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How to Use Short Videos to Promote Your Business

An efficient digital marketing strategy has to include short videos. Small businesses can take advantage of this resource to gain visibility, create closer bonds with people and showcase their products. It can seem complicated, but with current technology it’s easy to produce this type of content, and best of all, at a very low cost. Find out below the main qualities of this tool and learn how to use them effectively to promote your business and capture the attention of your potential customers.

2017 is the year of the video

According to the software company HighQ, online video will represent 74 percent of all the internet traffic during this year. This is the reason why large companies see this resource as a key element of their future marketing campaigns, as they have understood that it’s an excellent means to attract audience and turn them into customers loyal to the brand.
However, the success of this strategy depends on factors such as the length of the video. In this sense, experts highlight the inability of people of maintaining attention for a prolonged period, and therefore recommend creating short videos, no more than two minutes, time in which the audience’s attention remains stable. Other recommendations include previously defining the audience that the material is directed to; and capturing the attention of the people in the first seconds, in which the main message must be the protagonist. But these are not the only details that you have to take care of.

Components of a quality video

These are some of the technical elements that you will need to create a video with a professional look.

  • The script. It contains your message, what you’re going to say to attract the attention of the people. Start by sharing who you are and where you find yourself. Then, for example, you can describe the services of your company or present a new product. Remember to finish with a call to action, like asking to be contacted for more information.
  • The camera. The ideal would be to use a professional or compact camera, but if you can’t get one, most smartphones have cameras with very good resolution.
  • The tripod. Even though it’s not essential, it does offer more professional results. The size of this accessory is not important, but it should be able to properly support the camera or smartphone. When recording, make sure the camera is at eye level, so that the audience can “look at you” directly.
  • The Sound. Use a microphone that you can attach to your clothes; it is discreet and it offers a very good quality to the production, it also allows you to keep your hands free while you talk. If can’t get one, the headsets of your phone will work fine.
  • The scenery. The background has to be simple, without many elements that distract the attention. If you use a phone to make the video, remember you have to hold it horizontally as much as possible.

Now, if what you need is some inspiration to create your own videos, this is a small list of what you can do with this powerful marketing tool.

  • Show your products in action. A video can show your audience what it does and how your product works. Create reviews of the most distinguished articles in your catalog or promote the latest ones.
  • Teach what you know. Video tutorials are very popular, because they allow to teach in an easy and fun way things from how to make small remodeling’s at home, to how prepare a delicious recipe. Do-it-yourself videos will position you as an expert.
  • Interview your clients. Many companies present customer testimonials in a written form. But a video in which they comment their experience with your products or services will result more interesting and authentic.
  • Use content created by your customers. This tactic can be part of a larger strategy, like a contest. Ask your customers to upload videos where they appear using your products and offer them something in return, like a discount or the possibility of winning something.
  • Let people know about you. Create a video to show the installations of your company, your work team or how a normal day in your company is like. This type of content gives personality to your business and creates closeness with people.

Tools to create striking videos

Companies with big budgets hire professionals to produce more sophisticated and higher quality videos. But there are applications, virtual platforms and software, in some cases free that will facilitate the creation of this content. You just need to invest some time and effort to get excellent results by doing it yourself. These are some of the tools available to record, edit and publish short videos.

  • Animoto. Let’s you record and share videos online. It’s very easy to use and the results are highly professional.
  • Magisto. Offers the possibility of combining videos and photographs to create clips that you can later share. Its features are basic and easy to use.
  • Spark video. It’s a free application with which you can create animated videos in minutes. It doesn’t allow you to record content, but it is suitable to combine text, images, icons and pre-established themes in a presentation, to which you can add voice to complete the video.
  • Stop Motion Studio. With this application it’s possible to take photos and order them to make videos with the popular technique of stop motion.

In addition to applications and online services, there are specialized video editing software, like the popular Windows Movie Maker, for the Windows operating system, or iMovie, for Mac that you can download for free, if you don’t have them already installed.

Make sure your videos are viewed

Creating the video is not enough, you have to make sure that people see it, and social media are the ideal platforms to promote this type of content.

Facebook, for example, lets you post videos of up to 45 minutes, but remember that the average length of these in that social media are only of 44 seconds and that the most popular videos are even shorter. Twitter offers the possibility of recording videos using a button with this purpose, but you can also upload previously recorded material. In Instagram there’s the option to record videos of up to 60 seconds, to which you can add filters and other details. It also allows you to upload prerecorded content.

Other means to promote this content are, of course, your web page and popular sites to share videos like You Tube or Vimeo. In any case, do not forget to add flashy titles and to include clear descriptions of the videos, so there is more chance of it of being found and viewed. Finally, encourage your followers on all these platforms to share them.
In a nutshell, short videos have become one of the most important assets in big and small business marketing plans. And the reasons are evident: they give visibility to brands and they guarantee better spots in search engine results, they increase the time that people spend on a website and they also help generate sales. Smartly used, they are an effective tool to consolidate recognized brands and make small businesses known.
Do you think short videos can be a good alternative to promote your brand on the internet? Leave us your comments!

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