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The Best Financial Apps for Business Owners

Are you still keeping track of your expenses on a spreadsheet? 

Forget about that! 

As a business owner, you’re always running from side to side making sure everything is working, so it’s time you let technology give you a hand. Manage your small business like a pro with the best financial apps. 

There are different types of financial apps for small business:

  • some can take care of tracking your expenses
  • some others of accepting payments
  • a couple more will help you make money transfers
  • there’s one for everything!

Not only can these apps help you with your business, but they can even help you manage your time so that you can do other things. 

For example, I can’t even remember the last time I went to the bank to make a transfer or a payment. Nowadays, I do it all from my phone with my banking application. And I’ll tell you a secret; I do it from the comfort of my bed sometimes. 

So, stick with us, so we can show you the financial apps you cannot live without.

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Why do I need financial apps for your small business?

First, you need to understand really well why you need apps to manage your money, and we’ll give you three strong reasons:

  • Safer

When you manage your money through an application, you take off the risk of carrying cash around, saving receipts or invoices in a place where you most likely will lose it. 

With a financial app, you can do everything online. And you won’t have to worry about a thing; they have really high-security measures against hacking or illegal transactions.

  • Speed

With the correct app, you won’t need to wait until you finally have 15 minutes to go to your local bank branch. You won’t even need to go back to your office to write down an expense you forgot. 

With the right application, you will be able to do everything you need on the go, even when the office and banks are closed!

  • Accuracy

Don’t miss a thing or make any mistakes while managing your money. 

With a good app, you can have a clear overview of all your accounts and transactions from your phone. You can even receive real-time notifications when something happens or when there’s an update about your money.

The best financial apps for small business owners

And now, without further ado, take a look at the financial apps that can make your life easier:

1. Expensify

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Expenses tracking

Available for Android & iOS

Price: $5-$9 per user/per month

Expensify lets you keep track of all the expenses within your company by simple features like:

  • receipt scanning
  • easy reimbursement
  • integrations with HR
  • travel
  • tax

With Expensify, you’ll have a good overview of the expenses in your company.

It also allows you to create custom reports and get help for audit and compliance to make sure all the transactions are valid. 

2. Venmo

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Share payments

Available for Android & iOS

Price: mostly free, with small fees for certain transactions

Venmo is an easy way to make and share payments with other Venmo users. 

You can use the money you have in the account or just connect it to your bank account. It’s an easy way to split bills within friends and family and keep track of them. 

It’s more of a personal application. However, you can use it to receive payments and late put them in your bank account.

3. Digit

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Save money

Available for Android & iOS

Price: $5 per month

Digit analyzes your spendings every day and chooses when it’s affordable for you to save money and what quantity you can save per day. 

You can set goals and separate your savings into different sections, and little by little, have a saving fund. 

This app is worth trying in your small business and your personal finances. I personally cannot live without Digit anymore.

4. Mint

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Budget tracker and planning

Available for Android & iOS

Price: download for free

If you don’t want to juggle between financial apps, you can have everything on one: Mint

In this application, you can add all your accounts and bills to track them and have an overview through a dashboard that will show you the status of your finances. 

It allows you to stay on top of your bills by reminding you when the next one is due, and it gives you tips to make your budget. And that is not all: you can also check your credit score for free as many times as you want.

5. InDinero

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Accounting software

Available for Android & iOS

Price: $300 per month

If your business is booming and you’re looking for an app that can adapt to this growth, you should be looking at InDinero

This cloud-based financial app helps you to manage your accounting and taxes as they grow with the help of an on-demand CFO to assist you throughout the process. 

It might be on the expensive side of this list, but trust me, it’s worth it.

6. Freshbooks

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Invoice, Payments & Accounting

Available for Android & iOS

Price: $7.50-$25 per month

Freshbooks is another all-in-one application that helps you automate tasks like:

  • invoicing
  • expense tracking 
  • following up with clients
  • accept payments online
  • get full reports on your finances when you need them,

You can access all these features from your smartphone. 

Whether you are working on your own or already have a big team, Freshbooks can adapt to your business. It makes accounting easy.

7. SurePayroll

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Online Payroll

Available for Android & iOS

Price: 1 month for free and request a quote later

You can download
SurePayroll on your phone and easily pay employees. Want to make payroll easy as well? There’s an app for that! 

Have an overview of your employee’s working hours, salaries, preview the taxes being reduced, and approve the payroll from anywhere at any hour. I never thought payroll could be so easy.

8. Credit Karma

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Credit Score tracking

Available for Android & iOS

Price: free

No more excuses! Stay up to date with your credit score using the Credit Karma mobile app. This app can help you:

  • check your credit score as often as you want for free.
  • monitor, when there are relevant changes in the reports,
  • get personalized insights about what is hurting your credit score 
  • know when a potential loan or credit card could affect your credit

The best part is that you can get customized advice about how to move on and keep a healthier credit score. This one is perfect if you’re thinking of applying for a loan.

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If you get overwhelmed with how many different apps there are, you can choose all-in-one applications like Freshbooks or Mint. However, there are others that have special functionalities that you don’t commonly find in other applications, like Digit or SurePayroll. 

Financial apps: FAQs

What is the best free budgeting app?

Mint is definitely the app you’re looking for. The app will help you keep track of all your bills and help you maintain a budget and stick to it.

Which app is best for daily expenses?

Expensify might be your best bet when it comes to managing your daily expenses because it allows you to scan your receipts and make sure all daily transactions are valid. You will be able to track your business expenses and get reports that will help you improve everything expense-related.

What is the best app for managing money?

Digit is great for managing money, bot for your business and your personal finances. With it, you will be able to start saving more money.

You can manage your finances from your smartphone


There are all sorts of financial apps to manage your small business money. 

Now you can choose how you want to handle your business finances. You just need to choose an app (or several)!

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Having healthy finances and a clear understanding of your financial status is just the first step in having a successful company. For the rest, we can help you get a loan, we specialize in helping small businesses, just like yours. 


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