Security at Camino Financial

  • Bank-level Security

    Security is at the heart of everything we do here at Camino Financial. Role-based access controls are enforced at each layer of infrastructure. Multi-factor authentication is required for access to our systems. All applications and user access logs are stored centrally and monitored. We also routinely conduct penetration testing against our network and systems to ensure security at every layer.

  • Compliance

    Camino Financial maintains a SOC 1 report by testing the design and operational effectiveness of our Information Security and Financial Control program using independent auditors.

  • Traffic Enforcement and Monitoring

    Camino Financial only allows client requests using strong TLS protocols and ciphers. Communication between Camino Financial infrastructure and any third party institutions is transmitted over encrypted tunnels. All client communication with the Camino Financial API requires API key authentication and utilizes cryptographically hashed headers and timestamps to verify authenticity.