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Creative Advertising Ideas For Your Small Business

Have you ever wondered why people focus so heavily on creative advertising in this day and age? That’s because it’s one of the most important things you can do for your business. Think about this for a moment. Can you remember the last commercial you watched? Likely not. But you probably remember the last commercial that stood out to you because it appealed to you in some way, whether socially, culturally, or because of its use of humor. That’s creative advertising. It sticks to its target audience and it’s not easily forgotten. That’s what we want to teach you to achieve for your business.

10 Creative Advertising Ideas You Can Use for Your Business

1. Unforgettable business cards

Have you ever been handed a business card that was more of an experience than a business card? We mean one that you fully interacted with or used in an alternative way because of the texture, design or shape. Sometimes when we think of advertising, we wrongly assume we have to invest thousands of dollars in a big campaign, but simple things like enhancing your business card design can be one of the best creative advertising techniques you can use starting today.


2. Eye-catching infographics

A great way to appeal to consumers is to provide them with useful information. If you own a coffee shop, make a DIY infographic of coffee beans or types of brew. Be sure to include your company logo in there. As people spread the information on social media, you want to ensure they know its origin so they can visit your shop in person or online. Check this example that could easily be used for a restaurant:


“Soup to help alleviate a cold”. Source:

3. Unique social media ads

Instagram and Facebook ads offer some of the best options to reach your audience. We recommend you to invest constantly some of your time in social media advertisement campaigns. Why? Some figures speak for themselves: there are 1.59 billion active users on Facebook, and this is one of the platforms consumers use more actively to choose their brands, products, and shops.

4. Street art

Is your business located in a highly trafficked area or a large shopping center? Have you tried creating street art or sidewalk stamps with your business logo? You can partner with a local artist who can create an “instagrammable” sidewalk art display that people will interact with on social media and that relates to your business. Something like the below:


If you find this idea appealing, remember to check first with your local authorities. You may need some permit to make sure you are not breaking the law! 

5. Car decals

Another very simple creative advertising idea is car decals if your company uses vehicles to deliver services or products. Don’t limit yourself to display your business name or logo. Think outside the box to create a unique design that is tied to your brand and catches the eye of other drivers. You don’t need to cover your whole vehicle either or spend hundreds of dollars: take a look at the example below, that can be created for less than $100 and still generate a big buzz:


6. Partnering with local influencers

Offer products or services to local influencers in exchange for advertising your brand on social media. Do a quick search on the internet to find the key people: influencers in your city or community that people follow constantly on social media. These influencers have the ability to attract a large audience and can turn potential customers into loyal ones. People trust them because the content they share (videos or images) does not try hard to sell a product, but presents it honestly and in a real context.

7. An extra swag

Let others advertise you by giving away brand swag, in other words, something that people will use, remember and identify with your brand. A notebook or pen you’re your company’s name on it won’t suffice. What customers now seek is inspiration and motivation in whatever form. So instead of pasting your logo on a notebook and calling it a day, think about something unique and useful your customers will love to use. Then, plug your logo or tagline somewhere in a smaller area. Your customers will use this object and think of your company. The Glossier makeup and skincare brand does this well by including in their packaging a recycled makeup bag along with creative stickers:

Another brand that used this technique wisely is Dollar Shave Club. They started as a small company selling razor blades via mail, and within 6 years they managed to reach a valuation of a billion dollars. Their secret? They combined a unique and simple business model with creative advertising. Dollar Shave Club members are treated with a stylishly-presented package every month: although the contents are simple and inexpensive, they give the customers a pleasant experience that they look forward to with every delivery. Another creative advertising technique this company used in their early stages was a series of funny YouTube ads that went viral. This brings us to the next point.

8. Unique videos

One of the best ways to promote your business is with content. While traditional advertising gets prospects interested in the brand, creative and high-quality content gets them to stay. In your videos, you can teach people how to do something related to your industry, or you can create something fun, unexpected and entertaining. You never know when one of these videos might go viral!

9. Events that make a difference

Instead of attending business events, go the extra mile and be the one organizing one in your own business. It may require additional effort, but it’s well worth it. Think of offering a workshop or organizing a small festival at your establishment. Do you run a donut shop? During National Donut Day (at the beginning of June), organize a workshop where guests can decorate their own donuts. Are you looking for something more educational? Offer a talk about healthier alternatives to sugar, such as agave, which you may use in your business. Those customers you attract that day are likely to return to your business.

10. Business awards

This is a creative advertising technique that not many business owners consider. There are loads of awards for any industry, whether it be small businesses, Hispanic-owned businesses, young entrepreneurs, etc. Do your research –simply consult with your local Chamber of Commerce, and consider which award could your company be nominated to. Then, submit your nomination. Even if you don’t win, your company mission and brand will still be out there for people to learn from.

Last Words on Creative Advertising

You might be thinking what are the benefits of implementing these creative advertising techniques? For one, these techniques attract an entirely new customer base. They also remind customers that your brand is not just about selling a product or service, but that there’s an experience to your brand that extends beyond trying to “sell” something. This will set your company apart and will position your brand over your competitors.

Lastly but not least, never be afraid to invest in your business especially when it comes to advertising and marketing. The 10 ideas we shared here don’t need a huge budget, but some extra capital does help! Remember that advertising and marketing are your primary sales funnel, in other words, the tools that can convert your potential customers into loyal ones. We encourage you to invest in your business wisely, and a first step should be calculating how much you need, what the loan cost will be, and how much you will pay every month towards the loan. If you need help with these numbers, simply use Camino Financial business loan calculator and arrive at the figures that make sense to you.

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