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Networking Events in 2020 for Restaurant Owners

Would you like to meet other industry peers and expand your network? Are you considering visiting some networking events for restaurant owners? After all, you’re aware of the well-known phrase, “It isn’t what you know; it’s who you know.”

In that case, keep on reading to discover the most significant networking events for restaurant owners in 2020. More importantly, you’ll find out why they are worth attending and how they can help you take your restaurant business to the next level.

Whether you want to find more convenient suppliers or make your everyday operations more efficient, you’ll learn the best practices and find your solutions.

Why should I attend networking events?

Before identifying main networking events in the restaurant industry, let’s answer an essential question:

Why should you visit them and invest your valuable time in such activities?

Well, meet restaurant owner X, who thinks that networking events are a waste of time and that it’s better to stay in the restaurant taking care of the business. That way, he learns through trial and error, which is time-consuming. As a result, he works harder, and his company advances with baby steps.

On the other side, there’s restaurant owner Y, who included networking as an integral part of his job. Thanks to networking events, he met various professionals from the hospitality industry and made many valuable connections. As a result, his business thrived in many aspects: new partnerships, cost-effective suppliers and service providers, optimized daily operations, and, more importantly, increased revenue.

Now the question is: are you going to be like restaurant owner X or Y?

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Networking events for restaurant business owners: 2020

Good! If you’re still reading, that means you’re like Y. You belong to the tribe of restaurant owners who understand the value of networking events.

The only thing left to do is to scroll down and find an event that fits your needs.

1. Global Distribution Conference

If you want to understand and compete in today’s dynamic hospitality industry, then the Global Distribution Conference is one of the networking events you should attend. Apart from networking, it’s a great occasion to learn about the latest technological advancements, how to understand your future customers and their needs, as well as how to implement effective engagement methods. 

When: 27-29 January. 

Where: Los Angeles, California.

Pricing: for non-members $2,095 to $2,495.

2. Hotel, Motel & Restaurant Supply Show of the Southeast

HMRSSS offers great opportunities, such as making connections, gaining exposure, and savings. You’ll connect with producers to discover ways to cut your overhead and increase your efficiencies. You’ll also find competitive pricing for all your supply and service needs.

When: 28-30 January.

Where: Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. 

Pricing: free admission to industry members.

3.  MURTEC Conference

This is the place where restaurant technology happens. But, more importantly, it’s a perfect place to meet your industry peers and listen to many inspirational speakers. Likewise, you’ll get new resources and tools to gain solutions to your existing problems and make strategic decisions for your future success.

When: 9-11 March. 

Where: Las Vegas, Nevada.

Pricing: Registration opening soon.

4. MUFSO Conference

This is one of the best networking events for restaurant owners because apart from the chance to make valuable networking connections, it allows you to talk with trendsetters and trailblazers. Besides, the conference covers trendy topics in the industry and offers the best practices to enhance your business.

When: 28-30 September.

Where: Denver, USA.

Pricing: Check the official website.

5. Restaurant Leadership Conference

If you’re looking for an event to make connections, advance your skills, and elevate your business, RLC is the right conference to attend. It brings together more than 2,000 restaurant industry executives and more than a hundred speakers. Enjoy fantastic networking and opportunities to discover what’s new and upcoming for restaurants.

When: 22-25 September.

Where:  Phoenix, AZ.

Pricing: For anyone who registers and attends as scheduled, there will be no charge.

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6. Restaurant Facility Management Association Annual Conference

RFMA Annual Conference is a three-day event where you can build partnerships and relationships, attend hot-topic education sessions, and discover new resources. The highest value this conference offers is networking with peers and meeting other restaurant owners who deal with the same issues.

When: 8-10 March.

Where: Denver, Colorado.

Pricing: Register by December 15th, for the early bird rate of $250 for non-members.

7. International Restaurant & Foodservice Show of New York

This is one of the best networking events in the northeast. Why? Because you can discover the latest gems while sampling, sipping, and networking with other industry peers. Also, you can attend more than forty educational sessions to help you become profitable.

When: 8-10 March.

Where: New York, New York.

Pricing: Through January 29 – $30.

January 30 – March 7 – $60.

After March 7- $75.

8. Food Marketing Conference

If you need to improve your marketing efforts and at the same time, connect with other industry peers, then Food Marketing Conference is the best choice. You’ll be able to find great networking opportunities and go to conferences by more than 25 speakers. This conference will most certainly help you grow your restaurant business.

When: March 31 – April 1.

Where: Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Pricing: Attendance for all meals and speakers for one person $695.

9. National Restaurant Association Show

The National Restaurant Association Show is your go-to place to discover what’s going on in the hospitality industry. Whether you’re interested in the latest food and beverage trends or exploring emerging technology, you’ll find something that feeds you. Plus, networking events are an inevitable part of this show.

When: 16-19 May.

Where: Chicago, Illinois.

Pricing: Advance Rate (November 23, 2019 – April 3, 2020) for non-members $95.

10. Catersource

If your operations include catering or you’re considering incorporating it into your business, you shouldn’t miss Catersource. It’s a unique opportunity to meet relevant people and find solutions to your problems during relaxed, happy hours and community-building receptions. Likewise, there are numerous sessions focused on the strategies transforming the foodservice landscape.

When: 9-12 March.

Where: Las Vegas, Nevada.

Pricing: All-access pass costs $1,685, but there are plenty of other options.

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Going to networking events will help your restaurant grow 

So far, you’ve probably found the networking events you want to attend and scheduled them in your calendar. The first step is done!

Our motto at Camino Financial is “No Business Left Behind,” so we try to equip you with everything you need to run a successful restaurant. Not only do we offer flexible and affordable small business loans, but we also provide educational resources so that you can work smarter. 

Speaking of educational resources, it’s time to prepare adequately for networking events. As Lewis Howes said: “Effective networking isn’t a result of luck — it requires hard work and persistence,” so keep reading:

 How To Network Properly – Get The Most Out Of Networking Events

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