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Resources for Small Businesses in Colorado: Nonprofits

As a small business owner in Colorado, you surely feel like COVID-19 is a nightmare; after all, the finances of small businesses are the most affected by the pandemic. But there’s hope; nonprofits offer resources for small businesses. 

With this information, you probably feel a renewed sense of hope and purpose. With access to resources, your business could survive the COVID pandemic.

In this post, you’ll learn how partnering with one or more nonprofits can help your business operate during the new normal. We’ve provided a list of resources for small businesses geared toward helping entrepreneurs find business solutions such as funding, relief aid, job-training resources, etc. 

Nonprofit Organizations in Colorado

In addition to financial resources you can find in Colorado, many nonprofits work to promote small businesses and entrepreneurs with the tools to help them succeed. Here we’ve listed some of the top organizations in Colorado to help your company reach its full potential. 


The city website has helpful guidelines and information on how businesses can operate during the pandemic.

This organization is funded by the SBA and acts as a hub for state-level materials, including information on the Federal relief programs such as PPP and EIDL, and how to apply.

Economic Development

The website for this wing of the state government offers all sorts of resources for entrepreneurial Coloradans. Business solutions and funding options are linked in an easy to navigate layout. This is one of the few government sites where you won’t be pulling your hair out trying to find information. 

This company is funded by public and private investors serving the commercial needs of the Denver area. They have COVID relief aid, including a link to a small business grant. 


They were founded in 1976 by eight mothers who fought to empower themselves and others professionally with resources and job training. They currently offer training sessions such as “Considering to Start a Business?” as well as other trade-related workshops, professional coaching, as well as linking clients to affordable secondary education.

Business Resources

Contabi helps accounting, tax, and bookkeeping firms get a competitive advantage. This not only helps these firms expand their operations, but it helps business owners get access to these much-needed services. This nonprofit offers its services not only in the US but in Latin America.

Founded in 2017, GBC is a grassroots nonprofit organization in Colorado aimed at helping businesses and business owners by achieving success. But they believe that in order to be successful, profit shouldn’t be the only thing taken into consideration, but having value and helping our planet and communities thrive.

For Hispanic Business Owners

They were established in the late 1980s to promote Hispanic and minority-owned businesses. They have an ample list of information and tools available for entrepreneurs. 

They offer broad-ranging information and aid for Hispanic business owners and entrepreneurs in the Denver area. 

It is a contractors’ trade organization geared toward providing educational resources for their members. 

The LCFC is a Latin organization created to help other Latino nonprofits grow and thrive. Throw conferences, grants, and resources, they make sure that the nonprofit network in Colorado has everything they need to help the Latino community.

The LCC is a multicultural organization centered in helping the underserved Latino business community in the County of Boulder. In order to achieve their goals, they create special initiatives that offer resources and opportunities for small businesses.

The League of United Latin American Citizens was founded in 1929 and has been helping marginalized Latin communities all over the country that don’t have a voice and need help.

For Immigrants

Casa de Paz is a hospitality home open for immigrants who have been released from the detention center in Denver, Colorado. They also host the families of detainees who are coming in from out of town to visit their loved ones.

Learn more about Casa de Paz!

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FAQs About Non-Profits

What are nonprofits?

As the name implies, owners of not-for-profit organizations don’t have an operating surplus at year’s end. Any profits are spent to further an organization’s goals rather than pay shareholders earned income. 

Examples of well-known nonprofits include Habitat for Humanity, The Red Cross, The Better Business Bureau, and others.

How can nonprofits help you?

Nonprofit organizations aimed at helping businesses can offer you all manners of resources for small businesses, from financial help to education.

Many nonprofits who are lenders and landlords allow small businesses to skip or forgive payments or make changes to a loan or lease with better terms. Some nonprofit organizations fund entrepreneurs who were unable to receive capital due to their race, gender, or ethnicity.

Small businesses can apply for disaster relief, seek funding through Federal and state programs, and use different types of technological tools to work remotely and schedule virtual events.

Nonprofits are also a great place to look for resources, tools, and information that can help your small business.

How can Nonprofits help during COVID and the new normal?

During a crisis, nonprofits use cutting-edge technology, set short-term goals, and collaborate with other nonprofits and small businesses to remain relevant and keep helping people.

During this coronavirus pandemic, nonprofits are prioritizing how they respond to the growing needs of communities and look for ways to decrease the negative ways COVID impacts society. They seek new partnerships for new sources of revenue streams and work closely with existing donors to continue to deliver their programs and services. They also offer the best resources for small businesses that can help them thrive during these troubling times.

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What are the benefits of partnering with a nonprofit?

When your small business joins forces with a nonprofit, you expose your goods and services to a totally different market you wouldn’t be able to reach on your own.

Not only do you gain access to a growing list of potential new customers, but your company can be involved in worthwhile endeavors that help build morale. You and your employees will feel more confident when facing difficulties like a COVID pandemic. 

Likewise, by partnering with a nonprofit, the public will see your business and the nonprofit you partner with as organizations that help people and give back to the community. 

Once you choose a nonprofit you want to partner with, you can schedule fundraisers, sponsor events like marathons and blood drives, or host a webinar to raise funds for your favorite nonprofit organization. In doing so, you promote brand awareness and build your company’s reputation while expanding the nonprofit’s donor base and increase its funding.

When you make cash donations, sponsor events, or make in-kind contributions to a qualified charitable organization (501 C 3), your company may be eligible for a tax deduction. Keep good records for any donations you make as the IRS requires proof of payment.

There’s Help for Coloradans 

COVID-19 arrived without notice causing business owners to feel like they sleepwalked through a nightmare. However, it’s reassuring to know that nonprofit organizations in Colorado provide resources for small businesses to excel in any economic climate. 

Accessing the benefits these nonprofits provide can mean the difference between moving forward, stagnating, or closing your doors.

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