The Solopreneur Loan: An Alternative for Smaller Businesses

At Camino Financial, we are always looking for more ways to help the small business community grow and prosper. That’s why we created a new financial product: the Solopreneur loan.

This brand new loan allows us to fund immigrants and underserved solopreneurs:

✔️ ITIN or SSN

✔️ Applicants with no credit history

✔️ Self-employed, contractor (1099), or W2 income

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about the Solopreneur loan and how to apply.

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The Newest Member of the Camino Financial Family: the Solopreneur Loan

This is a term loan designed for Solopreneurs who need cash to start or grow their micro-business. 

What are Solopreneurs?
They are sole proprietors, self-employed professionals, independent contractors (1099), or sidepreneurs seeking financial independence.

Initial Loan Terms
Loan size range$1,500 to $7,500
Loan terms12 to 36 months
Payment frequencyMonthly
Type of rateFixed
APR*33% to 35%

*The APR (Annual Percentage Rate) includes the interest rate and the closing fee expressed as a yearly rate.

What Do You Need to Apply?

Because we want to see you achieve financial independence, we offer minimal requirements. To apply, you need:

👉🏼 ITIN or SSN

👉🏼 At least $1,500 in monthly income

👉🏼 A bank account (active for at least 6 months)

👉🏼 Current with outstanding debt

And that’s it!

After 8 timely payments, we can offer you more cash at better terms

3 Simple Steps to Get a Solopreneur Loan

3 steps to get the solopreneur loan

  1. Complete an online application in less than 5 minutes
  2. Securely link your bank account(s), so we can verify your income
  3. Upload a “selfie” and ID to verify your identity 

And that’s it! 

Our process is truly the epitome of simplicity.

Why Choose Camino Financial?

At Camino, we believe that everyone should get the cash they need, no matter where they come from or what their situation is. That’s why we created a process that fits you and your needs:

💰 If you don’t have an SSN, don’t worry!

💰 You do not need to have a previous credit history

💰 Our process is instant: you’ll get a credit decision on-the-spot

💰 We’ll deposit the cash within just 2 days!

💰 We don’t require you to pledge collateral

Our Solopreneur loan is exactly what you were looking for. The best part is that you will get much more bang for your buck if you apply with Camino.

Our Amazing Benefits

Getting a Camino loan is an experience that you’ll never forget because we’ll treat you like family.

These are the benefits we offer:

👉🏼 Simple and paperless online application 

👉🏼 Personal assistance in Spanish and English 

👉🏼 The application process is 100% secure

👉🏼 Applying with us won’t hurt your credit score

👉🏼 There are no prepayment penalties

👉🏼 We offer flexible use of proceeds

👉🏼 And much more!

You won’t find these advantages with any other lender!

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Camino Financial Will Help You Succeed

Our microloans and business loans have helped thousands of business owners across the US build a stronger and brighter future. 

But we realized that we could accomplish more: entrepreneurs wanting to start a business and the smallest companies also need financial help.

That’s why we created the Solopreneur loan. We don’t leave any businesses behind!

Get the capital you need with a lender that cares about you.

Apply today!

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Learn More About Camino Financial 

At Camino Financial, we are the first AI-powered Community Development Financial Institution (“neo-CDFI”) expanding access to credit for underserved Latinx entrepreneurs in the U.S. We are uniquely positioned to offer affordable loans as we combine our proprietary AI technology with access to CDFI designated low-cost capital and resources.