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How to Start a Business Blog

You might have begun to notice that almost all businesses seem to have a business blog. If you do not have one yet, you probably should, it has been proven to be a cheap and great marketing tool that can bring very good results.

“But I don’t have any knowledge about starting my own business blog,” I hear you saying, no worries, we’ll help you get your own business blog up and running in no time.

Where do I open a blog?

Inevitably, there are thousands of sites that provide blog capabilities, some even embedded into your website builder… maybe you feel overwhelmed. Don’t worry, here are some of our favorites:

With a starter plan costing only $2.95 a month, this is great for a small business that is looking for a professional-looking blog that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

A free-to-use site (although it has paid options if required) that is best for a small business that wants to start blogging, but has little capital available.

Another free to use blogging platform, this allows small startups to gain access to the blogging market if they have little capital available.

By far the most well known and where most of the writing takes place, and it is for good reason.

WordPress is absolutely massive, it’s used by most people and has a degree of respect that no one else can match. Due to this, WordPress has been a staple in the business and personal blogging industry for years, at Camino Financial we have recommended it time and time again and we will likely do it many times again.

Although it isn’t free if you want the best perks. Don’t worry, it does have a free plan, but we would recommend that if you’re going to use WordPress, you should at least look into their plans, they are definitely worth the price.

What are the steps to set up your blog?

So you’ve decided on a site. Now what? What are the steps to set up your blog?  We have a perfect rundown on how to have your blog up and running in no time:

1. Name your blog. You should choose a name for your blog, something that can resonate with your readers. If you’re going to write about finances, we would recommend something creative like “Finances for Everybody” rather than Miguel’s Finance Blog.

2. Make your blog unique. Next, you should think about personalizing your blog. Many of the aforementioned blog sites allow you to add themes that can give your site a more professional look, rather than something white-washed and generic.

3. Let people find you. Add an “About” section, but most importantly, you should have a “Contact” page so that anyone that needs to is able to talk to you. The “Contact” page also works so that advertisers can contact you discreetly about sponsorship deals before your readers know about it, rather than the advertisers leaving a public message at the bottom of your blog.

4. Write valuable content. So you’ve created this beautiful looking website, it has everything you need, now all you need to do is figure out what to write about in your business blog. If you’re a Mexican food vendor, write about Mexican delicacies. We would recommend writing about what you know and are passionate about, otherwise, you aren’t going to get very far, as you won’t be motivated and your writing will be very dull to read. Need fresh ideas? Get them reading this article on what to write about in your business blog.

5. Decide how often you’re going to publish content. Now you need to decide when you are going to write, eg. every day, weekly, etc. But remember, you need to stick to it. If you become irregular, your readers won’t read your blog, because they simply won’t know that you have uploaded anything, and you won’t rank highly on Google because you won’t look like a reputable and reliable website to the bots and algorithms that sort what you see when you type in specific keywords.

There are thousands of blogs that people started and never continued with because they thought it wasn’t working. You cannot do that. Blogs are a way for your business to get new clients and keep the ones you have. The time you spend writing now is time well spent. Even though it’s highly likely no one will initially read your first few posts, your work will bear fruit in the long term, so don’t get disappointed when you don’t see many comments on your first article.

6. Learn the basics of SEO. You next need to learn the importance of SEO or Search Engine Optimization. It essentially is how highly you rank on Google, and other such search engines.

As a general rule, the older your domain name is, the more reliable the Google bots think your blog’s website will be. Like I mentioned before, you need to upload regularly and add keywords (the most common words/phrases people search on Google) in your business blog’s SEO section, which is available in all of the aforementioned blogging sites. This is normally in their dashboard or main menu sections.

For argument sake, let’s say I have a blog on Mexican cuisine because I run a Mexican diner, so my keywords might be something like ‘Mexican food’, ‘Mexican cuisine’, ‘Comida Mexicana’, and so on. This allows customers to see my blog on Mexican cuisine when they type in “Mexican Cuisine” into Google.

7. Don’t stop here! Look into starting up other social media accounts. You can share your posts through them, which helps you rank higher in Google in the meantime. Open accounts on whatever the ‘hot’ social media to have at the time are (eg. Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, etc.), or at least use the ones your customers use.

Tips for blog writing

Here are a few tips for your up and coming business blog:

  • Use bullet points where appropriate. This makes your article easier to read and it also gives a sense of laidback, and relaxation when reading (see what I did there).
  • Write in numbered lists. This can go hand in hand with the former. This type of lists can help you a lot. In the aforementioned Mexican cuisine blog, you could use a list for the top ingredients in Mexican dishes, the steps for a certain recipe… Get creative with lists!
  • Use images. Be careful of copyright though, always give credit to the owner of the photo, if possible ask for their permission. Also try searching for free, royalty free picture sites, like freepik.
  • Always use short sentences. (See what I did there) These make people feel at ease, and not like they are being lead to reading something that goes on for what they see as forever.
  • Always remember that the reader comes first. You may be the owner of your business blog but your readers make it work. Don’t write articles that will upset them, write articles that inspire them or intrigue them into wanting to read your blog whenever you upload.

Blogs, the tool of the future, today

Like websites, these instruments of business didn’t exist 20 years ago (I’m not trying to sound like your Grandfather or anything), but now it seems as though your business can’t survive without one these days, and yet it is so simple to set up your very own business blog.

So there you go, now you know how to create a blog. Will you go ahead and begin your own business blog?

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