Rafael & María’s Story

Rafael Reynoso has been in the auto shop business for over 20 years. He formerly owned an auto repair and smog check shop only blocks away from his existing business. After analyzing the business operating margins, Rafael and María realized that solely offering smog checks would ensure their new business, El Tucán Smog Check, would earn enough income to support their family.

The Goal

The Reynoso’s were in dire need of a new smog check machine since their old machine no longer functioned nor did it meet regulatory requirements to accurately smog check vehicles.

“This new machine we purchased with the loan produces $300-400 dollars a day. That’s quite an improvement for our business”

– Rafael

Rafael and María’s Camino Experience

The Result

The Reynoso’s not only saved their business, they improved their financial welfare

The Reynoso’s resilience and faith to keep the business afloat allowed them to get the capital they needed to buy a new smog check machine. They not only got a new machine, they found a new financial partner that has helped them significantly improve their financial welfare.

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