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The Latest Cleaning Innovations for Janitorial Services

Keeping your janitorial services at the top of its game is a continuous effort. From the moment you begin your business, you start looking for ways to improve. Innovation keeps janitorial services in a state of continual evolution. 

New technologies improve efficiency, cost-effectiveness, environmental consciousness, and personal safety. But the incredible pace of modern innovation makes it tough for small business owners to keep up.

At Camino Financial, our motto, “No Business Left Behind,” is why we work to provide the best small business resources and financial tools to help give your janitorial services a competitive edge.

This article will bring you up to speed on some of the best and latest innovations in the janitorial services. Putting some (or all) of these tools and ideas to use in your own cleaning company can set you apart. It can also improve your bottom line, make your job easier, and improve your employees’ efficiency. 

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Why Keep Up With the Latest Innovations?

Your janitorial services business will not update and upgrade itself. But keeping up with the latest innovations in the cleaning industry takes an active effort.

If you are wondering whether you need to innovate at all, think again. Failing or outright refusing to innovate can only spell trouble for your janitorial services business down the road.

The first consideration is that your company’s competition is innovating all the time. That means their products, services, and equipment are continually getting better. If your company becomes stagnant, you can quickly end up left in the dust. 

Customers and clients expect to have the latest innovations available to them. 

The next significant consideration is that not innovating costs you much more in the long run. Taking a proactive role in keeping your janitorial services up to date is essential to improving your bottom line. There are two crucial reasons for this.

  • Innovation means improvement

The latest innovations in the cleaning industry make cleaning faster and easier than ever before. That means you can do more work in less time. 

This cuts down labor costs and improves your company’s efficiency. It also makes work easier on you and your employees, giving you more time and energy to complete other tasks. 

  • Innovation means sustainability

The latest innovations in equipment and products last longer and hold up better. They are also usually protected by impressive warranties. 

New equipment operates at higher standards, not only in essential functions but also in environmental and worker safety. Using safe equipment is vital in any professional janitorial services, and improved safety is good for everyone. 

Investing in high-quality modern equipment helps ensure your business is relevant for a long time to come.

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Latest Tech and Equipment Innovations to Consider

As a janitorial services owner, you have a wide array of innovative tech and equipment available to you. While we could not hope to cover all the latest innovations here, we have gathered some of the very best. 

These products can save time, money, effort, and frustration.

Improved Toilet Paper

You may not think someone can improve upon something as simple as toilet paper, but you would be mistaken. Newer toilet paper technologies and production processes have made some impressive improvements. 

Biologic Active Tissue Paper is one prime example. This product helps prevent buildup in plumbing systems in a totally new way. By using microorganisms that produce enzymes to target waste buildup, Biologic Active Tissue Paper begins working as soon as it hits the water. The paper itself biodegrades, and the microorganisms help keep pipes and tanks clean.

Cloud-Based Company Software

If you are still using paper supply lists and clipboard checklists, it is time for a serious upgrade. 

Cloud-based software makes it easier than ever for janitorial service businesses to communicate. Employees and managers can easily track supplies and tasks through digital tools. Since the data is in the cloud, you never have to worry about being unable to access it. 

Modern cloud-based business software tracks analytics to help know when to place orders or replace equipment. 

Better communication and organization are two significant benefits of cloud-based software, but these both ultimately mean an improved bottom line. They improve workforce morale, too.

Smart Dispensers

Smart dispensers use a variety of innovative technologies. Hands-free disinfectant dispensers are all the rage and continually improving. Smart dispenser technology has hit everything from soap to hand sanitizer and hand towels.

Newer dispensers, like the one developed by GOJO, use refills that each contain their own battery. This makes replacement quick and easy, and it helps eliminate harmful microorganisms in the environment. 

GOJO dispensers also have plug-in add-ons that let dispensers detect whether the machine was used correctly. That means it can alert the user that they have not followed proper hygiene procedures. Dispensers also alert you to when supply is dwindling. 

These smart dispensers are designed with modification in mind, meaning they will become even more flexible over time.

Newer hand towel smart dispensers also feature significant improvements. Many of them, such as the Scott Pro Electronic HRT, are now entirely touchless and almost entirely jam-free. This makes their use far more pleasant. They use four D-cell batteries for about every 150,000 hand towels, and the refills are much larger than the average alternative, too.

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Innovative Trends to Keep in Mind

Not all innovations require new technologies. Sometimes, products that have been around for some time are improved, are reimagined, or become more relevant. Innovation also comes by way of new thinking applied to current needs. 

These trends may help you gain customers or just improve your employees’ performance. All of them are smart moves you should implement in your own janitorial services where applicable.

Environmental Consciousness

People are becoming aware of the severe problems facing the environment because of human activity. Going green has never been more in style for businesses, and the benefits go far beyond your own company to impact the wider world. 

More customers than ever before are investigating the environmental practices of the companies they patronize. You are sure to be asked whether your cleaners are environmentally safe, products are biodegradable, and equipment is energy-efficient. In many places, “green cleaning” is required by law. 

Being conscious of this can help you better please customers while reducing your company’s impact on the natural world.

Embracing Diversity and User-Friendliness

The cleaning industry has changed in recent decades. This has led to increased attention to reducing the size and weight of much conventional cleaning equipment. 

These improvements make equipment more universally accessible to all workers. Backpack vacuums and other equipment are being manufactured to be lightweight and slimmer.

Manufacturers are also designing new machines with an emphasis on user-friendliness and comfort. 

Your productivity will be severely hampered if the equipment is too bulky or awkward to use. The more comfortable your employees are while using equipment, as well as the easier it is to move, the better. 

Make sure you consider how any potential employee would use equipment to ensure you pick something that fits. If you are unsure, ask your employees.

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The Latest Innovations Will Give You the Biggest Success

Innovation is the name of the game in the modern cleaning industry. Your company’s openness and effectiveness regarding innovative technology will make or break your long-term success. 

New technologies and strategies make it easier than ever to run an effective, profitable janitorial services. 

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In all things small business, Camino Financial is at your service. Our motto, “No business left behind,” lies at the center of everything we do. Our team is excited at the prospect of helping you grow your janitorial service business with the latest and greatest innovations, resources, and financial tools.

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