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The Best Marketing Books for Small Business Owners

Reading has always been one of the greatest pleasures and sources of inspiration. It is through books that we can expand our horizons. 

Reading can be entertaining, exciting, fun, a source of wisdom, and teaching. But above all, it is an excellent way to learn and becom the best version of ourselves. 

When it comes to businesses, it is always important to know about successful businesses so that we can learn from their stories. These stories can inspire us, reinforce our dreams, and pave the way for our success. 

If you plan to make 2020 a year of learning, reading is the way to go. I’m sharing with you some marketing books that will be of great help and inspiration to continue growing your business. 

The best marketing books for business owners in English

Once I read somewhere that to maintain and expand our skills and knowledge, we need to read, at least, ten books a year. So why not start today to increase your marketing knowledge?

These are my favorite marketing books, and, hopefully, they’ll help your company thrive: 

Buy·ology: Truth and Lies About What We Buy

by Martin Lindstrom     

Buyology. Marketing Books

This is one of my favorite marketing books of all time (and the first one I read when I started reading marketing readings). Buy·ology will help you understand why we buy what we buy through neuromarketing.

Neuromarketing is a science that, through the understanding of our neurological processes, helps marketers create more effective campaigns. 

In this book, Martin Lindstrom presents his study on neuromarketing. The study was so massively important that it lasted more than three years and cost more than $7 million. Two thousand volunteers from around the world helped Lindstrom understand this science. 

This is a book that every business owner needs to read to understand the public to sell their products. 

Buy·ology is very easy to read, and it’s full of interesting examples. 

Martin Lindstrom is a Danish author who has written for TIME, Harvard Business Review, and Fast Company. He also has seven published books about consumer behavior and brands.

Selling the Invisible: A field guide to modern marketing

by Harry Beckwith     

Selling the invisible. Marketing Books

Some of the most important brands sell services, not products. But services are intangible, invisible, and how can you sell something invisible?

This book offers tips and ideas that you can apply in your business (even if you sell tangible products). You’ll learn how to sell and position your business. 

Harry Beckwith is a recognized writer that has been translated into more than 24 languages and with several bestsellers under his belt. He has also written for USA Today, Wall Street Journal, and Business Week. 

*This book is also available in Spanish: Venda lo invisible.

Blink: the power of thinking without thinking

by Malcolm Gladwell     

Blink. Marketing Books

This book is undoubtedly is a must-have for business owners

Blink is not entirely about marketing; however, it can help you understand how our minds work and react to publicity.

In this book, you’ll learn about intuitive intelligence and rapid cognition (or quick thinking). What does this have to do with marketing? Well, customers would instead make quick decisions and not overthink them. That’s where marketing and advertising come into play.

The book is quite enjoyable and easy to read. If you reckon this book can help in your marketing efforts, don’t think too much about it and just buy it. 

Gladwell is a Canadian journalist, writer, essayist, and sociologist. 

*This book is also available in Spanish: Blink: Inteligencia intuitiva.

The best marketing books for business owners in Spanish

I’m also sharing with you some options in Spanish. Why? Well, I believe that to learn as much as we can, we need to read everything ​​we can in all the languages we know. 

SEO: Las claves esenciales

by Aleyda Solis     

SEO, las claves esenciales. Marketing Books

What do all companies, regardless of their size, need? To build strong relationships with customers, as well as achieve market recognition. To attain this, search engines (like google) are a crucial part of positioning and tracking. 

Nowadays, it is essential to be online and allow users to find your brand easily. With this book, you’ll be able to create positioning campaigns for your brand. 

Aleyda Solis explains how to make the most of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) through explicit examples and with well-explained and straightforward ideas. In this book, you’ll find tons of new and applicable knowledge. 

This is undoubtedly a book that I highly recommend. 

Emociones para captar clientes

By Manu Gutierrez     

Emociones para captar clientes. Marketing Books

If you thought Martin Lindstrom’s book about neuromarketing seemed exciting, I recommend this book by Manu Gutiérrez, an expert in marketing, sales, and emotional intelligence. 

This book will help you deepen your knowledge of what drives the buying decisions of your customers. 

You will also find answers to questions, such as: What do brands make people feel and think? Why are certain products attractive? Why do customers pay for a particular brand more than others?

And not only that, but you will also find relevant examples that will help you implement neuromarketing into your business strategy. 

Reading can transform you into an expert

Reading will allow you to be aware of relevant information for your company’s decision-making, as well as help you generate new ideas that enable you to achieve success.

Whether or not you have the habit of reading, I invite you to read one (or more!) of these marketing books. I am sure that at the end of any of them, you will be satisfied with the new knowledge acquired, by the refreshing perspectives and by the inspiring stories.  

You have the power that your business does not fall behind and continue to prosper, so don’t waste it. 

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