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The Best 8 Business Magazines for Women

Women are a powerful force in business, and you can see that reflected in the various business magazines dedicated to covering businesswomen and female entrepreneurs in America. These business magazines tell stories about strong businesswomen as well as detailing tips, tricks, and stories explicitly designed for an audience of female entrepreneurs.

Every day, more and more women are climbing the corporate ladder and finally becoming the dominant force behind business in this country. That’s why it’s so amazing to see so many business magazines that dedicated to businesswomen in America.

Top business magazines for women—in English

If you’re interested in finding out more about business magazines for female entrepreneurs, check out our list of the best 6 business magazines for women:

1. Forbes Women

forbes women. Business Magazines for Women

Forbes is one of the most well-known and prestigious business magazines in the United States, and ForbesWomen is the wing of the company that is dedicated just to women’s issues in the business world.

The content of the magazine, which is available online and in print, is geared to female entrepreneurs. 

Businesswomen will love ForbesWomen not only for the content that is geared towards them but also because it’s a top-notch publication from an excellent media outlet.

2. Enterprising Women

enterprising women. Business Magazines for Women

Enterprising Women is a print and digital magazine dedicated to female business owners and entrepreneurs. In fact, it’s the only women-owned magazine in the country that is exclusively devoted to women business owners.

One of the best parts about Enterprising Women is that they have an entire section of their website dedicated to resources for Latina women business owners. 

They also run the Enterprising Women Foundation, and its goal is to send young women to conferences to educate them in leadership training and mentorship. 

3. Women in Business

women in business. Business Magazines for Women

Women in Business is a publication from the American Business Women’s Association. This is an excellent magazine for any entrepreneur that wants to read, consistently, about business topics, mainly because such a female-centric organization publishes it. 

The organization has been a pioneer in women’s rights, especially when it comes to business affairs. It was established way back in 1949 when it was socially unacceptable for women to pursue a full-time career.

4. Diversity Woman Magazine

diversity woman. Business Magazines for Women

Diversity Woman Magazine is a professional business magazine created especially for women leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs of all races, cultures, and backgrounds. 

It was founded by Sheila Robinson, who originally founded and ran the North Carolina Career Network. Because it was so popular, she expanded the magazine nationwide in 2008.

Diversity Woman Media also publishes Inclusion magazine, which is a forum for business leaders to discuss leading-edge issues for creating globally inclusive and culturally competent workplaces.

5. Professional Woman’s Magazine

professional womans magazine. Business Magazines for Women

Professional Woman’s Magazine is one of six diversity magazines that is published by DiversityComm, Inc. Among the others are the Black EOE Journal, the HISPANIC Network Magazine, and the Multicultural Professional Women’s Magazineall of which are worth checking out. 

The mission of the company is to promote the advancement of all aspects of business and employment to ensure equal opportunity. And they have been doing so for 25 years. Their goal is to inform and educate corporate America to create an equal workforce.

6. HER Magazine

 her. Business Magazines for Women

HER Magazine has both a printed publication and an impressive online blog designed to inspire, encourage, and elevate women in business and beyond. Not only do they do so by covering influential women in business, but they celebrate the unabashed contributions of women in business and society as a whole. 

HER Magazine is a great how-to resource as well. They provide tips and guidance on the tricks of the trade to other female entrepreneurs, which is why they find themselves in our top-8 list of business magazines for women.

Top business magazines for women—in Spanish

If you are a Latina business owner (or if you know one), then these magazines are definitely up your alley.

1. Revista Mujer USA

revista mujer usa. revistas para mujeres emprendedoras

This magazine is published by the Entrepreneur and Professional Women Association (Asociación de Mujeres Empresarias y Profesionales). This association was created by a group of female entrepreneurs with extensive experience in training, developing, and growing community groups in the United States. 

The magazine covers different topics, one of them being business. Also, they hold events for Latin women, where they talk about entrepreneurship and business. 

2. Mujer Latina USA

mujer latina usa. revistas para mujeres emprendedoras

Mujer Latina USA is a digital magazine for Latin women living in the United States and seeking information on different topics. 

It has several sections, and one of them is the Latinpreneur section, which includes interesting articles on reinvention, entrepreneurship, as well as articles and stories of different Latin women and entrepreneurs who are thriving today. 

The Future is Female

One of the best ways to learn and succeed in the business world is to stay informed as to what’s going on in your industry and business as a whole, as well as read inspiring stories from others who have paved the way for opportunities before you. 

The above women-centric business magazines are an excellent way for businesswomen to do precisely that while gaining insight, advice, and tips from female entrepreneurs just like themselves.

In addition to staying in the know with these business magazines, another great way to advance your career as a woman business owner is to subscribe to the Camino Financial newsletter. By doing so, you will receive management tips, marketing ideas, and ways to grow your business.

At Camino Financial, we strive to live up to our motto of No Business Left Behind by not just providing financial help to our customers, but by also providing education and guidance to help them succeed.

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