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How to Write a Network Follow Up Email – 5 Follow Up Email Templates

If you didn’t already know this, the most important part of networking happens after the first time you make that new professional contact, not during.

Meeting new people could be challenging for some, but maintaining those relationships through a proper network follow up email is when it really gets tough.

But don’t worry, we’re here to help you improve your post-networking game!

Follow-up After Networking

We are here to make the post-networking process a bit smoother, so you can follow up with potential clients, co-workers, and partners.  

Are you ready to grow your network and solidify your professional relationships?

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Post-Networking FAQs

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions:

How do I follow up after a meeting?

While a phone call is still a viable option, sending a follow-up email is your best choice: it’s simply less invasive.

How do you write a formal follow up email?

There are certain parameters you have to respect: keep a professional tome and always check your spelling and grammar. 

How do you network via email?

If you’re unsure of how to network through email. don’t worry, in this post, you will find 5 templates. They are an excellent way to strengthen your business relationships and grow your network.

How do you write a follow-up thank-you email?

Skip to template 4, which is specifically designed to thank your recipient.

5 Follow up Email Templates

These 5 follow up email templates will give you a good starting point, but you will still have to put some effort into it. It is important that you personalize each follow-up email with your voice and detail as much as you can from the experience (while at the same time being brief).

Start with the follow-up email templates below!

Before you do anything, you have to identify your purpose. What would you like to accomplish with your email? Do you want to thank the host to request a meeting? 

Each one of these templates has a specific purpose, so use them as you see fit. 

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1. If you want to ask for a follow-up meeting

These emails work if you want to pitch your idea or discuss the matter more thoroughly. Remember to be considerate of their time and work with their availability, and keep the email short.  

Subject: Let’s chat more about [Topic]

Dear [Name],

It was nice meeting you at [name of the event]. I enjoyed talking and learning about [something discussed]. Thank you for your tips and the new insigts in the field of [your industry].

As we discussed, I am interested in [your objective], so I’d like to meet you and talk about [clear purpose]. I am generally free on [days and times of the week you are free], is this something that would work with you? I could adjust my schedule and work around yours as well. 

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

[Phone Number]

2. If you want to ask for feedback 

If you are experiencing difficulty in your business or you have a new idea with potential, you might want to ask for feedback from the experts and people who have gone through the same process. Did you meet someone like that at the networking event? This follow-up template might help.

Subject: Thank you for your time, [Name]
Hello [Name], 

I know you have a busy schedule, so I’ll be brief. 

We met at [name of the event] on [date of the event]. I know that you are an expert when it comes to [topic], so I was wondering if you could spare a few minutes to share your insights with me. I am working on something similar at [name of the company]. 

I appreciate in advance any advice you can give me. I’m looking forward to hearing from you. 

Best regards, 

[Phone Number]

3. If you want to promote your business

Network events are an excellent opportunity if you want to promote your own products or services. But don’t stop there! After the event, this type of follow-up email could consolidate a future collaboration with the company of your interest. Follow this model:

Subject: [Name], I can be of help
Hello, [Name],

It was a pleasure to meet you at [name of the event] on [date] and learn more about [name of the company]

I’ve been thinking about your struggle with [businees’ challenges] and I think [name of your company] could help you solve this problem by [solutions]. To this date, a lot of companies just like yours are using our product/service and they are highly satisfied. Please see my [portfolio, brochure or your company’s website] and don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about our products/ services.

Would you be able to hop on a call sometime this week to discuss more?

Best regards, 

[Phone Number]

4. If you want to say “thank you” (which you should always do)

People go through a lot of effort to organize these meetings and conferences. The number of details that go into logistics is simply overwhelming. This is why a thank you email is always welcome. Did the lecture help you understand a concept you were having trouble with? Did it help you connect with some potential clients or distributors? Then this is email template could work for you. It seems short and simple, but remember you will go into detail about your gains. 

Subject: Nice meeting you at [name of the event]
Dear [Name], 

I am writing to thank you for organizing the [name of the conference/event/lecture]. It was really interesting to hear about [what you liked most about the event]. 

I’m eager to implement [gained benefits] at [Company]. 

I hope we stay in touch. 

Best regards,

[Phone Number]

5. If you never received an answer to any of the previous follow-up emails…

You never received an answer after your first follow-up email? That’s completely normal. Your recipient may be very busy or even not remember who you are. In this second email, you need to be very specific about who you are and where you work, and also make an additional effort to grab your reader’s attention. Highlighting your achievements and the areas that could benefit your recipient. This said, you need to be cautious: maybe your recipient never contacted you because you were too informal, too aggressive, or trying to be funny. That’s why before writing this second email, you should go back to your first one: analyze it and try to find any weak areas.

Subject: [Name of recipient], we met at [Name of event]

Dear [Name],

I’m [your name] from [your company]. I sent you an email last week about [topic] At [name of event], I was very impressed with how you [achievements]. I’ve come across your website and it’s amazing how you [relevant areas].

I thought you’d be interested in including my resources in your scope because my company is different from other solutions you may have used in the past. We offer [highlight your strong areas].

Let me know if you are still interested and don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like to discuss all the opportunities! I would love your feedback as well.


[Phone Number]

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Other considerations

If you have objectives and reasons for following-up that are not stated above, you can use this formula to write a professional email.

  1. Introduce yourself briefly and remind your reader where you met. It is important that you state the name of the conference and the date so they can trace the memory. Some people go to networking events every other day!
  2. Ask clearly and concretely what you need. If possible, add value – what will your readers get from your offer. 
  3. Always be thankful for their time and consideration. 

Once you crafted your follow-up email, ask yourself “Would I open and reply to this email?”. If your answer is “yes”, you’ll know if you did a good job.

If you have never been to a networking event, we have plenty of resources on this blog to get you started. You can learn about the importance of networking for your business and what to do before and after a networking event, among other things.

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