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Top 10 Business Apps to Manage Your Agenda

Let’s face it: you are never going to use that paper planner sitting on top of your desk collecting dust. There are more efficient ways you could manage your time. You’re just a few clicks away from boosting your productivity through business apps to manage your agenda.

Managing your small business can get very hectic. Having the right tools to keep your agenda up to date is vital to increase your productivity and your team’s communication. So the best option is a smartphone app.

But there are all sorts of different options, so many. Choosing one can get overwhelming. That’s why we decided to make a top 10 business apps to manage your agenda.

Why use apps to manage your agenda

We, as humans, can be unreliable sometimes, we forget things or get confused. And carrying around a paper planner is not the most convenient thing to do. 

This is where business apps come into the picture.

You should use an app to manage your agenda because:

  • It’s convenient, you can access it on your computer, on your tablet and on your phone (which you carry everywhere).
  • It helps you to organize all of your appointments and tasks visually.
  • You can share it with other people so they can also access it through their preferred device.
  • Apps have all sorts of features and integrations that will allow you to connect them to your other apps.

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Are you convinced yet? Then, let’s jump into our top picks.

Top 10 time management apps

If you have realized that business apps are precisely what you need, then don’t waste any more time: choose one of these apps:

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If you’re a to-do list lover, you will fall in love with

It is the best combination of to-do lists and calendars. With this app, you can add all your reminders and goals and see them as a to-do list; you can also see an overview of everything in a calendar view. 

It’s colorful categorization, and intuitive design allows you to plan your week without any constraints.

Pricing: Free, or $5.99/month for the Premium version.

2. Teamweek

teamweek logo. concept: calendar business apps

Do you want to be synchronized with your team? Teamweek is one of the best business apps precisely for that.

This app is more for timeline planning, where you can have a clear overview of all your team’s tasks for the whole month. It’s easy to follow-up projects and re-plan with its drag and drop feature. 

For each significant project, you can create checklists to break down and track the tasks.

Pricing: Free for up to 5 people. From 10 people on $35/month to $269/month.

3. Trello

trello logo. concept: calendar business apps

This is not a calendar; it’s better. 

Trello is one of the best task management tools you can find. Even though it’s not a calendar, you can manage your hours and days. 

This app works with cards and boards, which you can drag and drop at your convenience. Inside the cards, you can attach files, assign tasks to your team members, write to-do lists, prioritize, write comments, use color codes, connect to other apps, well… pretty much everything you need. 

Pricing: Free, or $9.99 per user per month for their Business Class option.

4. TimeTune

timetune logo. concept: calendar business apps

TimeTune works mostly to manage routines. 

It helps you organize them on a daily, weekly, or any number of days up to 15. It sends you notifications that can be customized independently, depending on the task. You can analyze the routine statistics to manage time better.

If your life as a small business owner gets too busy, this app will help you make time for everything.

Pricing: Free. Only for Android.

5. Awesome Calendar

awesome calendar logo. concept: calendar business apps

If you’re highly creative, visual, and love to take notes, Awesome Calendar is for you. 

This app combines a calendar, notes, and the weather forecast, all into one tool. You can even let your creativity go wild with the color-coding, stickers, and pictures that you can add to individual events. 

You can also share it with other people and connect it to other calendar apps. 

Pricing: $9.99 one time purchase.

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6. Google Calendar

google calendar logo. concept: calendar business apps

The most popular calendar you can find, or probably you are already using it. 

Google Calendar is a great option to start managing your time since it’s completely free. You can also integrate it with almost all the other calendar or productivity apps out there. It allows you to create multiple calendars, color-code the events, share the calendar with others, check your teammates’ availability, and so many other features. 

You can use it on any device; however, for desktop, you can only access it from the website.

Pricing: Free with a Google account.

7. Apple Calendar

apple calendar logo. concept: calendar business apps

Apple Calendar is already installed on macOS and iOS. It can synchronize with your Mac, iPhone, and iPad. The calendar is very easy to use as it is clean and straightforward, and you can use data from other calendars such as Google Calendar, Yahoo, and others. You can add all the details of each event, such as location, time, notes, reminders, and also invite other people.

Price: Free on your macOS or iOS.

8. Fantastical

fantastical logo. concept: calendar business apps

Fantastical is a—well… fantastic tool if you’re already familiar with Apple Calendar. 

It works on macOS and iOS. It is intuitive and colorful and allows you to have full control over your agenda despite being able to suggest invitees and possible locations automatically. It is excellent to schedule team meetings as you have visibility on their availability. 

You can also manage both your personal and professional agenda seamlessly. 

Price: $49.99 for macOS, $9.99 for iPad, $4.99 for iPhone.

9. Microsoft Outlook Calendar

microsoft outlook calendar logo.concept: calendar business apps

Microsoft Outlook Calendar has an app for desktop and mobile. The desktop app integrates your calendar, notes, emails, contacts, and tasks, while the mobile app only allows you to manage your calendar and email. 

With it, you’ll be able to share and subscribe to your team’s schedules and view their calendars to compare them with yours. If you’re already using other Microsoft apps, you might want to keep this one.

Pricing: Free mobile app. Desktop app through Office 365 subscription from $5.99/month to $59.99/year. 

10. Cozi

cozi logo. concept: calendar business apps

Business is not the only important thing. If you’re having a hard time managing your family’s schedule, Cozi could be an excellent option for you. 

This app allows you to keep track of all the schedules, activities, and appointments of everyone in your family in one place. With its color codes, you can have a clear overview of everyone in your family and also take a look at individual schedules. You can check your day’s agenda at one glance and, what’s best, your calendar gets synchronized through all your devices. 

Pricing: Free

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What is the best app?

It really depends on what you’re looking for. But don’t worry, here’s what app works best for what needs.

  • The best app for teams is Trello, as it will allow everyone on your team to keep track of their projects and their deadlines.
  • The best app for making lists would definitely be, as it allows you to make any type of list you need (even a checklist for when you go grocery shopping!)
  • The best for work-life balance would definitely be Cozi, as it’ll allow you to check all your family’s schedules so that you can adapt to that.
  •  The best app if you only want a simple calendar would definitely be Google Calendar.

Manage your agenda like a pro with business apps

From family to business, everyday tasks become more and more overwhelming as time passes by. With the fast pace of technological innovations, carrying your paper planner has become a burden. These business apps are here to help you keep track of your everyday activities from your fingertips and being able to follow them wherever you are.

Just choose the one that suits you best, we recommend trying the free options first, and if they don’t quite fulfill your needs, you can pay for more advanced business apps. 

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