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Customer Spotlight: LovePop Gets Funded on Shark Tank

It was Friday, December 11th on primetime television and the whole Camino Financial team was shouting off the top of their lungs with excitement.

LovePop just got a deal on SHARK TANK.

Tweet! Re-tweet! Like!! Share! LovePop did not just get a sweet deal, but also a trusted and valuable partner, Kevin O’Leary, or as Shark Tank fanatics like to refer to him as, Mr. Wonderful. Boom goes the dynamite!

LovePop is a fast-growing greeting card company looking to disrupt industry behemoths like Hallmark. But LovePop is more than a greeting card company, it’s beautifully designed “pop-up” cards are like intricate pieces of art – a perfect display piece for your home or desk. Moreover, these cards create a lasting impression that delivers a human touch we seldom feel nowadays in a digital world. Please click here to see New Year’s cards – they will knock your friends and family’s socks away.

Furthermore, this success story is a great source of pride since LovePop is a long-lasting partner and client of Camino Financial. When founders, Wombi Rose and John Wise, came to us almost a year ago, they could not get a line of credit beyond their $20,000 credit card limit, but their business was thriving and much more capital was required to fund its growth. We worked tirelessly for LovePop to get its first loan of $50,000. But the relationship and growth did not stop there. We also connected LovePop with bookkeepers, CPAs and other consultants to help foster their growth. LovePop is a perfect case study that our customer relationship only BEGINS with capital, and a long road (or “camino” in Spanish) awaits them to partner and grow together.

Stories like LovePop’s give us the greatest gift anyone could ask for. Thanks again LovePop for once again making a lasting impression.

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