Camino financial relationship and client manager. Why Camino Financial customers are happy to work with us?
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Why Camino Financial customers are happy to work with us?

Being an entrepreneur is no small feat, it has its daily ups and downs. But overall, the satisfaction one gets when working for oneself is unparalleled. However, there are times when cash-flow is scarce and it’s increasingly difficult to make ends meet. We want you to know you’re not in this alone.

At Camino Financial, our clients are more than just clients. They represent the grit, dedication and hard work it takes to be a business owner, especially as a minority. We are proud to help and support small businesses dream, grow and thrive while staying true to our motto: never leave a small business behind.  

We have built incredible relationships that have helped our clients thrive in difficult moments, moments when a small business loan is all they needed to keep their businesses afloat.  

Our clients are not numbers, they are members

We know first-hand what it feels like to lose a business due to lack of funding. Our CEO and COO, Sean and Kenny Salas, have spoken openly about why they decided to launch Camino Financial. It grew out of a desire to never leave a small business behind after witnessing their mom lose her business after 25 years.

We won’t treat you like just a client or a number, you’ll be a member, you’ll be part of the Camino Financial family. We’ll help you find the loan that will meet all your needs to make sure your business thrives.

Camino Financial Builds Relationships

We thought this would be a great opportunity to share with you just how strong our relationships with our clients are.

We have interviewed Yvette Salas, our Relationship and Client Manager, who has consistent contact with our members to assist them with their small business funding needs.

Question: How long have you been working with Camino Financial?

👩‍💼Answer: I’ve been on this journey to bring Camino to our Community since its inception.

When I was asked to join, I never asked how much I would get paid. I didn’t even know what role I would take on in the company. All I knew was that I was going to be part of a cause that was much greater than myself, something that’d bring a greater good to a greater community.

: During all this time, I assume you must have had contact with tons of entrepreneurs?

👩‍💼: “Tons” explains it very well. Yes, we’ve had the ability to reach a massive audience. On average Camino reaches thousands of entrepreneurs every day.

I consider myself one of the luckiest on my team because as Relationship and Client Manager I am tasked to nurture all of our relationships by staying in touch with our members and connecting with them on an ongoing basis.

I speak to approximately 175-200 entrepreneurs a month and my goal is to connect with them at least 2-3 times a year.

Over time, this builds the rapport needed so that our members share with us how we can continue to support their businesses and help them reach their financial goals quicker by having a trusted lender on their side. We truly are with them on their business journey (their entrepreneurial CAMINO).

: What are the problems that you usually help our members with?

👩‍💼: I like to think of them more as challenges, rather than problems.

I would say the biggest challenge our members face is staying in front of their cash-flow to ensure they have an ample amount of working capital on their books to handle all types of working capital needs.

I’m running scenarios and crunching numbers with our members all day long in order to help them plan and identify how Camino can help them finance their capital needs.

: Do you think Camino Financial helps its members beyond what a lending company usually does?

👩‍💼:  I don’t think we offer a unique lending experience, I know we do.

Rather than trying to compete with other lenders, Camino Financial saw a huge unmet need in the small business lending market, first-and-foremost, amongst Latino Small Businesses in the U.S. Coming into this market we knew that there was no online lender in the market that was betting on Latino Small Business Owners (LSBO) like we were.  

We offer a unique Spanish speaking online lending experience and have built our content, technology, and underwriting models with them in mind.

In addition to being uniquely positioned to serve LSBOs, we offer excellent service and grow long-lasting relationships with all of our members. Though we have a niche in serving Latino Small Businesses, we attract thousands of non-Spanish speaking members.

Our members stay with us, renew their loans, and refer us to their friends, family, and other small business owners.  

We are beating hard at our craft every day and reiterating our loan programs and underwriting guidelines so that we can offer small business owners in the U.S. an affordable and accessible alternative loan option while holding our standards extremely high to ensure we are delivering an amazing user and customer experience when they do business with us.

: Is there a member you had contact with whose success story you find inspiring?

👩‍💼: Yes. There’s more than just one success story that has inspired me. I’m actually inspired by all of them. They are all so different and very special in their own way.  There is not one single entrepreneurial story one cannot learn and grow from.

One member’s success story that continues to inspire me is Oscar Lopez from Deli 23 in San Francisco.

He had purchased an existing business, so he needed a loan to help pay off the previous owner.

It’s really cool how Oscar discovered this business opportunity. He used to buy his lunch at this Deli several times a week. He saw so much potential in the place that he told himself “One day this Deli will be mine.”

To his surprise, one day the owner offered him a job. Oscar decided to take it to learn more about the business. Soon after he started working there, he overheard the owner talking about selling the business.

Oscar quickly told the owner he was interested. He had saved some money and made the owner an offer and purchased it.

From dream to real business!  

Oscar contacted Camino Financial when he had just opened his business. At that time he hadn’t been in business enough time to pre-qualify for our business loan (he had only been in operations for about 2-3 months and we require at least 9 months in operations to pre-qualify). But we kept in touch and soon after his 9th month he applied and got his first loan with us.

He later took some more capital to replace some equipment and to renovate the location. Oscar was making sure Deli 23 would live up to its potential. He made sure his employees were working with new and efficient tools so that they could do their job better, and provide faster and better service to the customers.

Every time I’ve spoken with Oscar and taken a pulse on his business he is always thinking of ways how he can improve his operations, create more jobs in his community, improve employee morale, and make his customers happy.

Not only have I witnessed him grow into such an inspiring business owner, but his business has grown in revenues and I’ve seen him financially become a stronger borrower.  

Oscar is a go-getter. Like any entrepreneur, he saw an opportunity, he trusted his gut and went for it!

: Would you say your job is exciting?

👩‍💼: Small businesses bring growth, innovation, they create jobs, and stimulate economic growth in the communities in which they are located, which is very exciting!

But even more exciting is to see how business owners use this capital to grow, expand and sustain their business. 

: And is it fulfilling?

👩‍💼: Extremely fulfilling.

Camino Financial is in a position to empower small business owners every day by providing them access to a scarce and valuable resource: business capital. I love helping business owners feel empowered and grow.

: Why do you think our members are happy to work with us?

👩‍💼: On top of getting treated really well and gaining access to affordable and accessible business capital, our members are just as excited as we are when they get close to us and see how passionate we are about helping them succeed in business and helping them think and dream big.

They can tell we really care because the success of our existing members makes us very proud, and we also share with our members business resources to help them better administer and operate their business.

We send them content on the newest business trends and provide them with ideas on how they can innovate and stay relevant in their business.  

We are in this together, “Juntos Adelante.”

: What would you say to a potential customer that is unsure to take a loan with us?

👩‍💼: I would tell them to get to know us first.

Check us out online, read our Facebook reviews, go through our website, our resource center, and read our member success stories.

If you are still skeptical you can always call us, everyone on our team will be happy to hear from you, answer your questions, and address any concerns you have.

I’m also a Big Fan of Numbers. You need to run your numbers. I tell all my existing and new members to run their math themselves to ensure they are ready to get a loan. You always want to know the ROI (return on investment) before you borrow, so they need to ask themselves: “Will the money I borrow earn more money than it costs.”

Become a Camino Financial Member

If you’re interested in growing and strengthening your business with a group of seasoned professionals who can provide long-term resources in addition to capital, be sure to apply for a business loan.

There are plenty of benefits to applying for a Camino Financial local including receiving funding within 3-10 days, simple and easy online approval, and our adept skill set in helping minority small business owner receive funding. Apply for a business loan today and start growing your business.

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