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New Normal and COVID Renovations for Businesses

If you work in construction, it’s time to focus on offering COVID renovations. COVID renovations could be your ticket to boosting your revenue in the post-coronavirus world.

But that’s just part of the story…

The renovations will also help businesses thrive during this crisis, and even once the pandemic ends. This is a win-win situation.

But what COVID renovations should you offer? 

What type of COVID renovations should business owners consider implementing?

Let’s start by looking at how the pandemic has affected businesses. Then, it’ll be time to look at some renovations that can help companies adjust to the new normal. 

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The Effect of COVID-19 in Brick-and-Mortar Businesses

Brick-and-mortar businesses have taken the biggest hit during the COVID-19 pandemic. First, companies had to deal with shelter-in-place orders that forced them to shut their doors temporarily (some even permanently).

But once the orders were lifted, businesses faced a new problem. They quickly realized that life wasn’t going back to normal. Instead, people started being more concerned with health than ever before. And while usually, this would be good, this is affecting small businesses all around the country.

Customers are afraid of getting sick when they go out to eat, shop at a store, stay at a hotel, and more. From sharing air to touching surfaces, businesses can seem like landmines full of germs.

Fortunately, it’s not all doom and gloom. Companies just need to make some changes to help customers feel safe.

And that’s where you come in. 

If you own a construction business, it means you can start offering new services, help other business owners, and improve your profits. 

We recommend you to start by getting a construction loan to finance these new offerings. Then, you’ll be well on your way to grow your business and increase your revenue.

But now you’re probably wondering…

What renovations should you offer as part of the “new normal?” Check out some of the top coronavirus renovations in the new normal.

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Top COVID Renovations in the New Normal

If you’re remodeling businesses for the post-COVID world, you can expect to land lots of business. COVID renovations are going to be a hot-ticket item for the next several months ( and maybe even years). 

Consider offering these renovations to help other businesses weather the storm. 

1. Protective Barriers

Social distancing has been the mantra of the pandemic. People know they need to stay at least six feet apart when in public. Right now, companies are placing tape on floors to serve as a reminder. 

Here’s the thing, though…

The tape isn’t a long-term solution. Businesses need to find a permanent solution, and that’s where your construction company can help.

Your company can add barriers to open areas to ensure physical distancing. Also, you can add protective screens by cash registers to protect employees. 

These protective barriers are a lot more attractive than tape on the floor. They’re also a lot more effective. Unlike tape, these barriers actually keep people apart. And by incorporating these barriers into the existing design of the building, you’ll help make them feel less uncomfortable, and it will be more effective.

2. Automated Features 

Coronavirus has made people aware of the germs that stay on surfaces. These days, people don’t like the idea of touching counters when they’re in a business. 

Your construction business can help with this problem by providing automated solutions. Consider offering automatic doors, touch-free sinks and toilets, touch-free panels in elevators (believe it or not this exists), and other automated features. 

Businesses in all industries can benefit from this service, making it one of the most popular COVID renovations. 

There’s one problem, though.

Automated equipment can be expensive. You’ll need to gather the supplies upfront, so you’ll need some capital. A business loan is a great way to have the money on hand to offer this and other COVID renovations. 

3. Cubicles and Work Stations

Cubicles used to be all the rage. People who didn’t have their own office space would spend their days in cubicles.

But then, there was a cubicle revolution of sorts. The cubicles came down and were replaced with open office spaces.

Open office space was great for a while, but now, workers are afraid that being out in the open puts them at risk for catching a virus.

That means that cubicles are making a comeback.

As it turns out, people like cubicles when they realize the barriers keep them safe. As a construction professional, you can even come up with cool cubicle ideas to make them even more attractive. 

And this feature not only works for offices, but you can also create cubicles of sorts (or safe work stations) for other types of businesses that allow certain workers to stay safe at their work stations with the protection of physical barriers.

4. Additions

Businesses that operate in small spaces are going to have trouble making a comeback after the pandemic. After all, it’s hard to social distance when you’re crammed on top of each other.

Think about it; you wouldn’t want to go to a business where you’re shoulder to shoulder with other people. Others feel the same.

But there’s a simple solution to this problem. Businesses can undergo a remodeling project to increase space. If your construction company can offer additions, you can get lots of business. 

5. Outdoor Spaces

Most states reopened in phases. The first phase typically included outdoor dining because being outside lowers the risk of transmission (closed spaces seem to be more of a hazard).

Expect people to continue to want to spend time outside well after the coronavirus ends. 

What does this mean for you?

It means you can make money by creating outdoor spaces for businesses. 

But wait. Outdoor spaces are just for restaurants, right?

Not at all. While some of your clients will definitely be restaurants that want an outdoor dining area, bar, and other features, you can attract customers in other industries, as well.

For example, some hotels are expanding to offer outdoor space (of course not the rooms, but waiting, fitness, dining, or recreational areas). Other businesses should follow suit, as well. 

Don’t limit yourself when advertising these outdoor spaces. Once you get the funding for your construction business, market it to companies that can benefit from it.

Bonus: Negative Pressure Rooms

People around the country realized the importance of negative pressure rooms (also referred to as isolation rooms) during the pandemic. Infected patients stayed in negative pressure hospital rooms so that the virus wouldn’t travel to other parts of the hospital.

But after the pandemic, negative pressure rooms won’t just be for hospitals. 

The Marco Polo Prince Hotel in Hong Kong is leading the charge regarding the new normal. The hotel is undergoing a major renovation that includes a negative pressure floor. If guests display symptoms of infectious disease when they’re staying, they can be moved to that floor to protect other guests.

As a construction company, you can offer this service to businesses that have overnight guests, but of course, it might not be such an attractive offer for them. So your best bet is to offer this to those businesses that perform procedures. Think of medical clinics, small hospitals, and dentists. 

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Adapting to the New Normal in Construction

At first, it might have seemed like the pandemic was hurting your business. But with these COVID renovations, though, your business can be stronger than ever. The new normal is creating a lot of opportunities so you can strengthen your construction business. 

COVID renovations will be high demand, and that can help improve your revenue after months of quarantine.

While some of these renovations are a bit unusual, rest assured, businesses are willing to spend the money to keep employees and customers safe. 

And of course, you need to keep in mind that these COVID renovations will cost you some money. You’ll need to invest so you can get the supplies and train your team. That’s nothing to stress about, though. You can get a business loan to expand your offerings.

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