Most common tax deductions for business owners

[:en]Common Tax Deductions for Business Owners[:es]Deducibles de impuestos más comunes para pequeñas empresas [:]

[:en]Paying taxes is probably everyone's least-favorite annual event. What business owners do like is using all the legitimate business tax ...

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Is it a good idea to use your 401(k) for your business?

[:en]Should You Use Your 401(k) to Invest in Your Business?[:es]¿Es buena idea usar tu 401(k) para invertir en tu negocio?[:]

[:en]Entrepreneurs often need extra cash, and approaching a lender could seem to be a logical step. However, if you have ...

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What's the difference between a DBA and a business license?

[:en]What is the Difference Between DBA and a Business License?[:es]¿Qué diferencia hay entre DBA y licencia comercial?[:]

[:en]Starting a small business takes more than a good idea and a lot of drive. Any business is required to ...

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101 on Marketing for Small Business

[:en]Marketing 101 for Small Business[:es]Conceptos básicos de marketing para pequeñas empresas [:]

[:en]Marketing for small business can do wonders - it can help you increase your revenue, reach new customers, develop strong ...

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Where to file taxes for your small business

[:en]Where to File Taxes for Your Small Business[:es]Dónde ir para declarar los impuestos de tu pequeña empresa[:]

[:en]If this is your first year as a small business owner, you may be wondering “Where to file taxes for ...

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