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What should you write about in your business blog

Have you decided it’s time to grow your businessWell, let me tell you, a business blog is nowadays an important tool for any type of small businesses. They don’t just provide information to your existing customers but act as a tool to help attract new customers.

Sometimes, though, there will be days where you simply do not know what to write about. But never fear, we are here to help.

Business blogs: incredibly powerful tools

Business blogs are a huge marketing tool that can bring you tons of customers: blog posts can appear on Google, where they’ll advertise your brand to your readers, and may gain you new readers, who can become new paying customers.

Blogs can also supply your business with an extra source of income via ad revenue. In your business blog, you should write about your business and the wonders it can do (consider it some sort of free advertising, except you are the advertising agency).

This can help you in the long run as these blog posts never go away and will appear on search results for years to come.

15 Ideas to Use in Your Business Blog

Are you ready to write but the muses are not answering your call? Are you dreading turning your computer on just so that the blank page can laugh at you?

Don’t worry, after reading all of our business blog post ideas, that blank page will be full of words in no time.

  1. Trends in the Industry. Talk about new things that your clients will be interested in. For example, if you’re in the tech industry, talk about what new tech has been released. If you’re in the music industry, talk about new and upcoming artists and bands. If you’re in the security industry… well, you get the idea.
  2. Common problems your customers face. Being a customer can be hard, especially with all the new products and services appearing by the thousands every day, one can get easily confused. Answer all your customer’s answers and solve all their problems before they even arise.
  3. Facts and history of your business. This could be almost as writing a review of your business. When was it founded? Who founded it? What are the principals of your business? And so on so forth.
  4. How to’s, guides and tutorials. These are some of the most commonly searched articles on search engines, such as Google. People are always looking to be taught how to do something. People will read your guides years to come. Just find of what your clients want to learn to do (that is, of course, related to your business), and start writing!
  5. Giveaways. This entry will most likely get you new followers: people just love free stuff. Give away items of value, rather than cheap ones. Now, I don’t mean that you should give away one hundred bucks (well, not unless your business can afford it), or the cost of the giveaway will far outweigh the potential new customer base. Equally, don’t give away just one cent, find the equilibrium. Remember, don’t over do it, as it could end up hurting you financially (and why should anyone pay for your products when you’re just giving them away for free every couple of weeks?)-
  6. Testimonials. This one is in sync with your business’ history and facts. Humans are social creatures and they like to be reassured by other people. Give frequent customers a free service or some other incentive to give you a good review or testimonial. Frequent customers obviously like your goods/services, so they are the best brand ambassadors and will help you get new customers.
  7. Reviews. This could be about your business or it could be about something to do with your industry, for example, if you work in the tech industry, you could write a review about the new iPhone.
  8. Books. Provide your readers with a list of books you have read related to your specific industry. If you write a business blog about coding you could do a post with the best new books about coding.
  9. Question and Answers (Q&A’s). What are the most common questions you get e-mailed? Make an article about them and redirect your emailers to that post if they ask these same questions.
  10. Quotes. If you are a fan of reading inspiring quotes, you can create your own or pay someone to turn these quotes into infographics, and put them in your business blog. This will really inspire your readers to continue reading your blog.
  11. Anecdotes. You can share a story, related to your industry, that will make your readers laugh or stare at their screen in horror. Try to keep them factual and to not them embellish too much.
  12. Behind the scenes. If your business blog has a video section, why not share some funny moments or how things work on your business? If you don’t have a video section, you can always just describe what happens while using many photos to illustrate. This will bring you back down to Earth in the eyes of your readers
  13. Surveys. Set up a survey on your blog and then share the results. This will not only be interesting to readers, but you can actually use that information to get to know your clients better.
  14. Do a myth vs. Fact blog post. You might have heard of the Myth Busters, a popular TV show. Do what they do. Are there some large misconceptions about what you do in your industry? Reveal the truth to your readers. It can be a real game-changer in how they see you, your business and your business blog
  15. Predictions for the future of your industry. Share your ideas on what’s gonna happen in the future (stick to your industry though!). If you’ve done your research and now a lot about your business, you’ll know what you are talking about, and your readers will want you to share your expertise. Some may disagree, but this may lead to you understanding the different perspectives in your industry.

Remember: there are a million things you can write about.

Business blogs are simple, yet effective, tools to help you grow business in the long term. If you haven’t set up your own business blog, we really would recommend that you do.

We understand that some of our ideas won’t apply to all business blogs, but we hope that the vast majority will be useful for you (or that we at least got your creative juices flowing).

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