Success Story

“I can’t believe what a difference investing capital made in my business. I didn’t realize I was going to benefit as much as I have.”

Baldemar Ramirez

Owner Of Mireyes Instalaciones

Baldemar’s Journey

Baldemar’s journey starts in Mexico, where he used to work in the coal mining industry. Once in the US, he used his skills to open a small business installing and servicing mechanic repair equipment. Today, Mireyes Instalaciones has a constant stream of clients and referrals. Baldemar Ramírez takes prides on the quality of his work and enjoys educating his employees, so they can grow together in the business. His perseverance through the years has allowed him to take his business to the next level, and to improve his quality of life.


To buy inventory in bulk to grow profits and gain efficiency.

“My business was growing and I wanted to be able to use my time and resources as efficient as possible to take advantage of the demand in the market. My goal with the loan was to purchase the parts I use in bulk, so I could get better pricing and always have the parts handy.”

– Baldemar


  • A lender that understands your business needs and speaks your language
    “Other lenders didn’t get the commercial needs of my business. Camino Financial understood the specific needs of my company and made me feel at peace knowing that I have access to business capital”.
  • A business loan that makes sense
    “Before Camino Financial I was working with a personal lender, but when you’re trying to grow a business, personal loans don’t build your business credit. Also, the loan amounts are just not enough to make any major investment. Camino Financial offered me the tools that allowed my business to grow.”
  • Great customer service from a lender you can trust
    “I shopped around for other online lenders and they just didn’t make me feel comfortable. Camino Financial was easy to work with and they earned my trust.”
  • Easy, fast, and pain-free process
    “It’s been really easy. I’ve already accessed two business loans with Camino Financial, and I am very happy with the service I’ve received.”


More jobs, more clients, more quality time.

Before getting his loan, Baldemar felt frustrated and under the pressure to finish a job with no parts or long driving time to pick them up. With the help of Camino Financial, Baldemar was able to purchase the parts in bulk and get bulk pricing. He could also secure more jobs and take on more clients. Now he doesn’t turn away business because he doesn’t have the parts on site. In addition, he’s saved about 10 hours a week in commuting back and forth to get the parts.

“I can’t believe what a difference investing capital made in my business. I didn’t realize I was going to benefit as much as I have. Camino Financial gave me the funds to take my business to the next level, and my personal life has improved.”

With a loan from Camino Financial, Baldemar took their businesses to the next level. You can be the next one.

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