Best Business Accounting Books for Beginners

Camino Financial26 Feb 2024
Best Business Accounting Books for Beginners
Leah Busque, the founder of TaskRabbit, often shares startup lessons she learned as a business owner like this one. 

Entrepreneurs have a natural inclination to go it alone. 

While this do-it-yourself spirit can help you move forward, adding an element of collaboration into the mix can make you unstoppable.

Apparently, she needed help on her way to success.  She may have even considered using accounting books to figure out how to manage her finances. So, we've stepped forward to collaborate with you and help you succeed in accounting. We've provided a list of the best accounting books for beginners in English and Spanish.  Frankly, we want you to become unstoppable.

Are you learning about accounting or hiring an accountant?

If you're just starting and don't have extra money to hire an accountant or additional employees, there's another option. Namely, along with your do-it-yourself spirit and one or more accounting books as guides, you can improve or even master accounting skills. Self-help accounting books that teach you the basics without overwhelming you with technical jargon are the most helpful to someone who may not have a clue about accounting concepts.  Your goal is to be able to get your financial records in tip-top shape. Then, as your business grows and cash flow increases, you can consult with an accountant regarding investing strategically or reaching financial goals.

The best accounting books for business owners

We've selected accounting books for business owners that present information in a straightforward way to help simplify accounting.  

Accounting Made Simple: Accounting Explained in 100 Pages or Less 

by Mike Piper, CPA

Accounting made simple. Accounting Books This easy-to-understand accounting book published in 2013 covers the basics, such as how to read and interpret financial statements and how to make journal entries.  In 114 pages, the author goes over Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) while providing an uncomplicated approach to calculating depreciation and other financial ratios.  In 2019, the book ranked #5 in Amazon's accounting books category.

Accounting All-in-One For Dummies 

by Kenneth W. Boyd, Et al

Accounting all-in-one for dummies. Accounting Books Don't let the title throw you. Dummies books are instructional/reference books written in a non-intimidating format to make learning easier.  The book is available in a second edition published April 17, 2018. It teaches you how to set up an accounting system, prepare income statements and balance sheets, and the best ways to handle cash and make purchasing decisions.  You can use the book to learn accounting principles and then use it as a desk reference to make savvy business decisions.

Accounting for Non-Accountants: The Fast and Easy Way to Learn the Basics 

by Wayne Label

Accounting for non-accountants. Accounting Books Published in its third edition in 2013, the book is from a Quick Start Your Business series written by a Certified Public Accountant.  The book is written primarily for someone who has never taken an accounting class but wants to learn about financial statements, payroll management, taxes, and cash flow statements.  In 224 pages and 12 short chapters, the book provides easy-to-understand examples, quick tips, alerts, and a glossary of accounting terms. 

The Accounting Game: Basic Accounting Fresh From the Lemonade Stand 

by Darrell Mullis & Judith Orloff

The accounting game. Accounting Books Written for managers, business owners, and aspiring entrepreneurs to "simplify the world of accounting." You'll learn the basics about accounting so you can apply what you've learned.  The book goes over concepts like assets, liabilities, earnings, and inventory without presenting information in a boring way. The authors specifically target critical thinking skills to help you retain essential concepts and master financial skills.  There are quizzes and worksheets for tracking progress and step-by-step processes to help manage your business. 

Best accounting books for business owners in Spanish

If Spanish is your first or even second language, why not expand your knowledge a bit further with these accounting books in Spanish?

Contabilidad y finanzas para dummies 

by Oriol Amat

Contabilidad y finanzas para dummies. Accounting Books In this book, the author explains, in a rather simple way, the basic concepts of accounting.  This book is for those who want to work in accounting, entrepreneurs that need to understand specific terms, or even those who just want to learn. 

El secreto para interpretar balances de un vistazo

by Joaquín Puerta Gómez

El secreto para interpretar balances de un vistazo. Accounting Books In this book, Joaquín Puerta teaches us how to understand the accounts and balances of small businesses quickly and how to make a quick financial diagnosis without being an expert.  Throughout the book, you’ll find explanations of concepts and ideas, as well as practical applications of a financial balance analysis.

El hombre más rico de Babilonia

by George S. Clason

El hombre más rico de Babilonia. Accounting Books

This is a rather entertaining book in which George explains, through a fable, why ancient Babylon, one of the wealthiest cities in the world at the time, was so successful.  The book explains the importance of having a good relationship with money, as well as the importance of saving to achieve success. It also provides practical solutions to regular, run-of-the-mill financial problems. 

*This book is also available in English: The Richest Man in Babylon.

El cuadrante del flujo de dinero

by Robert T. Kiyosaki

El cuadrante del flujo de dinero. Accounting Books In this book, Kiyosaki describes the four mentalities needed to be successful and earn money.  These mentalities are represented as four quadrants, which are: employee, business owner, self-employed, and investor. The author then explains in detail the characteristics of each quadrant and their relationship with money. Kiyosaki is the renowned author of the bestseller Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

*This book is also available in English: Cashflow Quadrant.

Accounting books don't bill you every time you pick them up

A massive advantage of using accounting books is that you don’t have to pay for an accountant's services. However, don't underestimate a professional's importance. An accountant can point business owners in the right direction and save them money. Still, there's nothing like having knowledge at your fingertips without needing to pick up the phone.  These accounting books will fast track your accounting abilities, so you understand ratios, financial statements, and improve your business's cash flow. You'll be able to start your accounting and tax year right.  Providing information like what you just read is how Camino Financial reaches out to our members and potential clients and enforces our motto, "No Business Left Behind."  We encourage you to subscribe to the Camino Financial Newsletter to receive more accounting tips and ways to grow your business. 

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