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Learn How to Fund Your Business Growth

Historically, small business owners struggle to fund their businesses. Getting a small business loan traditionally takes too long (2-3 months), requires a lot of paperwork, and requires impeccable personal credit. To address these issues, alternative lenders leverage technology to efficiently pre-qualify small business loans based on business cash flows and Big Data. As a result, alternative lenders can fund as quickly as 2-3 business days with minimal required paperwork. While these lenders are more efficient and practical, their loans can be very expensive if not approached with caution.

Camino Financial helps small business owners identify cost effective funding options. Camino Financial provides access to term loans up to $350,000; SBA loans up to $150,000; and merchant cash advances up to $150,000. In addition, Camino Financial provides an 8-page credit assessment report to establish a strategic framework to help small businesses improve their credit profile and grow their business.

Apply today and assess your credit in minutes at www.caminofinancial.com.

What We Do:

  1. Business Loans up to $350,000
  2. Merchant Cash Advances up to $150,000
  3. Business Credit Assessment
  4. 1 Application = Several Financing Options

Who We Serve:

  1. 1+ Years in Business
  2. 500+ Personal Credit Score
  3. $100,000+ in Annual Gross Sales
  4. Positive Cash Flows to Support Funding

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