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What Does it Mean to Graduate with Camino Financial?

As a way of saying thanks for choosing Camino Financial, we offer a program called graduation. 

A loan from Camino Financial gives you immediate access to the funds you need to keep your business operating. After you graduate, you have a unique opportunity to access more capital with a better interest rate. 

And it may only be 8 months away from today!

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What Does It Mean “to Graduate”?

After just 8 months of timely payments, you may qualify for a better loan with Camino Financial. This second loan will have a lower interest rate. You’ll also be able to take out a larger loan with an extended repayment period. 

This is what we call graduation, and it is a great opportunity that you won’t find with other lenders. 

The one thing you must do to qualify is to make timely payments for 8 months in a row. If you skip a payment for any reason, you will miss graduation. 

Remember to make your monthly payment on time, and don’t sabotage your chances to graduate!

How Can I Ensure I’m Making Progress Towards Graduation?

The best way to make sure that you’re getting closer to graduation is to keep an eye on your Camino Financial account. By doing so, you’ll know if your payments are coming in on time, and if you’re eligible to graduate. 

The Power of Graduating: a success story

For example, Rafael and Maria Reynoso are our members, they are the proud owners of El Tucán smog Check.

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When they first contacted us, they needed a loan to buy a new smog check machine, if they wouldn’t buy it, their business would not be able to offer a good service to their clients. After updating their machinery, they realized the huge potential a small business loan could have, so they worked hard to make enough timely payments so they could graduate for a better loan.

Their second loan had amazing terms:

  • it had a reduced the annual rate by 8.75%
  • it extended the payoff from 12 to 24 months

This allowed the Reynosos to further grow their business, improve their credit scores, and get rid of pre-existing debts that were hurting El Tucán Smog check.

You, like Rafael and Maria, can start preparing for the future success of your business today.


By planning your Camino Financial graduation as soon as possible. It’s not hard, you just need to make sure you make timely payments… and that’s it!

Read the complete story of the Reynososo so that you can get inspired to graduate!

How to Make Loan Payments at Camino Financial

At Camino Financial, we automatically deduct your payment every month from your checking or savings account. This is the same account you submitted when you took out your loan. Because of this automated draft, there’s no need for you to send us a payment every month. 

Everything’s on autopilot for your convenience. 

Just to ensure that there are no problems, we do offer the following tips:

  • Remember to change your bank account details if you want your payment to come out of a different account. To do this, you’ll need to call Camino Financial. Payment details cannot be modified online. The Finance Department’s number is (213) 267-6405
  • To graduate, you can’t miss any payments. So keep an eye on your payment account each month. Verify that you have enough money in it to meet your payment. 
  • Remind yourself when your Camino Financial loan payment is due. There are several ways you can do this:

👉🏼 Some people mark it on a calendar each month. 

👉🏼 Other people use phone apps that send alerts when payment due dates approach. 

👉🏼 Even a post-it note placed in a location you frequently use can work.

  • Track payments for your account using the Member’s Portal. 

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Use the Member’s Portal

Perhaps the best way to keep track of your loan is to use the Member’s Portal. This is a web-based tool that you can use to watch over your account. 

You’ll be able to monitor a lot of features. These include your balance, most recent payment, amount of next payment, time to payoff, etc.

You’ll also find a help section if you have any questions. There is a live chat feature where you can easily chat with a Camino Financial associate at your convenience. 

One last benefit of using the portal is a chance to make $175. How? You’ll find a referral link you can send out to friends and family who may be able to benefit from Camino Financial’s services. For each referral that does get a loan, we’ll give you $175. 

This is our way of saying thank you for being a loyal customer. 

What Are the Requirements to Graduate?

So that you can access our graduation program, it’s important that you fulfill a couple of requirements:

  • Make 8 timely payments in a row.
  • Keep your finances as healthy and strong as when you first got the loan. This means having good cash flow, that you don’t have any bad debt, that you filed and paid all your taxes, etc.

It’s that easy!

So start getting ready and keep good finances, that way you’ll be able to access more capital. These 9 months will be over faster than you think and you will grow your business even more.

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A Brighter Future Awaits You

When you make your monthly payment on time, you are rewarded. It’s our way of saying thanks for your business. 

And just think about all the investments you can fund with your new loan. 

That’s what we mean when we say, “No business left behind.” Wherever your small business wants to go, Camino Financial can help get you there. 

To track your payments and see how many more payments you need to graduate, log into the Member’s Portal.


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