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Top 3 Follow-Up Emails After A Networking Event

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Once a networking event ends, the next thing you should do is to immediately establish a relationship with your new contacts. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to send them follow-up emails.

Contrary to standard emails, follow up emails require a guideline and a distinctive style that, if poorly employed, could cost you dearly. It is necessary to keep in mind that these emails depend more on the way they are written than on the content. Your potential partners or clients receive dozens of follow-up emails every day, most of the time they are not dissimilar from one another, and if yours does not stand out from the crowd, you can consider yourself forgotten.

How to write a successful follow-up email? Let’s check the three best examples and look at their characteristics.


Template 1 (Courtesy from The Muse)

Hello Siena,

I loved talking with you in the American Inbound Marketing Conference yesterday. I liked very much your advice on landing page optimization; I even shared it with my team. By the way, I saw in your profile on LinkedIn that you were working on an e-book about inbound marketing – that is actually a project I am running in my company. If you have time, I would like to have a coffee with you and hear more about it in person.

Good Day,



Short, simple, and to the point. Your follow-up emails should be similar in order and execution; in other words, first, you should mention where you met so the recipient of this letter can remember you, and from there you can develop your idea.

Take this email as an example of its introduction style. Your letters should bring your face to the recipient’s mind in the first line, and this can be achieved with lines like “We met at…”, “I was very inspired by your chat in…”, “The last time we talked…”, Etc.

This letter exemplifies how you can achieve everything in just a few words. However, you can make it better by ending it with a question. Instead of the classic “Let me know…”, write “Could we see each other at…?” or “Are you available for…?” This requires her to answer the question in her reply email.


Template 2 (Courtesy of

Hello Bob,

Mark Zuckerberg presented us at the Networking Emoto 3.0. event. You mentioned that your company, Smile Co., is looking for someone with experience on emojis.

I am working for Emoji Inc., where I have handled thousands of emojis. You can find my CV attached with more details of my experience and accomplishments.

I am currently looking for the opportunity to advance in my career.

It is inspiring to see how your company has reached the number three in only two years. Starting to use social media was a brilliant move.

Could we meet next week on Tuesday or Wednesday in the afternoon? I would like to meet to talk about the opportunities in Smilo Co.


Johnny Followupper


Unlike the previous template, this one is longer because it includes a more detailed description of the sender and his job. His purpose is to to be noticed in Bob’s inbox.

However, don’t be intimidated by its length: see how, although his work summary is extensive, it is right to the point and does not bore the reader with details. On the contrary; his attached CV, which Bob will open later, will do the work for him. In this kind of cover letter, make sure that the content is the most precise overview and that your attached files only serve as evidence. Don’t strain the eyes with large paragraphs.

This template alone is good. However, be careful with some points like for example, the third paragraph.

As you can see, Johnny looks to flatter Bob over how “impressive” it was that his company grew so much in only two years. The purpose of this paragraph is to show that Johnny knows something about the contact or the business, and even praise him with a compliment. Doing it is a good idea, but you must make sure you are not too flattery.


Template 3 (Courtesy of Baab.Biz)

Dear Sally,

Thanks for taking the time to meet me during the Matchmaker Forum in the Global Business Connection. I loved hearing about your organization, as well as your love for designer handbags. I have attached a link where you can register to receive discounts in one of our favorite shops.

I would like to know more about how your company manages digital marketing. Would you like to join me for coffee, or over lunch? I will call you next week to ask for your schedule.

It was a pleasure meeting you.


Jackie Hill


As you can see, this email is very friendly, she even sends Sally attached information that can be used both at a corporate as well as a personal level. This tone of cordiality helps to show your interest beyond professionalism, emphasizing your knowledge and sincerity.

In Summary:

If you have read these three follow-up emails carefully, you will see that they share some common traits that you should take into account when writing good follow-up letters.

  1. Start by reminding them who you are, and how and when you met. Remind them about something you discussed to establish a commonality.
  2. Be brief and go straight to the point with your request, but without being forceful.
  3. Emphasize your credibility through referrals. Let them know that you have common goals.
  4. Be friendly, but not flattery.
  5. If possible, finish your letter with a question about possibly meeting again.


Now you know how to be knowledgeable and charismatic in every message you send to your future potential networks.

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