Juan’s Story

Juan started washing trucks with his brother-in-law. Five years ago they had a brilliant idea: why not, instead of simply washing trucks, build food trucks tailored to the needs of each client? That’s how Flaco’s Custom Food Truck was born. A small business that realizes the dreams of any chef in the form of a food truck.

The Goal

Juan’s biggest problem was access to financing. Without funds at hand, he could not accept more projects.

“The lack of external financing created a vicious cycle: we could not accept more orders, and without those orders, we did not generate profits. The loan helped us get out of that cycle and be able to grow our business.”

– Juan

Juan’s Camino Experience

The Result

Increased profits via customer financing and bulk inventory purchases.

With the funds, Juan has been able to buy inventory and raw materials in bulk to lower his costs. In addition, Flaco’s Custom Food Trucks can finance its customers when they can only make a small upfront payment for their food truck.

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