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Ultimate Guide to Getting a Business Loan

We know it is not always easy to get approved for a loan. That is why we’ve created a guide with simple steps you can follow to qualify for a loan.A guide to help you and guide you to get a small business loan if you haven't qualified before.

In the Guide, we’ve outlined the most common reasons why small businesses are not approved for a loan, and how to overcome each obstacle. In fact, most negative credit decisions can be turned around in less than 6 months!! If you follow our Guide, you will have a much higher chance to get approved for a loan when you apply.

Top Reasons Small Business Loans Might Get Denied

When you apply for a business loan, the hope is you will get approved. However, if that’s not the case, you have to know there are a myriad of reasons why. Familiarize yourself with these reasons in order to improve your chances to get your next loan. Being denied a loan once does not mean you will be denied the next time around.

Some of the top reasons why a small business might get denied a loan from Camino Financial are:

  • Incomplete application
  • Unable to verify credit references
  • Insufficient or unacceptable credit references provided
  • Revolving credit utilization is at maximum or over-limit
  • Insufficient value or type of collateral
  • Insufficient equity capital
  • Short or no financial operating history
  • Insufficient management experience for credit type requested
  • Declining sales and/or declining profitability
  • Unable to support projected income cash flow
  • Inadequate satisfactory credit history post-bankruptcy
  • Delinquent past or present credit obligations
  • Bankruptcy

To learn more, and to study the reasons above in detail, download the Ultimate Guide to Getting a Business Loan.

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