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The Best Customer Relationship Management Systems (CRM) for Your Small Business

Building and keeping relationships with your customers should be the #1 priority in your small business at all times. To keep improving this relationship we recommend you to use a Customer Relationship Management system, also known as CRM. A CRM system is a technological tool that helps you manage your company’s relationships and interactions with current or potential customers. If you are not familiar with what a customer relationship management system is and all it can do for your business, simply refer to this article about the basics on CRM systems.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a small restaurant or a car parts shop, a customer relationship management system is useful in all sorts of businesses and can be adapted to your needs and customer preferences. A CRM system allows you to interact and engage with your customers and potential customers and streamline processes to eventually increase your sales. But the search for the CRM system that better suits your business can become overwhelming: each has different kinds of tools, features, and prices. That’s why we did the job for you and we curated the best CRM systems for your small business.

Best 10 Customer Relationship Management Systems for Small Business


Key features: Hubspot has different types of products to manage different types of tasks with your customer database: marketing tools to manage your social media campaigns and emails, manage your sales team, a customer service tool to keep your customers happy.

Best for: Customer relationship management and marketing

Price: Marketing Hub (from $50 to $3,200/monthly), Sales Hub and Service Hub (from $50 to $1,200/monthly), Growth Suite (from $113 to $4,200/month). Visit their website for more details.

Free version: Yes! Hubspot CRM is completely free. All the other Hubspot products also have free versions but with fewer features.


Key features: It has a social media aspect, and you can see your workers and leads activities from the newsfeed. Apps can be created to track different processes; Podio already has several but you can create personalized apps. Podio can be integrated with other applications such as Dropbox, Google Drive, Email and many more. Documents can be shared and it has mobile applications.

Best for: Internal communication, customer and sales team management.

Price: Basic ($9 user/month), Plus ($14 user/month), Premium ($24 user/month). You can see more details on their website.

Free version: Yes, free for 5 employees.


Key features: Ideal if you’re working with other businesses. Apptivo is a CRM tool that allows you to keep your contact organized, track your leads, create sales planning and generate contracts. Apptivo also has a mobile app to work on the go and can be integrated into Google Suite, Office 365 and Slack.

Best for: Business to Business sales.

Price: From $8 to +$20 dollars per user/month. For more details visit their website.

Free version: Yes, free for 3 users.


Key features: amoCRM has full integration with all messaging apps, from Facebook Messenger to WhatsApp and Skype, and you can manage and communicate with your customers from one simple application. You can also do calls, or emails from the application, and you can be connected wherever you are through their mobile app.

Best for: Customer communication and sales.

Price: From $15 to $45 per user/month. Check out all their pricing plans on their website.

Free version: 14-day free trial.

Freshsales (Recommended for restaurants)

Key features: Manage your contacts, pipeline and send emails and SMS from one app. Freshsales also includes a built-in phone to get in touch easily with your contacts and you can connect to other applications as Gmail, Google Drive, Mailchimp between others. Keep an eye on your customers wherever you are with their iPhone and Android App.

Best for: Customer relationship management and communication in restaurant businesses.

Price: From $12 to $79 user/month billed annually. For more information, you can take a look at their site.

Free version: 30-day free trial.

Less Annoying CRM

Key features: Its name says it all. Less Annoying CRM is perfect for small businesses, it’s easy to use and only with the tools you need. It includes contact management, calendar, and tasks, track leads and pipelines, it can be used by multiple users and hosts everything in the cloud.

Best for: Small business owners with small operations.

Price: Only one price of $10 user/month.

Free version: 30-day free trial.


Key features: Manage your sales pipeline more efficiently, generate sales reports easily, and manage your customer relationships in a simple way. Connect all your communication channels to provide a better service to your customers. Connect with over 250 different apps such as email, Facebook and Google Drive.

Best for: Customer sales and service.

Price: Salesforce offers small business subscriptions ranging from $25 to $2,500 depending on product and number of users. See more details on their website.

Free version: 30-day free trial.


Key features: Workbooks is more than a CRM, it helps you manage your marketing, sales, order processing and customer service from one tool. Manage your CRM on the go with their mobile application and improve your decision making with its dashboards and reports.

Best for: Customer relationship management from beginning to end.

Price: From $30 to $80 user/month, look at all the plans and details on their website.

Free version: 30-day free trial.


Key features: Gather leads and customer information from your website with a form. With Zoho, you’re able to forecast future sales, generate detail reports, and use in your mobile. It can be integrated into other apps such as email, Excel, Google Drive and more.

Best for: Customer data management.

Price: From $12 to $100 per user/month. For more details visit their website.

Free version: 15-day free trial.


Key features: Downloadable to run in your own computer or server. Most popular tools: CRM, invoicing, project management, and sales. Can be integrated with other applications like Facebook Pages, Google Calendar, MailChimp and more.

Best for: Customizable apps to fit all sorts of operations.

Price: Depends on the number of users and applications that your business needs. Take a look at their price range on their website.

Free version: 15-day free trial. Over 30 apps that can be used for free on their own.

Need funds to get a CRM system for your business?

As you can see, a Customer Relationship Management system could really help you improve your sales and manage your workload, customers, and processes more efficiently. A CRM is more than just a database where you keep all your customer information, it is a tool that allows you to manage that information, share it inside your team, create sales forecasts and reports, manage your marketing campaigns, and some tools even allow you to run your customer service.

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