Kenny (izda) y Sean Salas en las oficinas de Camino Financial en Los Angeles
Maria Arnedo
By: marnedo
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News Release: Camino Financial is featured in La Opinión

Last week we proudly shared with you the recent expansion of our loan program to businesses across the United States. Today we want to make another exciting announcement. Our efforts and initiatives to help the Latino small business community are making some noise! Recently, our story and growth were featured in La Opinión.

La Opinión is a prestigious Spanish-language newspaper published in Los Angeles, CA, and distributed throughout the six counties of Southern California. It’s the largest Spanish-language newspaper in the United States. The twin brothers Sean and Kenny Salas, founders of Camino Financial, had the opportunity to be interviewed to share their journey and mission of “No Business Left Behind”.

In this article, you’ll learn about Camino Financial’s expansion efforts and commitment to attend the capital needs of the small business community, and you’ll get to know real customers who have benefited from this partnership. La Opinión also features how in the two years since their beginnings, Camino Financial has evolved to offer better products and solutions for small business owners across the nation.

And this is only the beginning! Juntos we can be heard. Juntos we can grow. Our camino has just begun!

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