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The Value of Your Business Credit Profile

Jumping into debt can be risky and expensive. However, debt or other alternative funding can help maintain, grow and build a stronger business. Before obtaining capital, we suggest you understand your business credit risk profile for two main reasons:

Reason #1: SAVE MONEY

Your credit risk profile will dictate the ease and cost of obtaining capital. We strongly believe that the better you understand your credit risk profile, the better informed you are to make optimal funding decisions. These decisions can result in significant interest expense savings.


Identifying areas of low and high operational risk will prompt prudent business owners to decrease exposure to areas of high risk. Making the appropriate adjustments in your business may improve your access to cheaper capital, and improve its overall performance in the future.

At Camino Financial, we help pave a way for growing small businesses. We share our perspectives on your business credit profile in a FREE 8-page report on four different risk categories: cash flows characteristics, debt capacity, business attributes and credit history. In addition, we commit ourselves to providing access to capital specific to your risk profile. Please visit our website and apply for a FREE 8-page credit assessment report today!

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