work?

    This type of funding is for businesses that only need modest amounts of capital or that traditional banks don’t approve because they are too small.
    Once you complete an application and the lender approves it, you receive the capital into your bank account.
    You can use the loan for anything business-related (as long as it follows the lender’s guidelines).

  • What is a microlender?

    Microlenders are companies that loan small amounts to businesses. They are different from traditional banks and lenders because they work with smaller and micro businesses.

  • How does microlending work?

    Microlending programs give business owners access to small amounts of capital to help their businesses become financially sound. As the name suggests, these loans offer smaller amounts when compared to other types of financing.