Guadalupe’s Story

Guadalupe began selling fruit and vegetables on the street because he didn’t have a job. After a while, he focused on supplying produce for restaurants. Today, he has a thriving business specialized in supplying avocados.

The Goal

Guadalupe basically needed an injection of capital that would maximize his company’s performance.

“Thanks to the loan, I can pay my suppliers on time without waiting for my clients to pay me. In addition, I’ve been able to buy two trucks and hire three more employees.”

– Guadalupe

Guadalupe’s Camino Experience

The Result

An increase in profits, more trucks and three more employees

This is the first loan for Guadalupe. With it, he invested in several areas of his avocado supplying company. For example, he was able to buy more trucks and hire more employees. Now, he has three drivers and a secretary. Guadalupe plans to increase his sales further by providing the best possible product and excellent service to local restaurants.

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