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What Makes a Small Business Website Attractive and Profitable?

Have you ever noticed that dust gravitates to the corners of rooms? It usually happens because the air pushes it there. Similarly, nobody will view your website because more attractive ones rise to the top while yours get pushed to the bottom of search engine rankings. At the same time, you hand over your revenue and potential profit to someone else.

To keep that from happening, it’s essential that before and after you set up your website, you do everything possible to engage readers. A small business website that looks and feels tired won’t inspire your customers to find out more about your business. 

What’s appealing about attractive websites that sets them apart from others and ensures that people keep coming back? 

That’s what we’re about to find out in this article. Incidentally, if you’re still reading, it’s because our website exudes magnetism!

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The importance of having an attractive website

Nowadays, a website is one of the most important tools businesses have to attract new customers and impact how the public perceives your business. You might have the best product in the market, but if your website is outdated, ugly, and hard to navigate, you won’t get any clients.

Never underestimate the power of good web design.

Furthermore, in today’s post-COVID world, having a good website is more important than ever. During the quarantine, customers mi9grated to online shopping, it was the safest alternative. Now, with restrictions starting to lift, many customers will stick to doing all their shopping from the comfort of their homes. This is one of the most important customer changes in the new normal.

That’s why it’s vital that you offer a top-notch online experience for your products or services, and that includes, of course, website design.

7 things you can do NOW to have an attractive and profitable website

A beautiful website is profitable because users feel comfortable browsing and don’t want to leave; that translates into sales.

There are several ways in which you can make your website more attractive and profitable. But before we find out what those 7 things are, for those who already have sites, rate yours on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being excellent. How did your website fair? If you see your website at a 6 rating, there’s work to do, and we can help.

1. Step back and take an objective look

An attractive small business website is what keeps customers clicking and navigating. 

To improve your website’s appearance:

💻 The colors you use shouldn’t compete with each other

💻 Graphics and pictures should be eye-catching, crisp and clear without overwhelming the senses

💻 Legible fonts and the same formatting used on each page provides consistency

💻White space balances elements, so content flows. 

Furthermore, customers feel more confident when your website has a clean visual appearance, and the content doesn’t appear overstated or cluttered. 

Look at this website to get a feel for what’s pleasing to the eye and has a balanced appearance. 

small business website

2. Take a leisurely stroll

Taking a walk through a park helps you calm down and relax. Likewise, a small business website should be a refreshing place to visit. 

Pop-ups and affiliate marketing ads on the first page can distract customers and literally turn them off. They can’t concentrate on the central message of your website, which is to educate them about your product or service. 

There’s another reason to think twice about using pop-ups. Google frowns on using them on mobile devices and penalizes sites when they do because pop-ups on small devices hide data. 

Still, when used sparingly, pop-ups can increase conversions. As an alternative, you can set up your advertising information on a separate tab or place links to specials within your content or on a sticky bar. 

Many sites, like this one, only use pop-ups if the user changes to another window or tab. This way, the pop-up doesn’t annoy the user while he’s reading.

small business website

3. Think Indianapolis 500

Because you’re in business to make money, it’s crucial that your small business website not only looks good but speeds along. People simply won’t wait for slow websites to load. 

Your website should load in under 4 seconds, preferably even faster. 

Why is that? 

Site speed is one of the ranking factors to help your website rank on the first page of search engines. As page load time increases, so does the bounce rate. Pages that load within 3 to 10 seconds increase the bounce rate by 32% to 123%, respectively. 

If you don’t have the funds to hire an SEO or programming expert, free and paid speed-inducing plugins can increase load time by minimizing HTTP requests, combining scripts, enabling browser caching, and provide other types of optimization. 

Keep in mind, however, that using too many plugins slows down your site along with contact and email subscriber forms on the landing page. 

Other ways to increase speed is to keep images to a minimum and optimize them, upgrade to a faster web hosting plan, fix broken links, and optimize content for SEO (search engine optimization). Be careful when using social share buttons as they can slow down your website considerably. 

Now, as a point of reference for speed, notice this website loads lightning fast.

small business website

4. Sidestep babble

The only time babble is cute is when babies first learn how to talk. 

Your small business website should:

🗣️ Be intuitive and communicate your goals

🗣️ Use a tone that invites readers to continue reading

🗣️ Navigation menus should be simple and easy to follow

🗣️ Provide live chat so people can get immediate help or add a help desk feature

🗣️ Clickable buttons should stand out, what’s important should be obvious and located above-the-fold area, and pages shouldn’t be crammed full of content

🗣️ And don’t beat around the bush. Provide a clear call to action. If you want customers to buy products or sign up for your newsletter, say so. 

This website got communication just right.

small business website

5. Create memories

A logo is an excellent way for people to remember your business. A product or service symbol can emblazon that image in your customers’ minds because the logo creates an emotional response. 

If you see a red and white bullseye, what company do you immediately think of? 

small business website, target


The company has branded its product successfully merely by using an iconic symbol. 

Another way to make your small business website memorable is to tell a story customers won’t forget by posting a video or writing a blog. Change your content often and provide instant discounts, so customers are happy when they leave.

6. Attract mobile users

A 2019 BroadbandSearch report indicated that mobile traffic has increased by 222% in the last 5 years. There’s a very good chance that a majority of people are using smartphones to access your site. 

You can make your site more mobile-friendly and, therefore, more profitable by incorporating adaptive web design. Adaptive websites identify the type of device a user has to create the best user experience. Many website themes incorporate this feature into their programming. You could also hire a developer to complete the work for you. 

For example, this site looks impressive both on desktop and on mobile.

small business website 2    small business website 1

To view even more mobile-friendly sites, check out awwwards, that awards websites for mobile excellence. 

7. Consider monetization

Monetization: that’s a big word for using your small business website to make money. 

Business owners generate income using their websites as long as it doesn’t negatively affect user experience (like pop-ups and affiliate links already mentioned). 

You can sell a digital Ebook about your products and services or offer classes to teach a skill related to your business via forums and Skype. 

Establish fees to write and sell articles to other businesses, or host paid webinars. 

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Don’t push your small business website into a corner

How fast someone clicks away from your site is usually a good indicator of what they consider as attractive. If customers nearly fall off their chairs, exiting your small business website, you can count on handing over your profits to someone else.

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