Term Loan

1 to 5 year term loan priced at a fixed interest rate. These loans are granted to profitable businesses operating for at least 2 years


  • Loan Amount

    Loan amount varies depending on cash flows generated by the business



  • Payment Frequency

    Payment frequency depends on credit quality of borrower; higher risk borrower will likely make 2 payments per month


    1 to 4 Payments per Month

  • Loan Term

    Length of payment period


    1 – 5 Years

  • Interest Rate

    Interest will vary widely based on the years in business, industry, term of loan, and business cash flows


    7% – 30%

  • Time To Fund

    Time to funding will depend on readily available financial and business documentation, along with potential follow-up requests from underwriting


    1 – 3 Weeks

Learn the Good & the Ugly
  • Quick funding within 1-3 weeks
  • Stable monthly payments
  • No prepayment penalties
  • Prime borrower will pay a premium relative to SBA loan
  • Supporting documentation requirements can be resource prohibitive
  • Collateral may be required
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