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The Best Online Booking Software for Small Business

If you’re one of those business owners who still use a notebook to keep track of the reservations and appointments with your clients, you might be still living in the last century. Nowadays, keeping track and scheduling new reservations is way easier with online booking software. We know that new technology always sounds scary, but this type of software actually exists to make your life easier and facilitate reservations and bookings for your customers. It is perfect for hotels or any other business in the hospitality industry, salons, therapists, tour businesses and, of course, restaurants.

With an online reservation software, your customers are able to see on your website the time slots you have available and make a reservation. They can do payments in advance or leave a deposit, and cancel the appointment if needed. From your side as a business owner, you will be able to manage the reservations and your calendar, accept payments or make refunds. From all the options available out there, we curated the 10 best online booking software that could make your business thrive.

Best 10 Online Booking Software for Small Business


  • Key features: FareHarbor is a highly ranked reservation software. It is easy to use and to read thanks to the dashboard that shows the calendar with the bookings and all the information you need from your clients. You can accept payments and communicate with your customers about their reservation via SMS or email. Tickets and receipts can be easily printed for check-in, and the best part is, you can do all of it on-the-go with their mobile app.
  • Best for: Tour and tourism activities.
  • Price: Contact one of its executives to discuss the pricing of FareHarbor.
  • Free version: But you can get a demo under request on their website.

  • Key features: Besides the usual booking online and sending SMS and emails to your customers, allows you to customize your booking page to your brand, synchronize the calendar with your calendars on Google or Outlook, and create promotions. From the customer side, they will be able to book anywhere, write reviews, and easily cancel their bookings.
  • Best for: Classes, events, memberships. Pretty much any type of service business.
  • Price: From $9.90 to $59.90, take a look at their pricing plan on their website.
  • Free version: Yes! And you can try their premium version for 14 days without cost.


  • Key features: Shedul is perfect if you’re just starting your business and want to start shifting into digital technology to manage your appointments. This booking software is easy to use and intuitive: your customers can make reservations no matter where they are, automated reminders will be sent via SMS or email, and all the activity will be easy to track through the live dashboard. If you want to sell your products ahead, Shedul has a point of sales feature as well.
  • Best for: Salons and spa reservations.
  • Price: Free for everyone!


  • Key features: One of the most complete booking software out there. Besides managing your bookings, Checkfront lets you process payments instantly, automate billing & invoices, use vouchers, manage availability, create sales reports and dig deep into your customer analytics. It gets even better! It has over 50 integrations and you can do things like accepting bookings through Facebook.
  • Best for: Tours, Activities, Rentals, Accommodation and Adventure parks type of business.
  • Price: Starting at $49, choose the plan that best fits your business on their website.
  • Free version: 21-day free trial.


  • Key features: Square offers a wide range of business services, but you can also use only their booking services. Square allows online booking 24/7, a cloud-based calendar that can also be sync to your own calendar, a point of sale, and a customer management tool. Square is popular for its user-friendliness and amazing mobile app that will allow you to manage your bookings on the go.
  • Best for: Booking for all sorts of services.
  • Price: From $50 to $90 per month. Take a look at all the details on their website.
  • Free version: Yes, free for individuals, and 30-day free trial for teams.


  • Key features: Bookeo is the perfect solution for different types of business. Depending on your industry, it allows your customers to book online and for you to manage it easily from your computer or your mobile. The best part about Bookeo is that it easily connects with other applications such as WordPress, Wix, MailChimp, PayPal and more. Grow your business with its integrated marketing tools and business analytics, so you know where you need to focus your efforts.
  • Best for: Appointments, classes and courses, tours and activities.
  • Price: Bookeo Appointments from $14.95 to $79.95. Bookeo Classes & Courses and Bookeo Tours & Activities from $39.95 to $119.95. Check Bookeo’s website for more information about pricing and plans.
  • Free version: 30-day free trial.


  • Key features: This booking software allows your customers to book online through your customizable scheduling webpage, and you will be able to see it all in real time. With BookSteam you can accept online payments, sell products and even allow your customers to use gift cards. And that’s not all, manage your customer contacts and their bookings and generate invoices for them easily.
  • Best for: Booking a wide range of services.
  • Price: From $19.95 to $69.95 per month, check out their website for more information.
  • Free version: 14-day free trial.


  • Key features: Cloudbeds is perfect if you’re renting a property: it allows you to easily manage your bookings. Managing properties from different channels can get messy; for example, if you use, Airbnb, etc. Cloudbeds will help you by centralizing all the information in one channel where you can see everything that is going on real time through the dashboard. You can create reports and even manage the housekeeping, just to mention a few of the multiple features this booking software has.
  • Best for: Property rental.
  • Price: Varies depending on the type of property and number of rooms. For more information, visit their website.
  • Free version: Demo upon request.


  • Key features: OpenTable is one of the most popular reservation software in the market, though the prices are a bit high, it is a worthy investment if your restaurant is growing rapidly. OpenTable basically allows your customer to book a table at your restaurant, but it has countless features. These are the main ones: reservation and waitlist management, shift planning, point of sale integration, owner app, works without wifi, and customer insights.
  • Best for: Restaurant reservations.
  • Price: Connect plan is $0 per month + $2.50 cover. Guest Center Plan is $245 per month + $1 per seated online cover.
  • Free version:


  • Key features: ResNexus is a premium booking service that like others, lets you see your customers’ bookings in real time and manage them with a range of advanced tools. They also have first class customer service that you can reach via telephone. ResNexus offers automated marketing emails to confirm and remind your customers of their bookings, and the experience they will have within your website will be unique and user-friendly.
  • Best for: Property rental.
  • Price: From $3 to $16 per room, average monthly price. Take a look at all the details on their website.
  • Free version: No.

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