Their Journey, In Their Own Words

Celso made renovations in his restaurant, added a dance hall and thus increased his sales

“Camino Financial has the answer and knows how to help the small and medium businesses.”

Celso Hernández

Los Angeles, California

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Guadalupe hired more employees and bought new trucks

“I used the loan as working capital. That way I can pay my suppliers while I wait to be paid by my clients.”

Guadalupe Salvador

Los Angeles, CA

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Milagro increased her sales by 50%

“Thanks to the loan I bought more inventory. By having more variety of products, my sales increased significantly.”

Milagro Cardona

Los Angeles, CA

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Juan needed capital to purchase raw materials to make and sell more food trucks.

“I used the loan to buy raw material and wholesale inventory to save money. But also, I used the loan funds to finance my own clients, who can not buy a food truck in a single payment and only leave a small deposit.”

Juan Ocampo

Santa Ana, CA

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Ángel invested his loan in new equipment and certifications to win supplier contracts.

“The equipment acquired thanks to the loan allowed me to accept more jobs and work faster. In addition, I’ve been able to pay for courses to get certified for my work. Both investments helped me grow my business.”

Ángel Rojas

Long Beach, CA

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Leticia’s business operating income increased by 49%

“This loan has helped me diversify and grow my business. My customers are now more satisfied, and that’s the most important thing for me.”

Leticia Michel

Boyle Heights, CA

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The Reynoso’s reduced their annual interest rate by 8.75 points in their second loan

“The loan we received from Camino Financial helped us not only to update our machines and thus generate more profit, but also to pay off our personal credit cards.”

Rafael & Maria Reynoso

Los Angeles, CA

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Mireyes grew by 88% Year over Year

“I can’t believe what a difference investing capital made in my business. I didn’t realize I was going to benefit as much as I have. Camino Financial gave me the funds to take my business to the next level, and my personal life has improved.”

Baldemar Ramirez

El Monte, California

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Oscar increased his credit score by 50 points

“It’s amazing how the new equipment the efficiency and allowed us to handle a higher volume of clients. I can provide my customers with better services, and my employees are working more comfortably. I’m working hard to take the business further.”

Oscar Lopez

San Francisco, California

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