How To Register Your Restaurant On The DoorDash App

Camino Financial09 Jan 2024
How To Register Your Restaurant On The DoorDash App
Are you wondering how does DoorDash work? Learn about it and the importance of delivering food apps, how it works, and more, you can discover it here. DoorDash is an online food ordering and food delivery platform that allows you to offer food delivery to grow your business. Discover one of the best options in food delivery apps made to ease struggles. Strict lockdown will end, but life as we know it might not come back. The changes have been so profound that they might permanently stick. That's why deliver food can be the best you can do to keep your business afloat in Pandemic times. If you don't have the staff or resources to offer food delivery service on your own, don't worry, the food delivery market is available for you!

The importance of food delivery apps

DoorDash reports that 92% of the orders in their platform are from customers ordering for the first time from their partner restaurants. The opportunity of reaching new customers is also there. As you already know, deliver food and food delivery apps are not new. But by 2019 there were 38 million food delivery app users in the U.S., 21% more than in 2018, according to a study of a Usage of Food Delivery Apps. It is expected that by 2023, this number will go up to 60 million users. A staggering amount! Not only that but 86% of diners were also already ordering takeaway or food delivery services at least once a month, according to Technomic. According to a survey made by the same site, 60% of restaurants offering food delivery reported incremental sales.  Having your food delivered will improve your business performance. According to a survey, about the share of consumers in the United States during March 2020 in light of COVID-19, 41% of American consumers were more likely to purchase restaurant food through an online delivery service. It is also expected that the long-term behavior of consumers will change making food delivery services a revenue generator for restaurants across the U.S., says American news website, Axios. With these numbers increasing, it is smart to give it a try to an online food delivery app for your restaurant. It is important to understand how does DoorDash work to boost your business visibility and sales

What food delivery app should I use?

DoorDash is only one of the options available for business. There are a handful of food delivery apps already in the market, with apps like DoorDash, Grubhub, Uber Eats, and Postdates leading the race. That's why you'll how does DoorDash work!  In the present day, order food is a trend, so which one is the best option for your business? We have a few points you can take into consideration to choose the app that is most convenient for your restaurant:

1. Reach

The most important aspect to look at is if it's popular in the area of your restaurant. This will help you get more visibility and have new customers ordering from your restaurant. Different apps have different market shares according to the city. In the graph below, you can see the share of sales in the major cities in the U.S. per-app only during March 2020.

informative chart about meal delivery where DoorDash is one of the most important

Source: Second Measure

2. Delivery fees

Working with a third-party delivery service means you will need to share part of the profit with the platform. All apps have commissions and fees, depending on the features you want to use from their service. Make an in-depth analysis of the costs of the app you want to use if it will benefit your business as it is or if you would need some changes for it to work without damaging the preference of your consumers.

3. Implementation

With every new technology, comes a learning curve. Researching the steps you need to follow to start using a third-party delivery app is important. Moreover, analyze if there would be any changes in your current operation process and how long it would take your staff to get the hang of it. Using a food delivery app should make things easier for you, not complicate them more.

4. Ratings

Keep an eye on the reputation of the service you want to choose. Going through customer reviews from users and partner restaurants can give you a good idea if the platform is the right one for you. You should partner with a food delivery service that won't affect your image or your customer service. You could even ask your current customers what app they prefer.

Our pick: DoorDash

At Camino Financial we believe that DoorDash is the best option to get started in the online food delivery service, putting everything together in the balance. Since 2019, 27% of the market share is own by DoorDash for food delivery apps in the U.S. by working with over 245,000 restaurants, located in +3000 cities. No wonder why it's the most popular food delivery app in the U.S. Let's dig further into this application. It will be really helpful if you are a restaurant owner and want to boost your sales and apply for the Doordash delivery.

How the DoorDash App works

Before we tell you how you can register for this food delivery application, we want to give you a quick overview of how the app works.
  1. You register to the app, upload your restaurant information, and menu.
  2. A customer places an order in your restaurant using the app.
  3. You will receive a notification via email, fax, or the order manager app.
  4. There are two types of orders, ASAP or scheduled. If the order is ASAP, the driver will pick up the order within 20 minutes after it was placed. If it’s scheduled, you will receive the notification a few hours or even a few days before it needs to be prepared.
  5. The customer will pay for the order through DoorDash. The order will be prepaid, so there won’t be a money exchange with the driver.
  6. The driver will pick up the order from your restaurant and take it to the customer’s door.
  7. DoorDash will deduct the fees and send the payment to your restaurant on a weekly basis.
It is just as simple as that. Keep in mind the costs that you will have to cover by using a food delivery app. You can contact DoorDash for more details, but here we have a small overview for you:
  • Commission: 30% fee
  • Tablet fee: this is optional if you happen to use the tablet order manager, it ranges from $6 to $9.15 a week.
  • Sales tax: it varies by state.
  • Error charge: this may apply if there is a missing or wrong item in the order.
Not convinced yet? You can try all DoorDash features for free for a month.

How to register your restaurant on the DoorDash app?

1. Go to and you will find the form right away. Fill it.

tutorial to understand how does door dash works

2. You will be redirected to another page where you will need to provide more information about your business.

understanding how does doordash work, a form to register your business on doordash

3. Upload your menu and working hours by writing your website or uploading your menu in PDF or image.

form to doordash restaurant sign up

4. Select the way you would like to receive the order notifications. The app offers four different possibilities: Tablet, Tablet + Printer, E-mail + Phone Confirmation, and Fax + Phone Confirmation. Select the one that suits your restaurant the best, there are different fees for each one of the services.

a form explaining how to register in doordash

5. Add the bank account you want to use to receive payments and hit submit.

form to set up business payments in doordash

During all the process, you will have a help button in the lower right of the screen that will connect you with a customer service representative if you need it.
6. Once you submit your application, the app team will review your application and approve it. 7. When your application is approved, you will receive a text message notifying you to begin your self-activation. 8. Also, you will receive an email from a account with your login credentials to the Merchant Portal, information about the onboarding process, and a link to schedule a call with one of the Activation Agents in case you need help or don't want to go through the self-activation process alone. 9. Log in to your Merchant Portal and verify that all the information is accurate. We recommend you watch this demo video to get an idea of what you can find in the Merchant Portal. 10. Once you are sure that all the information is correct and your staff is prepared for the new service, click Activate Store to start receiving orders. Understand how does DoorDash work is really easy. That would be all! Your restaurant is live on the DoorDash site, ready for you to start accepting orders.

How to cancel DoorDash merchant account:

If you want to remove your business from the Doordash platform, you have to contact merchant support to request a deactivation, fill in the information in the form, and request to deactivate.

How to make the best out of the DoorDash app

Activation is quite easy, and it can already help your business, especially during these challenging times. But, you can always make the best out of your restaurant's new service with the following tips:
  • Optimize your menu by creating menu categories inside the app and uploading high-quality pictures of your dishes.
  • Modify your prices for the app, so your customers absorb part of the fees from the service. In many cases, customers don't mind paying a bit extra money to get food quickly at their doorstep.
  • Using the tablet app may be more efficient in managing food delivery orders, tracking your inventory, and modifying your menu. It can simplify your business processes.
  • Use the Merchant Portal to get more insights about your customers. This can help you create offers that will attract more customers and keep the old ones coming for more.

Are you ready to offer top-notch food delivery?

At Camino Financial, we believe that DoorDash is for sure one of the best options you can find, and they're committed to helping local restaurants through the pandemic and further. Your customers are waiting! Order food and the best customer experience is near than appears. There's no question that if you're not ready to reopen your restaurant according to the new measures, online delivery can be the savor of your business. The process to get started is not complicated and it can give your restaurant the push it needs. At Camino Financial, we are also working hard to help small businesses during these rough times. Staying true to our motto, no business left behind, we are keeping small business owners like you, informed about the pandemic. Apply For A Loan Today

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