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The Best Entrepreneur Books of 2019

One of the most effective ways of learning what it’s like to be a successful entrepreneur is to read the best entrepreneur books that are available on the market. Each year, new books are written by and for entrepreneurs. And each year, these books become best-sellers and very popular among those of us in the business world.

Whether you’re starting or have been in business for a long time, you can always use a helping hand, a guiding touch, and some insight from others who have done what you’re trying to doand have done it well. 

Reading is not only one of the most rewarding things you can do for yourself as a person, but it’s also perhaps the best way to get inside knowledge from successful businesspeople.

By reading the story of entrepreneurs, how they began in business, what struggles they overcame, how they overcame them, and how they separated themselves from the pack, you can gain perspective that is hard to find in your day-to-day life as a business owner. 

That’s why it’s always advisable to read the best entrepreneur books.

We’re sharing with you the best entrepreneur books of 2019. Both in English and Spanish!

Best entrepreneur books in English

Biased: Uncovering the Hidden Prejudice That Shapes What We See, Think, and Do

by Jennifer Eberhardt     

Biased: Best Entrepreneur Books

This book uncovers what unconscious bias is and how it can be at work without you even realizing itshaping how we look at people and treat them based on ingrained stereotypes.

While Biased isn’t a book specifically geared toward business, it makes its way on the best entrepreneur books list. Why? Because all business owners will have to deal with unconscious bias in their company. Both from their employees and also sometimes within themselves. The book does draw on experiences from companies such as Airbnb and Nextdoor to show some examples.

Author Jennifer Eberhardt won the MacArthur award for social psychology. She has worked extensively as a consultant to various law enforcement agencies and as a psychologist. 

Loonshots: How to Nurture the Crazy Ideas That Win Wars, Cure Diseases, and Transform Industries

by Safi Bahcall     

Loonshots. Best Entrepreneur Books

Bill Gates, Tim Ferriss and Daniel Kahneman have recommended this Wall Street Journal bestseller, and was also a Next Big Idea Club selection as one of the “most groundbreaking new nonfiction reads of the season.”

The book has a funky and really long title, And maybe you’ve never heard of the word “loonshots.” That’s how the author calls the innovations that changed the game but started “as widely dismissed ideas whose champions are often written off as crazy.”

Author Safi Bahcall, who is a physicist, applies scientific methods to a question surrounding how products of genius and serendipity were able to survive repeated rejection and ultimately triumph. Some examples are the innovations of radar as well as instant photography.

Through this book, Bahcall talks extensively of the importance for business owners to protect their inventors and inventions, and then manage the transitions of these creations into the field.

Brave New Work: Are You Ready to Reinvent Your Organization?

by Aaron Dignan     

Brave new work. Best Entrepreneur Books

Business owners across industries often struggle with very similar challenges and frustrations. These could include short-term thinking, an overload of emails, siloed teams and functions, and a lack of trust up and down the corporate ladder.

Author Aaron Dignan seeks to shed light on the fact that these problems often aren’t solved because businesses are viewed as machines that can be fixed. But they’re complex human systems. 

This publication finds its way on the best entrepreneur books list because it speaks directly to the entrepreneur who often starts a business because they have a great idea and also dislike the job or company they work for.

Brave New Work examines how starting a business can be done successfully by following a new way of thinking about business in general. 

The author is the founder of a company called The Ready, a design and transformation firm that has helped companies such as Johnson & Johnson, Kaplan, and Microsoft.

How We Make Stuff Now: Turn Ideas into Products That Build Successful Businesses

by Jules Pieri     

How we make stuff now. Best Entrepreneur Books

Plenty of businesses begin with an idea for a product that could make an impact in the market. But while many of us have great ideas, only a few know how they can take that idea and create itnot to mention the need to market it, package it, finance the business and protect the idea.

This book by Jules Pieri helps walk you through this process step by step. 

Pieri is a great person to learn this process from, as she has advised plenty of entrepreneurs, like the CEO, and co-founder of The Grommet.

This book uses case studies to show examples of how other people in the past have done this exact same thing. That is one of the reasons How we Make Stuff is among the best entrepreneur books of 2019.

Unlocking the Customer Value Chain: How Decoupling Drives Consumer Disruption

by Thales S. Teixeira     

Unlocking the customer value chain. Best Entrepreneur Books

More and more business owners today are recognizing that a keen focus must be placed on customers to succeed. 

The author of this book, Thales S. Teixeira, is a professor at the Harvard Business School. For the last eight years, he has visited huge companies, such as Facebook and Google, as well as startups such as Houzz and Birchbox, to gain insight.

What he found was that startups could disrupt an industry not through their technology or innovations, but by being able to separate their customers from what they have come to know as conventional approaches to purchasing products. This is done by focusing on one part of that process and making it uniquely theirs.

The best entrepreneur books in Spanish

El libro negro del emprendedor

by Fernando Trias     

El libro negro del emprendedor. Libros para emprendedores

In this book, the author reveals the secrets that only a few entrepreneurs dare to tell. Almost all books for business owners talk about success and how to achieve it, but nearly none of them show reality, as does this book. 

Fernando Trias will show you 14 critical factors of failure that you must avoid during your entrepreneurial venture. 

The book is for anyone who wants to start a business of any size. You will not find technicalities in any of its pages, as its primary goal is to help you understand failure and how to avoid it, not through advice, but by shedding light on the realities that can happen to any entrepreneur. 

*This book is also available in English: The Little Black Book of Entrepreneurship

La semana laboral de 4 horas

by Tim Ferriss     

La semana laboral de 4 horas. libros para emprendedores

This book attempts to provide alternatives to earn money by working only 4 hours a week. 

Tim Ferris shows a series of tools that can help you work on something that gives you money and allows you to live the life you’ve always dreamed of. The tools range from eliminating distractions and outsourcing services, to taking advantage of the evolution of technology, amongst others.

This may seem impossible. An entrepreneur who only works 4 hours a week? It sounds like a crazy fantasy, right? But the author demonstrates how these tools have helped him from an early age.

*This book is also available in English: The 4-Hour Workweek


by Rhonda Byrne     

Héroe. Libros para emprendedores

In Hero, the author brings together the testimony of several people and how their lives changed by being fully aware of their situation and circumstances, and how they finally managed to fulfill their dreams by changing their lives. 

It also exposes how sometimes we put barriers in our minds that stop us from achieving our goals. If we’re not aware of this, we won’t be able to make a significant change in our lives. 

This made it to our entrepreneur books list because it’s perfect for budding entrepreneurs or those who still do not dare to enter the world of entrepreneurship.

*This book is also available in English: Hero

El método Lean Startup

by Eric Ries     

El método lean startup. Libros para emprendedores

In this book, the author talks about entrepreneurship from the point of view of extreme uncertainty. 

To start a business successfully, entrepreneurs cannot use the same schemes that worked for existing companies, but instead, a startup needs continuous learning. And this can only be achieved through innovation. 

Eric Ries shows that you can reach success without wasting time on trial-and-error tests, and following a series of techniques that you’ll find in the book.

*This book is also available in English: The Lean Startup

Get ready to become a successful entrepreneur

If you’re a business owner or are looking to start a business, this list of five best entrepreneur books published in 2019 is a wonderful place to begin your reading. Again, reading books written by and about some of the world’s top businesses is perhaps the best way to learn and gain insight for your endeavors.

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