Milagro’s Story

Milagro bought her business from her former boss to open her own beauty salon: Looking Good Beauty House. She was able to do it borrowing money from her mother and using a small loan. She started with just four stations in a very small space. Soon she realized that a bigger loan at a better rate was the only way to expand her business.

The Goal

Milagro wanted to set up more stations, buy more inventory and make some renovations. Also, she wanted to pay off a previous loan with a high-interest rate of 8% per month, or 96% per year.

“Since I have more products, I can sell more. I have passed from having $2,000 in inventory to having $6,000. My sales have increased by 50%.”

– Milagro

Milagro’s Camino Experience

The Result

Savings on interest expense, an increase in sales by 50% and a new employee

Milagro’s previous loan had a monthly interest of 8%. With Camino, the monthly interest rate decreased to 2%. Also, thanks to the loan she could buy more inventory and renovate the salon, growing her sales by 50%. Lastly, the loan allowed her to hire a new employee to attend the growing number of clients. Milagro has plans to offer more services and open a spa in the near future.

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