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When is my state reopening after coronavirus?

Good news! Little by little, life is coming back to what we knew as “normal” at the beginning of the year. Want to know when will be the reopening after coronavirus, even if your business it’s a non-essential one, according to the state you live in?

Check the following table and mark the day in your calendar with a smiley face!

Note: according to official information, all states will be partially reopened by May 20. Even so, business owners and customers still need to keep comprehensive restrictions such as wearing a mask and maintaining social distancing to avoid contagion.

Update: June 1 (This article will be updated as new information on reopening becomes available).

List of Reopening and Lockdown States with date

State Businesses allowed to open, with comprehensive restrictions Target date for reopening Stay-at-home policy validity
Alabama Retail stores with limited occupancy. Beaches, gyms, bars and breweries, salons. Since April 1 April 30
Alaska All businesses. Bars and restaurants with reservations only and reduced capacity. First phase since April 24. Second phase since May 8. Expired
Arizona Retail stores with curbside service. Elective medical procedures. Non-essential businesses are limited to minimum operations. Dine-out only for bars and restaurants. Barbershops, salons, pools, gyms, spas and casinos. First phase since May 1. Second phase since May 15. May 15
Arkansas Elective surgeries. Some retail, like gyms, barbershops, nail and hair salons. Restaurant dining, campgrounds, theaters, stadiums, museums, bowling alleys, casinos. Since May 4. Second phase since May 11. Didn’t have
California Regional reopening. Retail stores. with pickup and door-side service. Some outdoor recreational areas like golf courses and a few trails. Beaches, public parks and outdoor spaces. Pet grooming. Restaurants, barbershops, salons. Manufacturing, warehouses, offices. Starting May 12 Indefinite
Salons and personal services, retail stores, offices, manufacturing, campgrounds, restaurants dining. No gyms or movie theaters.
First phase since May 4. Second phase since May 20. April 26
Connecticut Outdoor dining spaces, offices, retail stores and malls, museums, zoos and offices, beaches. Inicial reopening started May 20
Farmers markets, restaurants, bars and breweries, beaches, pools, gyms, retail stores, malls, museums, libraries, galleries, live performances, casinos, barber shops, hair salons, tanning salons.
Most businesses in June 1 May 15
District of Columbia Educational and academic retail shops and libraries for curbside pickup. Restaurants open for outdoor dining, dog parks, golf courses, tennis courts, parks, barbershops, hair salons Some businesses in May 29 May 29
Florida Retailers restaurants, malls, libraries and gyms with reduced capacity, as well as elective surgeries. Beaches for “essential activities” in parts of the state. Sporting venues. Barbershops, as long as they abide by certain safety protocols. Since May 4 April 30
Georgia Restaurants at limited capacity, gyms, hair salons, barbershops, bowling alleys, social clubs and theaters, as well as elective surgeries. Bars and nightclubs. Since April 24 April 30
Hawaii Beaches open for exercise, docks and piers, state parks, golf courses and florists, retail stores and pet groomers. In some areas: 

pools, waterparks, campgrounds, gyms, salons, barbershops, nail salons, tattoo parlors, construction, restaurant dining.
Since May 7 May 31
Idaho Churches and daycares; shops like hair salons, restaurants, gyms, pools and waterparks, bars, movie theaters. Since May 16 April 30
Illinois Regional reopening. Broader reopening is scheduled for much of the state on May 29. Chicago is expected to move into phase three with the rest of the state on June 3. Starting May 1 May 29
Indiana Dentists, greenhouses, pet groomers. Retail and commercial businesses, like libraries, may reopen at 50% capacity. Personal services such as hair and nail salons, spas, barber shops and tattoo parlors can open by appointment only. Manufacturing, offices and houses of worship. Restaurant dining. Gyms and fitness centers, pools, playgrounds, tennis and basketball courts, campgrounds and movie theaters. First phase since May 1. Second phase since May 11. April 30
Iowa Elective surgeries, churches, restaurants, and stores. Libraries, campgrounds, gyms, medical spas, tanning salons, salons, barbershops, tattoo parlors, retail stores and malls. Since May 1 April 30
Kansas Some retail businesses, daycares, libraries. Casinos, gyms, bars, salons, barbershops and tattoo parlors. Restaurant dining, houses of worship, offices. Community centers, sports facilities, museums, theaters and bowling alleys. May 3 for phase one. May 18 for phase two. May 3
Kentucky Non-essential medical services. Manufacturing, pet services, and professional services at limited capacity. Churches, retail, construction, offices. Restaurant dining, salons, barbershops, tattoo parlors, gyms and aquatic centers. First phase on April 27.  Indefinite
Louisiana Restaurants at malls can offer pickup. Bars with food licenses. Gyms, state parks, malls, movie theaters, certain museums, zoos and aquariums. Casinos, salons and barbershops. Since May 15 May 15
Hair salons, barbershops, pet groomers. State parks, boating, golf courses, remote campgrounds, hunting and fishing, private campgrounds, RV parks, restaurants, retail stores, houses of worship.
Four gradual stages of reopening began on May 1. May 31
Maryland Golf courses, outdoor shooting ranges, marinas, campgrounds; Beaches; Outdoor pools and day camps. Retail stores. Manufacturing, houses of worship. Hair salons, barbershops. Restaurants open for outdoor dining; Outdoor service at breweries, wineries, and distilleries Since May 15 May 15
Massachusetts Groceries must reserve an hour in the morning for older customers. Restaurants and bars, only dine-out. Manufacturing facilities, construction sites and places of worship. Golf courses, houses of worship. Reopening soon: retail for curbside pickup, hair salons, barbershops, pet grooming, offices, beaches, parks, fishing, hunting and boating. Entered the first phase of reopening plan May 18
Michigan Regional reopening. Activities like boating and golfing. Retail stores open to curbside pickup, construction, real estate and manufacturing, veterinary services. Retail, restaurants, bars, offices in certain counties. Since May 15 June 12
Manufacturing, offices, retail stores, malls, houses of worship, restaurants and bars for outdoor service, salons, barbershops, tattoo parlors, campgrounds.
Since May 18 May 17
Mississippi All businesses can reopen in June 1. Since May 11 April 27
Missouri All businesses. Retailers must restrict occupancy. Since May 4 May 3
Montana Bars, restaurants, casinos, churches, retail businesses. Salons, barbershops, massage parlors, gyms, museums, concert venues and movie theaters. Since April 26 April 24
Nebraska Regional reopening. Restaurants can resume dine-in service, though not bars or buffets. Churches, daycares, and salons, barbershops and tattoo parlors in certain areas. Houses of worship. Since May 4 Didn’t have
Golf courses, pickleball, tennis courts; State parks; Gyms; Pools and waterparks. Retail stores, malls. Restaurants, bars. Barbershops, hair salons and nail salons; cosmetology and skin services; massage therapy; tattoo and piercing shops. Museums, art galleries, zoos and aquariums, movie theaters, bowling alleys, outdoor attractions, houses of worship. Reopening soon: gaming.
Since May 1 May 9
New Hampshire Barbershops, hair salons and state parks. Retail shops at reduced capacity. Restaurants with outdoor seating options. Golf courses, outdoor attractions. Since May 18 May 31
New Jersey State parks and golf courses, golf driving and shooting ranges, tennis clubs, and community gardens, beaches. Construction, retail stores with curbside pickup. Since May 2 Indefinite
New Mexico Regional reopening. State parks, golf courses, boating, pet grooming and boarding, veterinary services, retail stores and offices at 25% capacity. Houses of worship. Since May 15 May 31
New York Regional reopening. Non-essential businesses limited to minimum operations. Beaches. Construction, manufacturing, agriculture, forestry, fishing, beaches, offices, hair salons, barbershops, retail stores to pickup in some regions.
Limited reopenings  starting May 15 May 28
North Carolina
Retail stores, restaurant dining, salons, barbershops, tattoo parlors, pools.
May 8 May 22
North Dakota Gyms, restaurants, bars, hair salons, tattoo parlors, massages, fitness centers, gyms, sports venues, music and entertainment venues and movie theaters.  Since May 1 Didn’t have
Ohio Dental, health, and vet care, except for overnight hospital stays. Elective surgeries. Manufacturing, construction, offices. Retail stores, restaurants and bars open for outdoor dining. Salons, barbershops. Restaurants and bars, campgrounds, gyms, pools, and sports leagues. Bowling alleys, miniature golf and batting cages. Since May 1 May 29
Oklahoma Elective surgeries, nature parks, zoos, pet groomers, spas, tanning salons, salons, barbershops, tattoo parlors. State parks, gyms, restaurant dining, bars, movie theaters, sports venues, museums, nightclubs, houses of worship and offices. First phase since April 24. Second phase since May 1. May 6
Oregon Regional reopening. Some state parks, outdoor recreation facilities, gyms, salons, barbershops and restaurants in some counties. Retail stores. Since May 15 Indefinite
Pennsylvania Regional reopening. Lots of outdoor activities. Retail stores, restaurants and bars, hair salons, barbershops, casinos, malls and theathers in some countries. Reopen in phases and different timelines for different regions of the state. June 4
Rhode Island Non-critical retail stores with capacity restrictions, and offices on a limited basis. State parks, hair salons and barbershops. restaurants for outdoor dining. Reopen on an industry by industry basis, in phases. May 8
South Carolina Retail stores, including department stores and bookstores. Non-essential businesses with limited capacity. Bars/restaurants only with dine-out. Outdoor restaurant seating is permitted with restrictions. Beaches, piers and docks, gyms, pools, salons, barbershops and tattoo parlors. Since April 21 May 8, but the state remains in a state of emergency.
South Dakota Restaurants, bars, health clubs, entertainment venues and other places promoting public gatherings with restricting occupancy. Locally mandated closures and restrictions may still apply. Not defined Didn’t have
Tennessee Regional reopening. State parks, gyms, restaurant dining, retail stores, salons and barbershops in most counties. Reopening soon: theaters, museums, amusement parks. Since April 24 April 30
Texas State parks, retail stores, movie theaters, malls, salons, and restaurants for dine-in service at 50% capacity by the end of the week. Pools, gyms, museums, libraries, barbershops, massage and personal care, offices and manufacturing. Reopening soon: bars, bowling alleys, bingo halls, skating rinks, rodeos, aquariums, child care centers. Since May 1 April 30
Utah Gyms, salons, daycares, in-restaurant dining, travel, elective surgeries. Since May 1 May 1
Vermont Some industries, manufacturing, construction, state parks, retail stores, farmers’ markets. Since April 20 May 15
Virginia Restaurants and bars for outdoor dining, retail stores, salons, barbershops, campgrounds, houses of worship and beaches. Since May 14 June 10
Washington Regional reopening. State parks, fishing, hunting, golf courses, retail stores open to curbside pickup, restaurant dining in certain counties, construction and pet grooming. A four-phase plan to reopen after that stay-at-home is released. May 31
West Virginia Restaurants for outdoor dining, salons, barbershops, pet groomers. Gyms, recreation centers, restaurant dining, bars, retail stores, malls, state parks, campgrounds, museums, zoos and tanning salons. Reopening soon: casinos. Since May 4 May 4
Wisconsin Dog groomers, boat rentals, and repair shops. Retail stores, golf courses and state parks. Phased reopening, not determined yet. May 13
Wyoming Gyms, hair salons, barbershops, and other personal-care services. State parks, restaurant dining, movie theaters and, entertainment venues. Since May 1 Didn’t have

Reopening After Coronavirus

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