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The Best 8 Business Magazines for Latinos

If you’re a Latino business owner searching for tips, insight, and education on how to become a better entrepreneur, one of the best avenues for learning are business magazines. 

These magazines, explicitly published with Latino entrepreneurs in mind, offer an incredible array of educational information as well as feel-good stories that shine light on the successes of people just like you.

When people think of print resources for educational purposes, they often think of the internet or even business books. However, business magazines are an excellent way to glean information and inspiration from other Latino business owners. 

Magazines are not only a fantastic source of information, but they often offer lighter reading material that can be absorbed whenever you have free timeeven if you only have very little time to read.

Besides, business magazines offer something that business books don’t: The fact that they are published frequently and have new stories regularly. 

This makes business magazines an excellent way for Latino entrepreneurs to stay on top of what’s going on in their industry, in business in general, and with other business owners of their culture.

Top 5 business magazines for Latinos—in English

If you want to find some business magazines aimed solely at Latinos, we’ve got you covered. Here is a list of 5 of the best business magazines in English for Latinos. 

And don’t worry, if you’re looking for reading material in your native language, keep reading, and you find a list of business magazines in Spanish further ahead.

1. Latino Leaders

Latino Leaders, business magazines

Latino Leaders magazine was founded by two brothersRaul and Jorge Ferraez. The Ferraez brothers are two Mexican businessmen, and their mission is to connect leaders and inspire the future.

The way the magazine achieves this mission is by promoting and publishing stories about Latino success, as well as showcasing stories that are often not found in mainstream media. 

Latino Leaders magazine has been around for more than ten years. It has featured some of the top Latino leaders in the countryincluding sports stars, business owners, politicians, and other relevant and successful leaders.

Latino Leaders magazine also allows readers to submit people who they think make great leaders in the Latino community, making it a very interactive publication. That’s why it’s one of the best business magazines for Latinos.

2. Hispanic Executive

Hispanic Executive, business magazines

The goal of Hispanic Executive is to turn the spotlight on business’ most influential Latinos, and helping to drive the Latino community’s “unmatched economic, political, and social power.” 

This magazine is one of the leading print publications that profile leaders in the Latino culture, providing access to an executive platform so readers can connect with those who are “redefining the international business landscape.”

The magazine is published by Guerrero, an executive communications and advancement firm based out of Chicago. The company also publishes American Builders Quarterly, American Healthcare Leader, Modern Counsel, Profile, and Sync. 

The firm also seeks to reinvent the executive network through The Alumni Society, which brings together Latino alumni from prestigious private colleges and universities in the United States.

3. Hispanic Network Magazine

Hispanic Network Magazine, business magazines

The Hispanic Network magazine is a Latino business and employment publication. 

It is published by the well-known DiversityComm Inc., which also publishes five other magazines focused on diversity—Black EOE Journal, Multicultural Professional Woman’s Magazine, U.S. Veterans Magazine, Diversity in STEAM Magazine, and DIVERSEability Magazine. 

The company has been around for more than 25 years, and each of its publications reaches more than 2 million readers.

The reason why Hispanic Network Magazine is on the list of best business magazines for Latinos is that it is focused primarily on employment and the workforce. It combines tips and strategies to help its readers make career changes, in addition to providing profiles of other successful Latino entrepreneurs.

4. Latina

Latina, business magazines

Latina magazine has a great slogan of “100 percent Latina. 100 percent American. All pride. All passion.” This slogan truly describes what Latina Magazine is: a business magazine dedicated to bilingual, bicultural women in the United States. 

The magazine, which was founded in 1996, has an impressive readership of 2 million people, and it is the largest magazine edited by and for Latin women. 

Latina Magazine is owned and operated by Latina Media Ventures (LMV). The company is wholly focused on celebrating the “culture, honoring the past and enriching the future of Latina women in the United States.” 

Beyond just Latina Magazine, LMV has a significant digital presence, as well as hosts various events and promotions throughout the year.

Here’s our list of the top magazines for female entrepreneurs

5. Al Día

Al Día, business magazines

Al Día is a magazine based in Philadelphia but covers news worldwide about Latinos. 

It touts itself as offering a “unique perspective amid the cluttered media landscape,” and it does so in a variety of ways. Their national news website is available in both Spanish and English, and they also publish a weekly print edition, host film screenings, and political conversations, as well as media panels.

Al Dia seeks to empower Latinos to write their own stories and “define the Latino experience proactively.” While the publication isn’t dedicated solely to business, it still finds its way on the best business magazines list because it covers the entirety of Latino culture in America. 

Altogether, the print magazine, as well as the online publication, forum, and activities make up Al Día News Media, an organization that’s focused exclusively on the Latino American experience.

Top 3 business magazines for Latinos—in Spanish

1. Negocios Hispanos USA Magazine

Negocios Hispanos USA Magazine, business magazines

The mission of this magazine is to be a bridge between business people and professionals in the United States and the rest of the world. Negocios Hispanos has supported great Latin and American companies of New Jersey, New York, Miami, and recently in Pennsylvania for 11. 

You can read some of their past issues online.

2. Abasto

Abasto, business magazines

This magazine, with digital and print versions, is aimed at entrepreneurs in the food industry and Latin businesses throughout the United States. It is a bi-monthly publication that has the mission of providing information to owners, decision-makers, and operators of Latin companies that want to reach and grow in the market. 

3. Hispanos Emprendedores

Hispanos Emprendedores, business magazines

This is the first Spanish-language magazine in Clarksville, Tennessee. His team is made up of Latin entrepreneurs and professionals who talk about diverse topics that inspire and educate readers.  

The magazine’s mission is to create connections between Latino entrepreneurs.

You can read their past issues online. 

Success is at your fingertips

One of the best ways for Latino entrepreneurs to stay on top of current events in their community, as well as gets tips and strategies for being successful in business, is to become regular readers of the best business magazines for Latinos. It’s a great way to gather inspiration from others while also learning something new you may not have thought about before.

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