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Short List of Agencies that have Resources for Emergency / Disaster Preparedness and Aid

You can’t prevent a natural disaster to happen, but you can prepare your business and ease the recovery process if you have the proper resources. We want to work together to encourage all small businesses to have a recovery plan in place. That’s why we’re bringing you this valuable list of agencies in the U.S. that can provide you help for planning your Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Relief Plan. Some of these agencies also provide aid after a disaster.

Contact Info of Agencies that have Resources for Emergency / Disaster Preparedness and Aid

FEMA – Federal Emergency Management Agency

SBA – U.S. Small Business Administration
How to prepare for emergencies:

SBA’s Prepare My Business:

SBA Disaster Assistance Customer Service Center (CSC):

Disaster Assistance.gov
Get assistance after a disaster:

United States Department of Labor
Disaster Unemployment Assistance helps individual employees while they’re unemployed due to a disaster, and Flood Recovery Assistance can help workers displaced by flooding.

An official website of the Department of Homeland Security – Plan for Disasters:

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

IRS (Internal Revenue Services)
Here are some recommendations from the IRS for Preparing for a Disaster (Taxpayers and Businesses)

We recommend you print this list and include it in your emergency plan.


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