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How to Revise Your Business Plan to Increase Your Profit


As a business owner, you need a business plan for many reasons: to share your vision with employees and partners, to show it to potential lenders, and to use it as a roadmap on your path to success.

However, preparing a business plan isn’t a one-time thing. Your business plan is something that should change and grow with your business. As your business grows and your situation changes, your business plan should be updated to reflect your current circumstances and goals.

Any business that wants to grow and expand should continuously revisit its business plan to implement new changes that help increase profits and cash flow.

How can you revise your business plan to increase business profits? Let’s take a look at the changes you can make to set your business up for success.

How to Revise Your Business Plan for Growth

Revising your business plan for growth purposes is an essential task. This will help ensure that your businesses plan reflects your current circumstances and needs.

What Sections of Your Business Plan Should You Revise?

Once your business has reached a point that calls for a business plan review, it’s important to know how you can make effective changes to encourage business growth.

There are a few specific areas that need the most frequent updates to help increase business profit and cash flow.


It’s important to constantly review your marketing tactics in order to maximize their effectiveness.

Are your marketing practices helping build brand awareness? Are you interacting with customers on social media? Are you taking customer feedback into consideration?

These questions are important, and, if your answer is “no” to any or all of them, you need to perform new market research to develop an effective marketing strategy.


Your expenses and revenue will change over time. Even only minor changes to these factors might call for some business plan adjustments.

If your expenses increase, you need to include this information in your updated plan so that you can account for them in your budget.

It’s also important to devise strategies to increase revenue in order to offset your new expenses.


When your business grows, you may need to purchase additional equipment to meet manufacturing demands, hire additional empoyees, or purchase real estate to open a new office or retail location.

When this occurs, you need to reevaluate your funding needs and update your business plan to apply for a loan.

Business Operations

Business operations include things like business type, location, supplier relations, and equipment needs.

As your business expands to new locations, changes directions, or experiences other changes, it’s necessary to update this portion of your business plan.

Location, in particular, is important. As your business moves into new markets, you may have to change your marketing tactics and business offerings to accommodate the needs of these new markets.

New Goals

The last major portion that should be updated as your business changes are your milestones.

Businesses should never stop trying to expand. As you accomplish milestones, it’s important to identify new ways in which your business can grow in order to increase profits.

This could include identifying new potential markets to move into, new products or services to offer, and more.

By making these changes on a regular basis, you can effectively increase your company’s revenue, profits, and cash flow.

How Often Should You Revise your Business Plan?

It can be difficult to know how often you should revise your business plan. Reviewing it once per year is a great start, but may not be enough.

Let’s take a look at how often you should make changes to your current business plan.

Certain changes in circumstances call for an immediate business plan review.

Expenses Rise

If your expenses are going up and revenue is dropping, you should revise your business plan.

As soon as you realize that this is occurring, you and your management team should update your business plan to make a plan to increase revenue and cut expenses as much as possible.

Sales Drop

If sales are dropping below expectations, it’s time to update your business plan.

This could include reevaluating your target market, updating your marketing strategy, or adjusting your pricing model.

When sales take a dip, it’s important to address the issue as quickly as possible in order to keep your company moving forward.

New Competition Arises

When a new competitor enters the market, or an existing competitor surpasses your business, it’s time to adjust your business strategy.

Successful businesses rely on outperforming industry competitors. If competition increases, it’s important to revise your practices so that your company can retake control of the market.

Your Business is Growing Too Quickly

Most businesses owners may not worry when business is going well. However, it is possible to grow too fast.

When business is expanding faster than expected, it can be difficult to meet manufacturing needs, customer service needs, and more.

If your company is quickly expanding, it’s important to revise your business plan to reflect your current needs.

These are some of the many circumstances in which a business plan review is necessary. If you find yourself in these situations, or any similar circumstances, you need to change your business plan.

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