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Why Does Your Small Business Need Content Marketing?

If you are exploring the best ways to grow your business, you will find content marketing fascinating. This specific marketing technique allows you to create, publish and share relevant and valuable digital (online) content for your users, customers, and potential followers so that they know your brand, feel attracted to it, and you can generate empathy and connection. Best of all, content marketing helps you deliver consistent and valuable information for very little or no investment. Let’s know more!  

What is content marketing?

We can define content marketing as the set of strategies aimed to create and distributing relevant and valuable content online in order to attract, acquire and generate the interest of a specific audience, so they ultimately become our customers.

Unlike traditional marketing (which simply sends a message to people without waiting for an answer), content marketing goes beyond since it generates stories and promotes conversations.

Your company’s social media are the ideal platform to share these stories and conversations, publications, images and small messages that represent your brand.

Steps to start using content marketing in your small business

These are the three basic steps to launch a content marketing strategy:

  1. Define the type of person you want to address (your target audience): age, gender, location, likes and dislikes, interests, etc.
  2. Identify what you want to communicate to your target audience: information about your company, brand, service, product… Are you going to teach them something? Is your audience going to learn something? How can your company help them? How can we meet a certain need?
  3. Select the channels or platforms, and program the contents in different formats:
  • Channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, or a post on a blog creation platform like WordPress.
  • Formats:
    • Images
    • Videos: guides, tutorials, reviews
    • Podcasts
    • Infographics
    • eBooks
    • Presentations
    • Newsletters
    • Webinars
      1. Posts

    An important point regarding the selection of channels or platforms: choose only those that you can manage and keep updated, as it is almost impossible to produce and develop content in all of them. It is recommendable to select between 3 and 5 platforms. And always keep in mind the 3Cs of digital customer satisfaction: Consistency, Consistency, Consistency!

    Is content marketing really effective for small businesses?

    Yes, it is: content marketing is a true ally for small businesses. Consider the following data:

    • Content marketing costs 62% less than traditional marketing but generates 3 times more leads.
    • 68% of people spend time reading about brands that interest them in social media.
    • 80% of people appreciate learning about a brand.
    • 60% of people are motivated to look for a product or service once they have read content about it.
    • 70% of people prefer to learn about a company through articles or posts on social media.
    • 70% of consumers feel closer to a brand when they interact with the content marketing it generates.
      * Source: com

    Content marketing allows you to generate conversations and connect emotionally with your audience

    Why should you use content marketing for your small business?

    If you’re still wondering why it’s important for your small business to use content marketing, here are ten good reasons to do so:

    1. It reduces advertising costs, as content marketing is cheaper, as well as more efficient and easy to measure than traditional marketing.
    2. It promotes two-way communication. For example, a hairdresser can create content about haircuts and hair trends for this year, and in turn, users can ask questions about price, business hours, distance, advice on looks, colors, styles, etc. Our small business can answer questions and suggestions in real-time. Great, right?
    3. Your company can generate trustful and valuable content, creating emotional connections and promoting better communication.
    4. It provides visibility to your brand and creates an online presence. Nowadays, if we are not online, it’s as if we didn’t exist.
    5. It allows your business to be projected in different geographical areas, through time and space.
    6. It can differentiate your business from other companies in the same industry or area. It allows you to communicate in a simple way what makes your company unique and special.
    7. It adds personality and professionalism to your brand.
    8. It promotes traffic to your company’s accounts, creating a community around your product or service.
    9. It is an excellent way to attend customers.
    10. It is quite fun to plan what your brand will communicate.

    Additional tips for using content marketing in your small business

    Here are some simple tips to generate content marketing:

    • Standardize your small business username on all the channels you are going to use. For example @LuciasBarberShop on Twitter, @LuciasBarberShop on Instragam, or on Blogger. This way it will be much easier to create brand positioning.
    • Know your target audience. Just as we define age, gender, and location of our target audience, it is also important to consider their likes and dislikes, interests, what do their routines look like and how they usually use our service or product. It is important to create content that is outstanding and interesting for our audience.
    • Use a calendar to schedule and monitor posts. This way you will always have in mind important dates, holidays, etc. This will also help you balance the topics that you will talk about.
    • Use the Answer the Public This tool is very simple to implement and will give you many content ideas that you can use. You just have to enter the keyword you want to use and the tool will suggest questions associated with the topic. For example, by entering the keyword “barbershop”, Answer the Public will generate questions like these: What is a traditional barbershop? What barbershop is open today? Is there any barbershop nearby?

    Content marketing is a strategical ally for your business. It’s very easy to use, and mostly free. You can be sure you will enjoy creating information, images, and small videos to communicate your brand’s value to your consumers and new users. Do you want more marketing ideas for your company but have a shoestring budget? Find here 30 low-cos marketing ideas for small business.


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