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The Best Coworking Spaces in the US

Coworking spaces are a new trend designed to help create the best business environment possible for entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small companies. They are designed to allow very different kinds of business ventures to coexist and give each other momentum. 

Businesses that use coworking spaces get the advantages of modern office amenities as well as a shared, stylish, and productive environment. Businesses and entrepreneurs can get many benefits without the typical restrictions that traditional offices have.

Coworking is such a hot topic among entrepreneurs across the country (and the globe).

This article will list the top coworking spaces in the United States in case you’re thinking of adopting this trend. 

Coworking Spaces

Coworking is the concept of letting entrepreneurs, freelancers, small businesses, and start-ups work alongside each other in a shared office space. Coworking spaces enable these people to share an area with the goals of collaboration, mutual assistance, and teamwork. 

They bring together industries as varied as business, law, finance, real estate, freelancing, design, and development. 

In recent years, coworking spaces have increased in number across the U.S. as it has become a phenomenon in the small business world. Unlike traditional office spaces, coworking:

  • allows for a far less rigid structure
  • it lets entrepreneurs share the daily work of business in a professional, dedicated environment. 
  • these spaces offer amenities designed to make work more comfortable and productive
  • they often provide in-house exercise rooms or nearby gym deals, overnight rooms for travelers, showers, parking, restaurants, and more
  • some even offer seminars and networking events to help entrepreneurs find the tools they need to build their businesses

In short, coworking gives space to work, meet customers and clients, relax, and rest.

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Coworking Spaces in the US

Lots of coworking chains have opened across the country. These companies are continually trying to find new ways to bring in and empower new businesses. 

They have multiple locations, too, especially in major cities. That means that if you travel a lot for work, you may find one close to home, a hotel, or an Airbnb. Many even offer flexible membership options that let you take advantage of their different spaces across the country—having the opportunity to use multiple facilities when traveling can be a significant advantage for many entrepreneurs. 

Larger coworking companies have found great success, but smaller coworking companies have plenty of room to grow too. Many smaller companies have already made a name for themselves by staying small and focusing on business niches. 

As coworking continues to expand in the US, so will these companies and their networks. Regardless, between small and large coworking spaces, there are options for practically every entrepreneur.

The Top Coworking Companies in the US

There are too many coworking companies to cover them all. However, some of the best business environments today are available with many coworking chains. 

In this list, we covered the most prominent coworking companies, which makes it more likely that you can find the right one for your business nearby. 

Some of the most widespread coworking companies include:

1. WeWork

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WeWork is a large coworking company with over 340 international locations in 65 cities. 

The company was founded in 2010 as a solution for businesses in New York City. Now, it’s on its way to becoming the most prominent private office tenant in the city. WeWork offers services like dedicated desks, hot desks, private offices, and more. 

More than 200,000 entrepreneurs use WeWork. And that is the stamp of approval that any skeptic would need.

2. Impact Hub

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Impact Hub is a global company whose goal is to create communities for impact at scale. They have over 100 coworking communities made up of more than 16,500 entrepreneurs. Impact Hub also relies on partners and other networks as allies in their efforts to build sustainable business environments.

Impact Hub is found in 55 countries around the world and is one of the world’s largest coworking companies.  

3. Knotel

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Knotel has 45 locations and is quickly becoming a significant competitor for other big companies. Knotel has offices in San Francisco, New York, London, Berlin, and other key cities. 

Knotel acquired more than a million square meters of workspace and $95 million in funding in a little over a year. It is currently in the midst of an international expansion, meaning it will be coming to even more major cities in the near future. 

4. Serendipity Labs

serendipity labs logo. concept: coworking spaces

With 19 locations across the country and 100 more in development, Serendipity Labs is a rapidly expanding option for coworking spaces. 

They offer private offices, team rooms, coworking spaces, meeting rooms, and special events, amongst other amenities.

5. Make Offices

make offices logo. concept: coworking spaces

Make Offices is a smaller coworking chain with 14 locations in Philadelphia, Chicago, and Washington, D.C. 

It is continually expanding to add new locations in other cities, too. It offers virtual offices, private offices, and open desks. 

6. Industrious

industrious logo. concept: coworking spaces

With over 40 locations across the U.S., Industrious is expanding into San Francisco, Portland, Phoenix, Irvine, Orlando, and Boulder. 

Industrious offers flexible leasing plans. Entrepreneurs have the option of choosing between various types of office space to better suit individual needs. 

7. SOMACentral

SOMAcentral logo. concept: coworking spaces

SOMACentral is a small coworking company with a presence in Oakland and San Francisco. It focuses its efforts on tech start-ups and has a lot of bragging rights: Mashable, Instagram, and Twilio all started with SOMACentral. 

It has helped dozens of major companies get their start at success.

8. Techspace

techspace logo. concept: coworking spaces

Techspace is a smaller chain than most on this list. What it lacks in size, it makes up for in locations and offerings. 

It has nine locations spread across New York, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Francisco, Austin, Houston, and the District of Columbia. 

9. GreenDesk

green desk logo. concept: coworking spaces

Green Desk is a smaller company with only nine locations in New York City. It offers an eco-friendly, more intimate, and compact coworking space for entrepreneurs and small teams. 

Green Desk currently has about 5,000 members with spaces for up to 30 people. They have virtual offices, conference rooms, private offices, dedicated desks, and hot desks.

10. Alley

alley logo. concept: coworking spaces

Alley is a small company with only 4 locations (in New York City, Washington D.C., Cambridge, and Chelsea). Verizon powers its offices, and the company’s values are collaboration, connectivity, and community.

They offer several options that accommodate your professional needs, like day passes, shared desks, private offices, and more.

11. District 

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With only four locations (Farragut, Georgetown, Pennsylvania Ave., and Capitol Hill), District offers coworking spaces tailored for the comfort and success of its members. 

They offer several amenities for all of their services: private offices, virtual offices, coworking, and dedicated desks.

12. Spaces

spaces logo. concept: coworking spaces

Spaces has offices in over 382 international locations. It tries to make dynamic spaces that help innovators and game changers to work. 

It offers offices, coworking, meeting rooms, and dedicated desks. 

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These companies are meeting with great success because of their unique offerings, prices, and locations. Each uses unique business models suited to their goals.

Some use a boutique style with more customizable services.

Others develop franchises with open spaces. 

Which one is right for you?

Join The Coworking Revolution!

Coworking spaces offer a fresh approach to small business needs in the modern market. They offer custom office options, many amenities, and flexible package options designed for entrepreneurs of all types. 

This makes coworking a potentially great option for lots of start-ups and small businesses across the country. As coworking continues to grow as an international phenomenon, the options available to entrepreneurs will only continue to rise.

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