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Mother’s Day Ideas for Your Small Business

Ah, Mother’s Day. A time to thank mothers and a time to market your business. I bet you weren’t expecting that last bit of the sentence, but it’s true, Mother’s Day presents a unique opportunity to utilize your marketing initiatives, increase your sales and maximize your profits. And we present Mother’s Day ideas! Did you know that according to the SBA, Mother’s Day generated $23.6 billion in sales in 2018? Here’s how your business can be part of those numbers.

15 Mother’s Day Ideas for Your Marketing

  1. Utilize social media channels: You’ve heard it time and time again, social media is a sales funnel. Mother’s Day is the ideal time of the year to test your creative juices on social media. Perhaps you want to use social media to release a Mother’s Day ideas and promotions in your business, or you want to simply make a video congratulating all mothers… whatever you’re pushing — whether your product or your brand — social media promotion is a must.
  2. Hold a contest: Whether on social media or in person, contests are interactive for everyone involved. Social media contests can be held by offering to give away a product or service for free and encouraging followers to tag friends. For example, by tagging a friend and commenting on what they love most about their mothers, your audience is interacting with your brand while simultaneously building your social media engagement. Just make sure the prize is well worth it! On the other hand, person contests can be as simple as encouraging customers to leave their business cards for a chance to win a free product or treatment. In exchange, you’ll get access to their emails to send them promotions in the future.
  3. Offer discounts: This one is pretty easy and highly effective. You can put into practice the typical “two for one”: Mothers receive a free product, treatment, entrance, meal, etc. when another member of the family buys a product or service. It’s a popular promotion among all the possible Mother’s Day ideas because most of everyone who goes out on this day does so with their family. And precisely because chances are, your competitors will offer similar discounts, try to make your promotion unique by combining it with other ideas on this list.
  4. Host an event. Prior to Mother’s Day, host an event that will draw attention to the product or service you have to sell. For example, if you own a flower shop, host a bouquet making workshop and display the nicest, more intricate, bouquets for purchase for Mother’s Day.
  5. Sell gift cards: If you don’t already have a gift card software set up in store, consider your options. For Mother’s Day, children and husbands love to give gift cards because it makes their job easier, especially when they don’t know what to buy or they are shopping in the last minute. Simply make sure that’s an available option in your business.
  6. Make a gift guide: Good Ol’ content marketing is your best friend. You can put together a gift guide that includes the products you have available at your store, organized by age, tastes, and budget. But this is not the only type of guide you can offer. For example, if you own a restaurant, put together a guide of family activities to do in your, culminating with a special on dinner at your restaurant.
  7. Offer gift-wrapping services: Perhaps one of the more intelligent promotions on this list! As an add-on to their purchase, offer a sweet and detailed gift-wrapping service to your buyers. Include the option of a heartfelt note and your business can be a one-stop shop for Mother’s Day needs.
  8. Offer free shipping on Mother’s Day: It’s a no-brainer! By offering free shipping, your business will be immediately more attractive to those who shop online. You’re not losing money by offering free shipping, and you’re gaining immediate business.
  9. Partner up with local flower shops, spas and jewelry stores: The best marketing tactic on Mother’s Day is to use local resources. Partnering with your local hair salon for a creative Mother’s Day package will enhance both businesses thereby adding value to your business’s location. It also gives participating businesses the opportunity to get exposure to new clients.
  10. Create an #IG worthy window display: Window and non-window shoppers alike will appreciate a clever window display. More importantly, it will bring them into your business! Start by thinking of what you can offer the customer. What questions does your display answer? What needs does it meet? Is it culturally relevant and Instagram worthy? These days, everyone loves a good backdrop. Just be sure to have your business name or logo somewhere in there.
  11. Create an email campaign with a countdown: Email campaigns are a great reminder to old-time customers that your business still exists! Host an email campaign a few days prior to Mother’s Day and offer giveaways in each email.
  12. Offer add-on experiences on Mother’s Day: This is the ideal time to offer a complimentary experience to mothers. For example, if sell beauty products in your store, offer mothers a complimentary sample of a luxury brand. For a sweet sentiment, top it each purchase with a red rose for mom. If you have a beauty salon, offer moms Mimosas while they are at the salon. If you can afford the added cost, a photo booth with the option to upload the photo on Instagram is also a promotion that audiences will enjoy.
  13. Create a Mother’s Day section on your website: If you have a company that receives orders online, opt to create a Mother’s Day shopping page for the holiday. Visitors are sure to appreciate not having to browse and can, therefore, make quicker buying decisions.
  14. Work with influencers: Hyper-local influencers — those who have a local audience and less than 10,000 followers — are more likely to accept product exchange for posts. Try contacting influencers and offering your services for free in exchange for a social media post. It saves you the added investment in advertising and promotes your services to a larger audience.
  15. Offer product customization: There’s nothing that screams “mom” more than her name! Offering to customize a product doesn’t need to be a complicated feat. Simply pick up an engraving device on and opt for the employee with the best handwriting to engrave names on your product.

Ready for more ideas but you are on a shoestring budget? Check these low-budget marketing ideas

It might sound crazy but taking advantage of any holiday to boost sales is a savvy business move. Creative ideas need not be limited to Mother’s Day. And don’t forget: it takes money to make money. Yes, some of these strategies will require money up front, but they will bring in a great return on investment. If need capital to fund your ideas, simply start by requesting a loan quote. It won’t affect your credit and you will instantly know if you prequalify for a business loan with Camino Financial.



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