Ángel’s Story

This is Ángel’s first business. Before that, he used to work tirelessly at a car wash from 8 am to 10 pm, and did not earn enough money. He wanted to have something of his own that would generate more income for his family. Thus, with persistence and effort, he founded Magic Touch Car Detail Service: a small business that offers detailed vehicle cleaning services.

The Goal

From accidents at work to cash shortage, Ángel’s industry is exposed to all kinds of problems. He realized the right financing could help him receive the necessary training to reduce accidents. More funds would also allow him to buy the proper equipment to increase productivity.

“I invested half the money in training, and the other half in a generator and a compressor. Both pieces of equipment allowed me to take on more work, and earn more profits.”

– Ángel

Ángel’s Camino Experience

The Result

Increased work capacity, instant growth in profits and positive outlook for the future

Since taking the loan, Ángel was able to accept more jobs and has plans to hire more employees in the near future. In addition, he wants to continue expanding his education and offer more services, such as vehicle paint services. He is sure he’ll be able to close more contracts as time goes on.

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